TV Review – ‘Call the Midwife’, Series 9, Episode 2

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I enjoyed the latest episode of ‘Call the Midwife’! Series 9, Episode 2 had some really good emotional character drama this week what with the relationships between a mother and her expectant daughter; a troubling journey for an expectant prostitute and a blossoming romance that may end a bit too soon.

The episode has our characters surviving Lent before it comes to Mother’s Day. It was amusing to see the various characters coping with Lent such as Valerie and Trixie giving up smoking ciggies and the Buckles avoiding eating cake. I know how they feel. I’d struggle coping through Lent myself. It’s hard!

It turns out that a thief has been pinching milk. Cliff Parisi as Fred Buckle and Judy Parfitt as Sister Monica uncover the culprit who turns out to be Georgia Henshaw as Tina Atkins. She happens to be an expectant woman who is actually a glamorous prostitute. She had two children that she gave away.

Jenny Agutter as Sister Julienne is the one who has the most interaction with Tina Atkins, encouraging her to attend the local clinic for her needs with her new child and to prevent her two children getting adopted. But Tina isn’t really a willing mother as she would have her children adopted instead.

I liked that scene between Sister Julienne and Sister Monica at the end. Sister Julienne is downhearted, believing to have failed in her duties to encourage Tina to have back their children who wanted their mother whilst Sister Monica gives her encouraging words. It’s a nice scene between these two characters!

I liked the subplot featuring Carly Bawden as Laverne Bulmer with her mother Amanda Root as Florrie Watkins. Amanda Root has been in the 1995 BBC production of ‘Persuasion’ as well as the ‘Doctor Who’ audio ‘The Girl Who Never Was’ with Paul McGann. I was delighted to see her in this episode. 🙂

It seems that Florrie is losing her memory. But as Stephen McGann as Dr. Turner discovers, it turns out Florrie is having some kind of disease connected to her liver. Thankfully it all works out fine in the end. I’m pleased Florrie was there to support her daughter Laverne when she was having her baby.

Like I said, there’s a nice little romance story going on between Trevor Cooper as Sergeant Woolf and Georgie Glen as Miss Higgins. Unfortunately, Woolf has a heart attack after he attended to Laverne’s little daughter who got locked inside the house once Florrie became really forgetful and left her inside.

Woolf gets hospitalised and it later turns out he may not be able to perform his regular police duties anymore. He decides to end his relationship with Miss Higgins there and then which clearly upsets her. I’m not sure how this will be resolved. It would be nice if Woolf and Miss Higgins got back together.

Series 9, Episode 2 was a pretty good ‘Call the Midwife’ episode to watch. I enjoyed the drama and interaction between the characters. There were lots of funny moments too, especially with characters giving up for Lent. The moment where Fred was eating a special cake and Violet caught him was funny.

Stay tuned for my review on Series 9, Episode 3 of ‘Call the Midwife’ on my blog next week.

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