TV Review – ‘Grantchester’, Series 4, Episode 2

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My parents and I saw the latest episode of ‘Grantchester’ on ITV Hub first before we saw the latest episode of ‘Call the Midwife’ on BBC iPlayer. I posted my latest review on ‘Call the Midwife’ first before my latest review on ‘Grantchester’ this week to avoid confusion with how I post these weekly reviews. 😀

Series 4, Episode 2 of ‘Grantchester’ was pretty good. Mind you, I didn’t expect to see the shock departure of James Norton as Sidney Chambers in the series. I knew he was leaving the series but I expected him to leave at the end of Series 4. I wasn’t expecting him to leave so soon two episodes in.

Anyway, the episode has Sidney and Robson Green as D.I. Geordie Keating investigate the death of a young woman from a drunken night. Sidney was the last person to have met this woman alive during the drunken night. Thankfully of course, Sidney was not a suspect in the murder of this young woman.

However, whilst investigating, Geordie becomes concerned about his friend’s behaviour since he seems to be troubled in his state of mind with getting drunk and smoking a lot. As the episode progresses, it seems Sidney isn’t happy with his current life and is of course soon to be on his way out.

There is the theme of prostitution in the episode, especially when Sidney and Geordie discover the murder victim Sadie was living in a derelict house with other women who are deemed prostitutes. It was very intriguing to see how the woman living in that house behaved in their prostitute occupations.

I was very surprised by who it was that committed the murder in the episode. Sidney works it out when interacting with one of the prostitute women who seemed to be flirting with him. It turns out it was the ring of one of those prostitute women that killed Sadie. Sidney and Geordie turn up later on to take her away.

The episode also sees Sidney having sympathy and supporting the prostitute women to stand up for themselves. The scene where Sidney brings in one of the women to Geordie in his office to file a complaint before the rest of the prostitute women came in was very poignant to watch in the episode.

Simona Brown makes a return appearance as Violet Todd in the episode, having previously appeared in Series 1, Episode 1. Sidney reunites with her and his feelings for Violet become stronger, especially when he’s doubtful over his position in the church and whether he should stay in Grantchester or not.

I did like how the episode ended with Sidney wanting to go with Violet to Alabama, despite the risks. The farewell scene he has with Geordie at the end of the episode is poignant. It seems that this is the last time we’ll see Sidney in the series. Overall, a decent farewell for James Norton’s character in ‘Grantchester’.

With hope, my review on Series 4, Episode 3 of ‘Grantchester’ will be up on my blog next week.

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