Day 16 – Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2018

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

It’s Day 16 of ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2018’.

It’s time to be ‘Star Trek’ing across the universe on the starship Enterprise!

But it’s not the Enterprise under Captain Kirk! It’s more the Enterprise under Captain Picard from ‘The Next Generation’…or rather ‘The Next Generation’ movies aboard the Enterprise-E. Here’s a photo memory of me in my movie Starfleet uniform that I wore on Christmas Day in December 2008.

It’s a Starfleet uniform you see in ‘Star Trek: First Contact’; ‘Star Trek: Insurrection’ and ‘Star Trek: Nemesis’ as well as in the TV shows ‘Deep Space Nine’ and the end of ‘Voyager’. I loved wearing my ‘Star Trek’ uniform on Christmas Day as I felt like a Starfleet officer watching Christmas TV that day.

Sadly I don’t have the uniform as I gave it away. I wish I still kept it as I loved wearing the uniform and having a Starfleet comm-badge on my chest. Earlier this year in 2018, I went to the ‘Destination Star Trek Birmingham’ convention at the NEC Birmingham, October 2018. I really enjoyed that event.

I did wear a Starfleet uniform, although it was one of the reboot movie ones and I was dressed up like Dr. McCoy instead of Mr. Spock with it being science blue. Looking back, I should’ve worn a 24th century styled uniform for that ‘Star Trek’ convention. It’s something more suited to my tastes really.

I’m really glad I wore that Starfleet uniform back on Christmas Day 2008. I love ‘Star Trek’ as a series as much as I love ‘Doctor Who’. I should be coming to the end of watching the ‘TNG’ series by this point in 2018 and hope to get started on re-watching the ‘DS9’ series through its seven year run in 2019.

Thanks for reading!

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Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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