TV Review – ‘Grantchester’, Series 4, Episode 6

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We’ve come to the end of Series 4 of ‘Grantchester’! I’ve really enjoyed watching ‘Grantchester’ via ITV Hub with my parents this year. I hope I will get onto watching the previous three seasons of this detective drama series set in a 1950s English village. My parents and I have got them on DVD at home.

This final episode of Series 4 of ‘Grantchester’ sees Geordie and Will investigating the murder of a teddy boy at a dance hall of a nearby school. Geordie’s daughter, Esme, is implicated in the murder but she pleads ignorance and innocence in the case. However, Will discovers more to her story in this.

This is when Will discovers a love letter between her and the teddy boy in the episode. I like how Esme admits to Will what happened between her and the teddy boy at the vicarage. She’s afraid to tell her father but Will reassures her everything will be alright whilst he and her father handle the case.

Geordie has a tough time in this episode since his wife, Kacey Ainsworth as Cathy, is still working at the place where she was sexually assaulted and harassed by someone. Geordie has fits of anger in the episode, which cloud his judgement over the investigation of the murder of the teddy boy here.

Will also struggles in the episode, following the family tragedy he had in the previous episode and the life-changing decisions he has to make. Jemma Redgrave makes a return appearance as Amelia Davenport in the episode. She wants her son to give up his church position in Grantchester altogether.

I like how things get resolved between Will and Al Weaver as Leonard Finch, following the punch-out ending in the previous episode. Leonard’s position in the church gets resolved as well as his homosexuality and the friction in his relationship with Tessa Peake-Jones as Mrs. Chapman in the story.

I did like how Mrs. Chapman helped Cathy Keating with her work issues in getting the person who assaulted and harassed her fired from his job. I also like how Will and Leonard try to make Mrs. Chapman stay on as their housekeeper, despite the many changes in the new set up for the ‘Grantchester’ series.

I was surprised by the reveal of the actual murderer of the teddy boy in the episode. I’ll give you a clue on who it is as it happens to be an authority figure. I also enjoyed the party dance scene at the end of the episode where most of our ‘Grantchester’ characters were there. Even Geordie danced! 😀

Robson Green and Tom Brittney have been very good in this episode and ‘Grantchester’ overall as a series is great. I’ve not seen the first three seasons yet, but I’m confident about ‘Grantchester’ being very good as a crime detective drama series. Series 4 has been great! I’m so looking forward to seeing more.

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