TV Review – ‘Call the Midwife’, Series 9, Episode 7

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The latest ‘Call the Midwife’ episode was a happier experience compared to the previous one. There was emotional drama going on, especially concerning character arcs and a certain married couple with a baby. But I enjoyed the seventh episode of Series 9 of ‘Call the Midwife’ very much as it was gripping.

The highlight of the episode for me was that it featured guest star Ellie Wallwork as blind mother Marion Irmsby. Ellie is blind in real-life. I know that because she was in the ‘Doctor Who’ episode ‘It Takes You Away’ and she was a blind girl in that. I was glad to see her in this ‘Call the Midwife’ episode.

Helen George as Nurse Trixie helps Marion out when she’s about to have her baby. But Marion’s sister, Lucy Briggs-Owen as Beryl isn’t happy her sister’s having a baby as she calls for Social Services. Marion, with Nurse Trixie and her husband Dylan Llewellyn as Stewart, is pretty determined to prove her wrong.

I like how this episode tackles a blind person having a baby in this ‘Call the Midwife’ episode. It’s something I quite admire and find fascinating as I’m sure there are blind mothers in the real world. There are trials and tribulations in this process, but young Marion is not one to give up without a fight.

Meanwhile, Lee Armstrong as Dr. Kevin McNulty performs a successful operation of helping a mother give birth to her baby, under supervision by Stephen McGann as Dr. Turner. But things don’t go well when he shows signs of strain as his shoulder injury flares up and he jeopardises a mother’s birth here.

It was upsetting to see Dr. McNulty perform badly in delivering a baby by himself when he’s alone with the mother. It causes Ella Bruccoleri as Sister Frances to lose confidence in him, especially when they seemed to be getting on very well together at the hospital and when he made a good impression.

Speaking of the mother in jeopardy, she came into the hospital to have her baby delivered whilst escaping an abusive husband of hers who is constantly drunk. It was pretty disturbing to see the husband enter the hospital twice, all drunk and dishevelled, and being abusive to his wife in the story.

It was nice to see Zephryn Taitte back as Cyril with Leonie Elliot as Nurse Lucille in the episode. Both Cyril and Lucille agree to help Linda Bassett as Nurse Crane out with the boy scouts work when she becomes overworked herself. It’s nice Cyril was willing to devote time with Lucille helping Nurse Crane.

This episode also features the return of Ann Mitchell as Elsie Dyer, Valerie’s gran, who is now prison. Jennifer Kirby as Valerie goes to see her gran in prison as she hasn’t seen her for a long time since Series 8. It turns out that Valerie’s gran hasn’t been eating very well. Valerie becomes very concerned.

Series 9, Episode 7 has been very good in terms of solid emotional character drama and gripping plot revelations. I enjoyed the story with the blind mother having her baby and I’m looking forward to how things get resolved with Dr. McNulty’s predicament and the issue of Elsie Dyer’s ill health in the prison.

Stay tuned for my review on Series 9, Episode 8 of ‘Call the Midwife’ on my blog next week.

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