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At last! I’ve seen the Disney film ‘Frozen II’ at the cinema! It was the first time I’d seen a ‘Frozen’ film at the cinema. Unless you count ‘Frozen Fever’ beforehand. I’ve not seen ‘Olaf’s Frozen Adventure’ by the way. Otherwise, I’m pleased I’ve seen ‘Frozen II’ on the big screen as I had a really good time watching it. 🙂

I had concerns that this film might’ve gone into darker and depressing territory from what I’ve heard based on rumours and speculation. But surprisingly, it didn’t go too far in that direction and the film did end on a happy note. There were also a few twists and surprises I did not expect watching this film.

The film takes place three years after the events of the first ‘Frozen’ film. In the film, Elsa hears a mysterious voice calling out to her from the enchanted forest that has been shut from the world away from Arendelle. Elsa goes on this journey beyond home, accompanied by Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven.

Upon entering the enchanted forest, Elsa learns the origins of her magical frosty/snowy powers. The kingdom of Arendelle is soon the victim of circumstance and its people must be saved from disaster. But will it mean the sacrifice of the home our friends once loved. Will this be the death of one of them?

I’ve heard it argued that ‘Frozen II’ is a re-tread of what went on in the first ‘Frozen’ film, with a similar plot-line; having musical numbers and a whimsy comic attitude. I can see where that argument comes from, but honestly I found ‘Frozen II’ to be a progression of what went on from the first ‘Frozen’ movie.

‘Frozen II’ explores more in terms of Elsa’s powers as well as her sisterly relationship with Anna. I also like how the romantic element of Anna and Kristoff’s relationship gets handled. I would’ve preferred it if Kristoff caught up with Anna and Elsa on their journey into their unknown instead of being left behind.

But at least he helps Anna out by the end and she apologises to Kristoff for leaving him behind. It was amusing and satisfying how Kristoff attempted to propose marriage to Anna. The shocking demise of Olaf was also touching to watch and I’m glad he was restored back to life by Elsa when all’s well in the end.

There is the argument that the film’s plot was convoluted, especially regards where Elsa was going discovering her powers. Yeah, even I have to agree that was confusing and this film would require more watches to understand it. But it was satisfying enough. Again, I’m glad it ended on a happy note.

The film’s voice cast is back again with Elsa voiced by Idina Menzel; Anna voiced by Kristen Bell; Olaf voiced by Josh Gad and Kristoff voiced by Jonathan Groff. Pabbie, the leader of the Rock Trolls, voiced by Ciarán Hinds also returns in this film. There are new characters featured in this ‘Frozen’ film as well.

This includes Mattias, the leader of some Arendelle soldiers trapped inside the enchanted forest, voiced by Sterling K. Brown and Yelena, the leader of the Northuldra tribe, voiced by Martha Plimpton. There’s also Ryder, voiced by Jason Ritter and Honeymaren voiced by Rachel Matthews. Both are of the Northuldra tribe. There is also King Runeard, Elsa and Anna’s grandfather, voiced by Jeremy Sisto.

I was surprised to find that Alfred Molina, who played Doc Ock in ‘Spider-Man 2’, voiced King Agnarr, Elsa and Anna’s father as well as Evan Rachel Wood who voiced Queen Iduna, Elsa and Anna’s mother. Both didn’t provide voices for these two characters in the first film. They were done by different actors.

The film’s music and songs are fairly decent. I don’t know whether the songs are standout ones like ‘Let It Go’ from the first ‘Frozen’ film. The closest I can think of to being standout would be ‘Into the Unknown’ sung by Elsa. Time will tell whether that song will match to the same acclaim as ‘Let It Go’.

Overall, ‘Frozen II’ has been an enjoyable film to see on the big screen. I’m glad I’ve seen it. It doesn’t match to the same quality as the first ‘Frozen’ film in my opinion, but there were some good emotional moments to be found. The plot’s a little complex, but I like how ‘Frozen II’ progresses the story of our heroes.

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