Holiday Report – Amroth (April 2019)

I took this photo of Amroth Castle close to the caravan park where we were staying to be used as the cover for this holiday report blog post. My parents and I must visit that castle to see what it’s like inside. 😀

Anyway…Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

For the past three years, my parents and I have been going on week-long holidays to Amroth, Pembrokeshire in 2016, 2017 and 2018. They’ve all been in September. This year however, my parents and I went to Amroth, Pembrokeshire in April 2019 before the Easter holidays took place. 😀

I try my best to share something new and different when it comes to doing a holiday report blog post about Amroth every year. Thankfully my parents and I have done something different this year when it came to the end of our week holiday. And for the most part, I have enjoyed my latest break.

These holidays to Amroth, Pembrokeshire in somebody’s caravan have been very relaxing. I enjoy going on walks from Amroth to Wiseman’s Bridge to Saundersfoot every time I’m holiday with my parents. We have also been to new places such as Pendine as well as Carew Castle and the Tidal Mill.

Let’s talk about the highlights of this holiday.

Our holiday was from Sunday the 6th to Thursday the 11th of April 2019. We arrived on the Sunday and it was beautiful sunny weather. I took some photos of the day, including Postman Pat in his van with Jess the cat in Amroth. I find Postman Pat in his van with Jess the cat is always there to welcome us. 😀

We enjoyed having a meal at the Wiseman’s Bridge Inn. We had sausages and chips. 😀 I took a photo of the Welsh dragon inside the inn too. At the caravan, the doggie friend with the lamp in his mouth was there to greet us and my parents and I later enjoyed having our evening walks in Amroth.

On Monday, we walked from Amroth to Wiseman’s Bridge to Saundersfoot. We had a nice meal in one of the restaurants we tried out in Saundersfoot. I had a nice pizza meal. On the way back, we past a field with a huge flock of sheep that wanted their photo taken. They went “Baa, baa!” a lot! 😀

As a souvenir from Saundersfoot, I purchased a little bean bag ‘Spider-Man’ toy that I call Spider-Baby. 😀 I just had to get that Spider-Baby bean-bag figure as it looked amazing. I made sure it had photos with Cuddles (who also joined us on the holiday) and with the doggie friend with a lamp in his mouth. 😀

I did go to Amroth beach on the Tuesday, which was pretty murky weather when I took pictures of it. I managed to walk about the beach but it was pretty wet on the sand. Not like the Thursday when I took pictures of Amroth beach on a sunny day, though the tide had come in which was annoying. 😀

Here’s a comparison of Amroth Beach on both Tuesday and Thursday that week.

  • Amroth Beach, Tuesday 9th March 2019
  • Amroth Beach, Thursday 11th March 2019

Wednesday was an interesting day as my parents and I did something different. We walked from Amroth to Wiseman’s Bride to Saundersfoot before taking a bus to Pendine. We’d never been to Pendine before and didn’t know what to expect. We enjoyed the sunshine as we walked on the Pendine beach. Hopefully when we go to Amroth next time, we’ll have and enjoy a meal in Pendine.

The highlight of the holiday of course was spending some time with my parents. We enjoyed being in the caravan as well as going out to places in the local area. It was especially nice to have Cuddles as well as Puddles, the two toy dogs, on the trip. Cuddles kept watch for me whenever I was asleep. 😀

Whilst staying inside the caravan, my parents and I enjoyed entertainment via MP3 players; CD players and my tablet. Whilst Dad enjoyed his music CDs on his CD player, I enjoyed listening to all of ‘The Moon Stallion’ audiobook read by Sarah Sutton via my MP3 player with a soundtrack and in the car going there and back to Amroth on holiday. It was wonderful listening for five days.

I also saw four episodes of ‘Dad’s Army’ as downloads via BBC iPlayer. These include the episodes ‘Man Hunt’, ‘No Spring For Frazer’, ‘Sons of the Sea’ and ‘The Big Parade’. My parents and I also enjoyed four movies which we saw on my tablet. They included the 2006 remake of ‘The Shaggy Dog’ with Tim Allen; ‘Star Trek Beyond’; ‘Back to the Future, Part II’ and ‘Postman Pat: The Movie’. 🙂

The last day of our holiday to Amroth, Pembrokeshire this year was on the Thursday. We spent the day visiting Carew Castle and the Tidal Mill, which we’d never been to before. I enjoyed visiting Carew Castle that day. I felt like I was on an adventure, especially with climbing up the steps of the castle. I enjoyed taking photos of the castle from the outside as well as on the inside with my phone.

I was amazed to find a welcome guide to bats at the castle with Batman on it. The Tidal Mill wasn’t as impressive as Carew Castle and it was hard to follow the commentary audio when we were there. But it was interesting to see inside and I enjoyed walking around the castle grounds on that nice day.

This year’s holiday break to Amroth, Pembrokeshire with my parents was very enjoyable and relaxing. It was different to have it earlier in April instead of September this year. Maybe we will have another holiday break in Amroth soon, perhaps in September this year. If we ever do, I’m sure we’ll enjoy having another nice break. Amroth, Pembrokeshire is definitely a place to relax and enjoy.

I hoped I’d do some ‘Star Trek’ 1975 annual comic readings on our holiday. Ah well, maybe next time. 😀

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Holiday Report – Amroth (April 2019)

  1. Timelord 007

    Awww Tim asleep with Cuddles so cute lol, Tim is dreaming up his next Doctor Who plot were Corporal James saves everyone again lmao.

    Glad you had a relaxing holiday, seems like a perfect place to relax & unwind something I’m in desperate need of at the minute, i find listening to the sound of the sea i find it a very soothing experience.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      My Dad took that photo of me and Cuddles unawares. He likes to do that whenever I’m asleep and not looking. Hehe! Glad you like the photo though.

      I’m actually currently working on a Thirteenth Doctor short story before I get onto writing another Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Billy adventure and other stories. Hopefully I’ll get onto another short story where James Darby meets the Fourth Doctor. Just to tease you. 😀

      Thanks for your comments, Simon. Glad you enjoyed my latest holiday report to Amroth. I had a very relaxing time that week. Weather was a bit chilly but I’m thankful for some sunny days. Listening to ‘The Moon Stallion’ audiobook was a highlight for me. I must try and get onto doing some recordings of reading ‘Star Trek’ comics in that annual sometime. 😀

      Have you seen my latest Series 11 ‘Doctor Who’ reviews by the way?


      Tim. 🙂


  2. Timelord 007

    I have soon as I get some free time I’ll read em & comment.

    p.s I seen the new Hellboy & it’s awful humour misses the mark, poor CGI a very bad lazy reboot.

    My cousin booked us premier seat for Avengers Endgame next Thursday 6pm it’s 185 minutes long I hope it delivers a satisfying conclusion.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      I’m not really into the ‘Hellboy’ movies, but I can see how you found it a poor remake. I was aware of the ‘Hellboy’ movies starring Ron Pearlman when ‘Spider-Man 2’ was on at the cinema in 2004.

      Yeah I hope ‘Avengers: Endgame’ will be good too. I’m looking forward to seeing it on my birthday. Don’t reveal any spoilers to me when it comes out and you and your cousin go to see it.

      Thanks Simon.

      Tim. 🙂



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