Quick DVD Review – ‘Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker’s Tale’

Hello everyone! 🙂

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I’ve seen ‘Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker’s Tale’! I’ve got to be honest, this was a better Christmas offering than ‘Tom and Jerry Christmas: Paws For A Holiday’. At least it felt Christmassy! At least it had something to do with a Christmas story from the world of ballet! Is this altogether good though?

Well, it has a lot of Tom and Jerry fun in it! 😀 I’m not very familiar with ‘The Nutcracker’ story…or more specifically ‘The Nutcracker and the Mouse King’ by E. T. A. Hoffmann. I have seen a few ballet productions years ago, but I can vaguely remember them. It was nice to see it in Tom and Jerry form.

It fits well with Tom and Jerry’s characters with Jerry being the Nutcracker character and Tom being the Mouse King character with other cats as a gang against Jerry, Tuffy and a group of living toys. It’s surreal and the magic stuff doesn’t make much sense. But…what do you expect? It’s Tom and Jerry!

The story has Jerry and Tuffy in an empty opera house watching ‘The Nutcracker’ play. Jerry wishes for a chance to perform in ‘The Nutcracker’. His dream magically comes true as he and Tuffy are whisked to an enchanted kingdom full of toys coming to life. 🙂 I wonder if ‘Toy Story’s all connected.

But it becomes too good to be true when alley cats including Tom gate-crash Jerry’s party. They kidnap the music box ballerina that Jerry falls in love with and cause havoc in the holiday kingdom. Can Jerry, Tuffy and his newfound friends stop the cats by reaching the Toymaker who can help out?

I recognised many musical pieces from ‘The Nutcracker’ performed in the background during the cartoon antics of Tom, Jerry and others. It was lovely to hear them and sometimes I hummed and danced to some of the tunes as I watched the film. It helped to make it all feel Christmassy indeed. 🙂

As well as Tom, Jerry and Tuffy, there were characters like Paulie the pixie and Nelly the pony who can only talk if her string was pulled. I liked Nelly as a pony who can only talk if her string was pulled. It was quite funny. Paulie the pixie keeps losing his head due to being damaged before Jerry’s dream.

Did I say ‘dream’? Yes, that’s how I can describe since I don’t know how it’s all magically possible. We don’t even get to see who performed the magic? Was it a wizard? Was it the narrator? Was it the Toymaker? Even the Toymaker and a ballerina are watching Jerry’s ‘Nutcracker’ before it’s over.

There’s also characters like La Petite Ballerina who quickly forms a romantic attachment to Jerry. There’s the King of the Cats who keeps calling Tom ‘Tim’. Honestly, I don’t know why Tom isn’t called ‘Tim’. Tim the ‘tom-cat’ would be better! Tim and Jerry? Hey? No? Okay, I guess Tom and Jerry’s fine. 😀

Tuffy sounds more French than usual compared to me seeing him in other ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons recently. Reminds me of when I saw Tuffy as a French swordsman and going “Touche, pussy cat!” I found it funny when Tuffy was being Tom’s angel conscience as well as Tom’s devil for this little film.

The journey Jerry, Tuffy, Paulie and Nelly make to reach the Toymaker’s house was fun to watch, especially with Tom and the cats chasing them. The climatic battle scenes featuring toy soldiers were good and Nelly coming back to life with no string for her talk anymore was sweet. Pretty good stuff!

So yeah! ‘Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker’s Tale’ was a lot of fun! It felt very festive and was good to watch for Christmas. I’m not sure how it’s all supposed to work with Jerry having his dream somehow coming to life. But I’ve come to expect that with Tom and Jerry. Should I be so surprised? 😀

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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