Calendar Review – ‘WHO GIRLS Calendar 2013’

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“Merry Christmas Sarah!”

This will always be my favourite ‘WHO GIRLS Calendar’!

I remember when Fantom Films announced in July 2012 that they would be releasing a ‘Doctor Who’ calendar featuring 12 images of six ‘Doctor Who’ girl companions from the TV show. This would be two images for each of the six girls in the 12 months of 2013. I was very happy about this special news!

I discovered that Sarah Sutton who plays Nyssa of Traken, my favourite ‘Doctor Who’ companion, was to be one of the six girls in the calendar. I purchased the calendar as soon as I heard the announcement and was looking forward to receiving it. It was very fitting to have this calendar for the 50th anniversary.

The calendar arrived safely in the post in August 2012 when it was released and I couldn’t be happier. There were beautiful portraits of the six girls in it. They included Sarah Sutton (Nyssa); Katy Manning (Jo); Deborah Watling (Victoria); Mary Tamm (Romana); Nicola Bryant (Peri) and Anneke Wills (Polly).

The calendar photos for each month were as follows.

  • JANUARY – Deborah Watling #1
  • FEBURARY – Nicola Bryant #1
  • MARCH – Mary Tamm #1
  • APRIL – Katy Manning #1
  • MAY – Anneke Wills #1
  • JUNE – Sarah Sutton #1
  • JULY – Nicola Bryant #2
  • AUGUST – Deborah Watling #2
  • SEPTEMBER – Katy Manning #2
  • OCTOBER – Anneke Wills #2
  • NOVEMBER – Mary Tamm #2
  • DECEMBER – Sarah Sutton #2

The calendar photos for Sarah are my favourites. She looks so pretty and happy. The two photos are in June and December. The June photo is of Sarah as Nyssa in her ‘Terminus’ costume and the December photo is a lovely black-and-white photo of Sarah as Nyssa in her ‘Keeper of Traken’ costume.

There was a nice surprise for me. One of Anneke Wills’ photos in May was signed by her as a free autograph in the post. I didn’t mind having Anneke’s signature already. I was looking forward to having one of Sarah’s calendar photos signed by her at ‘Collectormania Glasgow 2012’ when I saw her again.

Beforehand, Sarah, Katy and Debbie attended a signing event for Fantom Films to promote the new ‘WHO GIRLS Calendar’ in August 2012. I missed that event sadly, but I was going to see Sarah the following week afterwards at ‘Collectormania Glasgow’ and I was to have a family holiday in Scotland.

I took my ‘WHO GIRLS Calendar’ with me to the Glasgow convention and Sarah signed it for me there. Sarah signed the inside of the calendar, saying the December photo was her favourite. I knew it was Sarah’s birthday in December as well as Christmas. I was so happy when she signed that photo for me.

I was immensely delighted and surprised when she wrote “Merry Christmas Tim!” on the photo. It was very sweet and kind of Sarah to wish me a ‘Merry Christmas’ on that photo and I was looking forward to putting the calendar on my bedroom wall in 2013. Sarah laughed when I mentioned that to her. 😀

At the Glasgow convention, Sarah turned back the calendar and saw Mary Tamm’s November photo. I miss Mary as Romana from ‘The Key to Time’ season. Before this calendar was released, Mary sadly passed away in the summer of 2012. It was a big shame as I really wanted to meet her at conventions.

I remember chatting to Sarah about Mary Tamm and telling her that she was my favourite Romana. Sarah said she knew and met Mary at conventions. The two calendar photos of Mary for March and November are lovely and she looks glamorous as ever as she was back then as Romana in the TV series.

Katy Manning was lovely to see in this calendar too with two photos for April and September. I first met Katy at a convention in Birmingham, November 2011 before the calendar was released. It was lovely to see Katy in this ‘Doctor Who’ calendar and she’s so lovely to meet and chat to at conventions.

Katy wears a feathery outfit in the March photo whilst she wears her ‘Frontier In Space’ outfit in the October photo. Katy’s October photo is the best out of the two and is my favourite. I’m glad her infamous photo with a Dalek in the nude wasn’t in the calendar as that would have been disrespectful.

Deborah Watling’s photos in the calendar are the best I’ve seen of her as Victoria. I’d never seen these full-scale photos of Debbie as Victoria before and the amazing bonus was – they were in colour! Debbie looks very glamorous in both these complimentary photos for the January and August months.

Debbie sadly aged since those photos were taken and, with respect, didn’t look the same as she was back then when I met her at conventions. But Debbie was a lovely person to meet and it was great to see these 1960s photos of young Debbie when it came to January and August in 2013 for the calendar.

Nicola Bryant’s photos are very good. She’s pretty sexy as Peri from the TV series and is even more so when seeing her pictures in the calendar. Nicola’s photos are in February and July for 2013. Peri was a sex symbol in 1980s ‘Doctor Who’ and it’s hard to imagine her not being in the ‘WHO GIRLS Calendar’.

The photos of Peri in the calendar are very complimentary, especially the black-and-white one in July where she’s seen skipping about barefoot with the American flag behind her for her character. The February photo is my favourite since it is in colour and Nicola looks so lovely in her white dress as Peri.

Anneke Wills’ photos are equally good in the calendar for May and October. I’m not really a huge fan of Polly in ‘Doctor Who’, but it was nice to see her in this ‘WHO GIRLS Calendar’. It was nice to have the May photo of Polly signed by Anneke when the calendar came in the post, as my birthday is in May.

The photos for Anneke probably would have been taken during a photo call as she was making ‘Doctor Who’, although she looks more fitting for other TV shows around the time such as ‘The Saint’ and ‘The Avengers’. I’ve met Anneke at ‘Doctor Who’ conventions and she was so pleasant to meet and talk to.

The ‘WHO GIRLS Calendar 2013’ will always be my favourite ‘Doctor Who’ calendar. The new series haven’t come up with anything like this and I was pleased Fantom Films did. This 2013 calendar is out of print now, but I would highly recommend the calendar to a ‘Doctor Who’ fan if it was available now.

Sarah Sutton is my absolute favourite ‘Doctor Who’ companion and I love her photos in the calendar. I’m pleased I got the calendar signed by Sarah. It was an extra when she wrote a Christmas message for me. I’ve kept Sarah’s December photo hanging on my wall since 2014. I haven’t taken it down at all. 😀

There was a second ‘WHO GIRLS Calendar’ released for 2014 with more girls for the twelve months – that’s 12 girls for the 12 months. These included Maureen O’Brien; Janet Fielding and Louise Jameson. However, I did not get that same excitement for the 2014 calendar despite Sarah signing it for me too.

Fantom Films haven’t released more ‘WHO GIRLS Calendars’ since then which is shame. You can’t beat this first ‘WHO GIRLS Calendar’ in 2013 though and it was great to have two photos of the six girls in it. I will always regard it as the best ‘WHO GIRLS Calendar’ ever as I’ve kept fond memories of Sarah signing it.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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