‘The Austen Code’ – Part Two, Chapter 7

Hello everyone! 🙂

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The ball continues at the Assembly Rooms in Bath. Can the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa save Jane Austen from any dangers that come to the city, caused by Salvador and the water zombies? Will Billy get to reunite with his friends in this chapter? Check it out in Chapter 7 in ‘Part Two’ of ‘The Austen Code’.

Click on the link to check out and read Chapter 7 in ‘Part Two’ of the story.

Here is a brief summary of what ‘The Austen Code’ is all about.

The Doctor, Nyssa and Billy visit Bath in 2011. They soon meet literary author Jane Austen. Can they save her from the menace of Salvador and water zombies in Bath 1797 as well as in Aquae Sulis 79 AD?



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Tim. 🙂

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