Day 15 – Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2019

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

It’s Day 15 of ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2019’.

He’s done ‘I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!’ as well as two roles in ‘Doctor Who’! 😀

Tim Bradley with Colin Baker at ‘GEEKS Salisbury Comic Con 2017’, City Hall, Salisbury, July 2017

Colin Baker is well-known for playing the Sixth Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’. Before that, he played Commander Maxil in the ‘Doctor Who’ story called ‘Arc of Infinity’. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Colin at many conventions over the years. I’ve enjoyed chatting to him and having photos with him. 🙂

The first time I met Colin at ‘Regenerations 2010’, Swansea, September 2010. The other times I’ve seen Colin at conventions include ‘Stars of Time’, Weston-super-Mare, July 2012; ‘Collectormania Glasgow 2012’, Braehead Arena, August 2012; ‘Dimensions 2013’, Newcastle, October 2013; ‘Time Warp’, Weston-super-Mare, July 2014; the ‘Timeless Collectors’ fair, Fareham, December 2014; the ‘Bournemouth Film & Comic Con’, August 2015; ‘Dimensions 2015’, Newcastle, October 2015; ‘Stars of Time @ The Tropicana’, Weston-super-Mare, August 2016, ‘Regenerations 2016’, Swansea, September 2016; ‘GEEKS Salisbury Comic Con’, July 2017; the ‘MCM Birmingham Comic Con’, November 2017; ‘Science of the Time Lords’, Leicester, January 2019, the ‘London Comic Con Spring’, March 2019 and the ‘Film & Comic Con Cardiff’, March 2019. I’ve seen Colin at a lot of conventions as well as Sarah Sutton! 😀

Colin has also signed a number of items for me at conventions over the years. This includes my DVD covers for ‘Arc of Infinity’; ‘The Twin Dilemma’; ‘Attack of the Cybermen’; ‘The Two Doctors’; ‘Revelation of the Daleks’ and ‘The Trial of a Time Lord’ as well as my CD covers for ‘Davros’; ‘The Guardians of Prophecy’; ‘Power Play’; ‘The First Sontarans’; ‘The Reaping’; ‘Recorded Time and Other Stories’; ‘1963: The Space Race’; ‘Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories’; ‘I.D. & Urgent Calls’; ‘100’; ‘The Juggernauts’ and ‘The Four Doctors’. Colin has also signed my copies of ‘The Light At The End’ and ‘The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure’; my VHS cover for ‘TravelWise’; my CD cover for the ‘Soldiers of Love’ episode ‘Genesis’ and my DVD cover for ‘The Airzone Solution’. These are some of my favourites!

Over the years, Colin Baker has starred in more than a hundred audio adventures of ‘Doctor Who’, playing the Sixth Doctor. This makes up for the short tenure he had on TV when ‘Doctor Who’ was under pressure by the BBC bosses in the 1980s. I’m very glad Colin has had more stories as the Doctor.

I’ve written a short story featuring Colin Baker’s Doctor on my blog called ‘Fred and the Doctor’. I’m very happy to have met Colin at conventions and I enjoy sharing my favourite ‘Doctor Who’ stories that he’s in with him. Colin is quite a character at conventions, but he’s a joy to meet for signings and for panel talks.

Thanks for reading!

Check out what Day 15 of my ‘Bradley’s Basement Advent Calendars’ for 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 were about!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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