Disney/Pixar Review – ‘Bao’

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As I saw ‘Incredibles 2’ last Saturday at the cinema, I might as well share a few quick thoughts on the short Pixar film that was shown before the movie. This is ‘Bao’, a little film about an ageing, Chinese-Canadian woman who gets to be a mother again when she makes this dumpling that becomes a boy.

Yeah, I know how bizarre that sounds. But there’s a lot more to it than that. The film is not really about the woman mothering the dumpling boy. It’s more of a reflection of what happened when the mother raised her original son; how he left her in later life and how she misses him in her later years.

Sometimes the film can be amusing, touching and thought-provoking at the same time. It lasts for about eight minutes but it’s very well-made and feels like a silent movie all the way through. It also has a Chinese atmosphere to it, especially with this being Pixar’s first short film by an Asian woman named Domee Shi

But if I have to be brutally honest, I don’t think ‘Bao’ is as good as ‘Piper’ which I saw at the cinema before ‘Finding Dory’ in 2016. But that doesn’t to mean to say I didn’t like ‘Boa’ when I saw it. I just think ‘Piper’ is better as it had a cute baby sandpiper on the sea shore and the plot was rather sweet.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy ‘Boa’ when you go to see ‘Incredibles 2’ at the cinema. It’s a tradition to have these short animated films by Pixar as an icebreaker before you see the main feature. And as I said in my review for ‘Piper’, Disney/Pixar can produce some pretty good short films before a main feature.

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