Quick DVD Review – ‘Pudsey the Dog: The Movie’

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

Well, I’ve had quite a number of birthday presents this year. It’s quite a job to get through them when you’re doing so many other things. But thankfully I’ve been able to get through another one of my birthday presents and this turned out to be a movie…given to me by my cuddly toy dog, Cuddles.

This was quite a surprise for me to get a present from Cuddles, especially since I…don’t…really give…him…anything…for…his…birthday……Anyway. This present turned out to be ‘Pudsey: The Movie’. Wait a minute! Pudsey had a movie?! That bandaged eyed bear that appears on BBC’s Children In Need in November every year?! Hmm, this sounds interesting. Let’s see what this is like…

Oh, wait! It’s not Pudsey Bear. This is ‘Pudsey the Dog: The Movie’! Goodness me. How come I got those names confused with a bear and a dog? 😀 Anyway the movie is all about…well, a dog of course. I wonder why Cuddles got me this movie for my birthday. Could it be that he’s a dog himself?

Cuddles: “Hello!”

Pudsey the Dog is actually the winner of the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ TV competition in 2012. He’s one half of the dancing duo Ashleigh and Pudsey that performed for that competition. So naturally because the dancing duo was so successful, Vertigo Films decided to make a movie all about Pudsey.

Cuddles: (to Tim) “I want to have my own movie! Get the filmmakers to make a film about me!”

(unenthused; to Cuddles) “Okay, Cuddles. I’ll see what I can do.”

The movie about Pudsey the Dog was released in 2014. Ashleigh Jade Butler who owned Pudsey trained him whilst making the movie. Little fact: Simon Cowell who co-hosts ‘X-Factor’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ originally produced the film. Simon Cowell a producer?! Hmm! I never have thought of it.

In the movie, Pudsey (voiced by David Walliams of ‘Little Britain’ fame) is a stray dog who finds himself a family in London. The family consists of Jessica Hynes (who was in the ‘Doctor Who’ two-parter, ‘Human Nature’/’The Family of Blood’) as Gail and her three children, Molly, George and Tommy. However the family are moving from their London home to the country village Chuffington.

Pudsey’s life with his new found family soon becomes under threat when the dog-hating landlord, John Sessions (who guest starred in the ‘Doctor Who’ audio, ‘Castle of Fear’, with Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton) as Mr. Thorne, plots to demolish the entire Chuffington village. Can Pudsey find a way to warn his new found family and stop Mr. Thorne from demolishing the sleepy little village entirely?

Now I know this movie’s zany and has a lot of goofy moments. But I regard this as one of those dog-loving, children’s films that you can compare to the ‘Beethoven’ movies. This movie certainly is a lot of fun and I think that’s what people need if they want to unwind and escape into a silly fantasy.

Personally, I enjoyed this flick. It has a rather charming story about a dog who wants to settle with a new family. I liked it when we can hear Pudsey’s thoughts spoken aloud by David Walliams, who’s really into voicing the dog. It was creepy though when the dog and other animals spoke with CGI mouths.

But of course there is one standout moment that I got to mention and I know Cuddles will never let me omit from this review. Pudsey loves sausages.

Cuddles: “Sausages!”

I can’t believe that sausages were featured in the movie. Now I love eating sausages, but so does my dog Cuddles. And he’s been pestering me to get some sausages for him…

Cuddles: “Sausages!”

Was this a subliminal message from the movie? For me to have some sausages? As well as get some sausages for Cuddles of course?

Cuddles: (to Tim) “You know I want sausages. But you never get me any! Just because Pudsey can have sausages while he’s making a movie, doesn’t mean that I can’t have any sausages. You don’t get me any…”

(interrupts; to Cuddles) “If I get you some sausages for you later on Cuddles, will you leave me alone and let me get on with the review?”

Cuddles: (to Tim) “Is that a promise?”

(hesitates; to Cuddles) “We’ll see, Cuddles. We’ll see.”

Cuddles: “That’s what you said last time!”

(to Cuddles) “Just go away!”

Cuddles: “Wuff!”

Cuddles walks off.

Another standout thing about this movie is of course the song that goes with it. It’s called ‘He’s Got The Love’. I can’t tell you how that song gets into my head as I write this review. It’s going to be everywhere for a while I think. It’s even followed me in this YouTube music video posted on my blog.

See! It follows you everywhere the instant you hear it! The music video’s even on the DVD as a bonus feature for all to enjoy. But to be perfectly honest, I think the song, ‘He’s Got The Love’, is a good part of the film. That and…well, Pudsey the Dog of course and…I guess I suppose the sausages.

Cuddles: “Sausages!”

(to Cuddles) “Shut up, Cuddles!”

One thing more I must mention and it is rather a sad one, I’m afraid. Pudsey the Dog sadly died in July 2017 last year. He was born in December 2005. Ooh dear, that’s sad. 😦 (Pause) But at least he had a successful career in ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and in movies. His owner Ashleigh must be so proud.

So overall, I enjoyed ‘Pudsey the Dog: The Movie’. This film might not be to everyone’s tastes, but I see this as a harmless movie flick about a dog who wanted to be with his new-found family. And this starred a dog winner of a ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ competition. Pudsey did dance in this movie by the way.

By the way, it was my parents who purchased this movie on DVD for me on my birthday. Not Cuddles. Sorry for spoiling the illusion.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

(to himself) “Now, where can I go to watch a movie with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in it?”

Tim walks off.

Moment of silence.

Cuddles comes back.

Cuddles: (to audience) “Okay! Now that he’s gone, I can give you a proper review on this movie. I love Pudsey! He reminds me of me. I’m just like Pudsey. He loves sausages and I love sausages! He’s also cheeky and I’m also cheeky! He also can talk and I can talk! I’ll have to go and see if I can make a movie about me! All about me! I can even get to have Sarah Sutton star in the movie with me. I love Sarah! She and I can live in a kennel together…

(interrupts; to Cuddles) “Cuddles, get off there!”

Cuddles whines as Tim takes him away.


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