Convention Memories – ‘Fantom Films @ Memorabilia Birmingham 2011’

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

And here we are once again with another ‘convention memories’ blog post for today! I attended a pretty fruitful amount of conventions in 2011. I attended the ‘London Film and Comic Con’ in July; ‘Regenerations 2011’ in Swansea for September and ‘Acceptable In The 80s’ in Chiswick, London for October. For my last convention in 2011, I attended the ‘Memorabilia Birmingham’ event at the NEC.

This was the first time I’d been to a convention at the NEC in Birmingham. It was a pretty exciting time. ‘Memorabilia Birmingham’ was a two-day event but I attended just the Sunday on the 20th of November 2011. There were quite a number of ‘Doctor Who’ stars that I wanted to see for that day.

Many of the stars attending ‘Memorabilia Birmingham’ were sponsored by Fantom Films. I mainly saw the stars that were brought by Fantom Films to the event, but I also saw a few other guests that weren’t Fantom Films-sponsored. It was a pretty exciting time for me as a ‘Doctor Who’ fan that day.

The guests included Arthur Darvill, who was playing Rory Williams at the time in the new TV series. There were also four classic ‘Doctor Who’ companions who I was delighted to see. They were Deborah Watling, Sophie Aldred, Sarah Sutton and Katy Manning. Seeing these four ladies in Birmingham made my day at that event. It inspired me to write two ‘Doctor Who’ fan-fiction stories.

The event was quite packed with a number of ‘Doctor Who’ fans dressed up in cosplay such as people looking like Matt Smith’s Doctor and there were also a number of Daleks attending the event. I got to have some pictures taken with a Dalek at the event. That was very exciting for me back then!

I met up with Sarah Sutton who plays Nyssa, my favourite ‘Doctor Who’ companion. It was so lovely to see Sarah again for the fourth time that year. I had a photo with Sarah and had a few things signed by her. By this point, Sarah knew me pretty well and we were becoming good friends then. 🙂

Sarah and I chatted about her making ‘The Emerald Tiger’ recently which had only been announced on the Big Finish website. I also told Sarah how much I was looking forward to hearing her as Nyssa in ‘The Five Companions’ and ‘The Lost Stories’ trilogy she did lately. She was pleased to hear that. 🙂

I mentioned to Sarah I was a dedicated fan of hers and she laughed at that, saying “Yes Tim, I had gathered that.” 😀 I shared my first joke with Sarah and she laughed, getting the punch-line. 😀 Sarah also met Cuddles, my cuddly toy dog, for the first time. She had a photo with him which was nice. 😀

Cuddles: “Yay! I had my first photo with Sarah! YAY!!!”

Alright, Cuddles! Pipe down now.

Cuddles: (whines) “Wuff!”

The ‘Memorabilia Birmingham’ event was also the first time I met Katy Manning who plays Jo Grant in the series. It was lovely meeting Katy for the first time. She had a bubbly personality and was very friendly. I had a nice time chatting to Katy. She even chatted to me in her Iris Wildthyme voice for a bit which was funny. I heard ‘Find and Replace’ recently. I told Katy how much I enjoyed her in that.

I also saw Sophie Aldred again at the event. Sophie plays Ace in ‘Doctor Who’. I was becoming friends with Sophie as well at these conventions and was having lovely chats with her. Sophie did arrive late on the day, but it was still lovely to see her. I had photo with her and had some items signed by her. I’m pleased I’ve been able to get on well with people like Sophie and Sarah at events.

I also met Deborah Watling for the first time at ‘Memorabilia Birmingham’. I had seen her before at two ‘Regenerations’ conventions. This was the first time I actually chatted to Debbie Watling. She was very friendly and signed my CD cover for ‘The Evil of the Daleks’ then. We chatted about Patrick Troughton and it was lovely to hear Debbie share memories of working with Patrick in ‘Doctor Who’.

At the ‘Memorabilia Birmingham’ event, I also met other stars like Kai Owen who plays Rhys Williams in ‘Torchwood’. I also met Alice Krige who played the Borg Queen in ‘Star Trek’. I also met Catrin Stewart who plays Jenny in ‘Doctor Who’ and she had just been in ‘A Good Man Goes To War’.

I also got to meet Arthur Darvill at the event and had a professional photo with him. He was very nice to chat to. He’d just finished Series 6 of ‘Doctor Who’ with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan then. I told him I was looking forward to seeing him again in the next ‘Doctor Who’ season he’d appear in. 🙂

The ‘Memorabilia Birmingham’ also provided me the opportunity to have a group photo with Sarah Sutton, Deborah Watling, Sophie Aldred and Katy Manning. This led me to write ‘The Robots of Lonmar’ featuring Nyssa, Billy, Victoria, Ace and Jo.  I also had a group photo with Sarah and Katy, which led me to write ‘City of Monsters’. I also had single photo shoots with Sarah and Katy that day.

‘Memorabilia Birmingham’ in November 2011 was pretty exciting for me. I’m glad I went that day as it finished the year off for me before Christmas. I enjoyed seeing Sarah, Katy, Sophie and Debbie that day and having photos with them, which inspired me to write a few ‘Doctor Who’ fan-fiction stories from seeing them at the event. It’s a day I look back on with fond memories. I hope another day like that will happen again soon.

Stay tuned for my next ‘convention memories’ blog post, which will be on the ‘Stars of Time’ event in Weston-super-Mare that I attended back in July 2012.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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