Movie Review – ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’

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Last Tuesday this week, I saw the movie ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’. I enjoyed seeing this movie at the cinema. This movie is the third instalment in the ‘Johnny English’ film series. ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’ stars Rowan Atkinson who reprises his role as the title character…Johnny English. 😀

‘Johnny English’ started life in his first movie back in 2003. It then resurfaced years later in the film ‘Johnny English Reborn’ in 2011. Now I’ve seen the third movie of this series, ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’ in 2018. I’m so glad that I’ve seen all three movies of this spy comedy film series at the cinema.

Rowan Atkinson is well-known for playing ‘Mr. Bean’ and ‘Blackadder’. Having seen him as a bumbling action spy/secret agent that is a parody on James Bond has been very entertaining. Rowan never fails to entertain, as he delivers the comedy in a realistic and serious manner for us all to enjoy.

It is easy to spot traces of Mr. Bean’s character in Rowan’s performance as Johnny English, especially in this third film. But having followed all three films of the character, I’ve been able to identify Johnny English as a character all of his own. He’s self-confident as a spy, despite the mistakes he makes.

Speaking of ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’ as a film, I’ve enjoyed it as much as I’ve enjoyed the previous two films. But if I’m honest, I enjoyed ‘Johnny English Reborn’ more than I enjoyed ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’. With that, I also feel that ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’ is better than the first ‘Johnny English’ film.

‘Johnny English Strikes Again’ seems to lack something of boldness and laugh-out-loud comedy compared to ‘Johnny English Reborn’. Don’t get me wrong, there were moments that I found myself laughing out loud at. But it wasn’t the same and I also felt the story was a little weak in a few places.

The story has Johnny English recruited back into M17 just when cyber attacks occur in many parts of the UK. Johnny has to track down who’s been causing these cyber attacks with the help of his old sidekick, Bough. This all leads to our two heroes finding Silicon Valley billionaire, Jason Volta, who is a genius.

Johnny and Bough also team up with the glamorously beautiful Russian agent Ophelia. Can they foil Jason Volta’s plans to control the world by destroying the internet and taking control of all computer systems? There’s bound to be some pretty hilarious results when it comes to tackling that problem.

As well as Rowan Atkinson, Olga Kurylenko stars as Ophelia, the Russian spy in the movie. I liked seeing Olga Kurylenko in the movie. She wasn’t the same as Rosamund Pike’s character in the second film, but she played the sexy lady role with kick-butt action very well opposite Rowan Atkinson.

The film also sees the return of Ben Miller as Bough, who appeared in the first ‘Johnny English’ film. It was nice to see Bough again. I wished that Daniel Kaluuya as Colin Tucker from the second film made a cameo appearance, as I liked him. But it was good to see Johnny and Bough working together here.

There’s also Adam James, who was in the Doctor Who’ episode ‘Planet of the Dead’, as the new Pegasus head of MI7. There’s also Emma Thompson as the British Prime Minister and Jack Lacy as the villainous Jason Volta. I did think it inappropriate when Emma Thompson blasphemed in the film.

The film also features Charles Dance as well as Michael Gambon along with Edward Fox as three M17 secret agents. It was nice to see them. I wondered what they were going to do in the film, but then Johnny knocked them out with some kind of sleeping gas grenade. Well, those three didn’t last long! 😀

There were some pretty amusing scenes, including Johnny and Bough getting caught on the Dot Calm yacht before infiltrating it and getting away. It was also funny when Johnny had the virtual reality headgear on and he walked around in London, participating in the virtual reality and causing mayhem.

It was also amusing and pretty bizarre watching Rowan Atkinson as Johnny English performing some dance moves at the dance party in the hotel where Ophelia was staying. It was also funny when Johnny was getting away from Jason Volta chasing him, as he acquires a car with a learner driver to get away.

‘Johnny English Strikes Again’ is a pretty enjoyable film to watch at the cinema and is a fine addition to the ‘Johnny English’ series. It’s not as good as ‘Johnny English Reborn’, but it was very entertaining and I’m glad I got to have some laughs from watching the film and very funny scenes. 😀

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