Quick DVD Review – ‘Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers’

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It’s time for another ‘Tom and Jerry’ movie! And let me tell you, this has been a fun film to watch! It’s time for the famous cat and mouse duo to do ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ as they star in ‘Shiver Me Whiskers’. This film has a good puzzle-solving feel to it and features two notable cast members in it.

The film has Tom and Jerry being on board the jolly pirate ship of Red Pirate Ron. After picking up a mysterious bottle containing a treasure map, Tom hopes to find the treasure himself before anyone else does. That is until he runs into competition with Jerry the mouse as well as other pirates in tow.

The pirate world featured in this ‘Tom and Jerry’ movie has been fun to see. There are three pirate captains including Red Pirate Ron, Blue Pirate Bob and Purple Pirate ‘Barnacle’ Paul. The first two pirates Red Pirate Ron and Blue Pirate Bob can only speak in pirate lingo, such as “Yarr!” and such here.

Their pirate language can only be translated by the parrots perched on their shoulders. Red Ron has Red Parrot Stan and Blue Bob has Blue Parrot Betty. It was funny to hear these parrots translate for their pirate captains and even have chats with each other when off their pirate captain shoulders. 😀

Purple ‘Barnacle’ Paul is the exception as he can speak in clear English whilst his parrot Purple Parrot Chuck speaks in pirate lingo. 😀 ‘Barnacle’ Paul is voiced by Wallace Shawn who also narrates this movie. Wallace Shawn does Rex in the ‘Toy Story’ films and was Grand Nagus Zek in ‘Star Trek: DS9’.

It was fun to hear Wallace Shawn in this ‘Tom and Jerry’ movie, especially when he’s narrating and when he’s seen as a small pirate captain compared to his brothers Ron and Bob. 😀 Wallace Shawn also narrated the bonus ending ‘Where Be They Now?’ on this DVD for the ‘Shiver Me Whiskers’ film.

The film also features the Skull voiced by Mark Hamill. I’m amazed Mark Hamill did a voice for a ‘Tom and Jerry’ movie. He’s well-known for playing Luke Skywaker in the ‘Star Wars’ movies. Mark Hamill seems to have niche for voicing villains in TV/films. The Skull character was quite treacherous.

Mark Hamill did a villainous role for the Joker in the animated ‘Batman’ TV series (as well as ‘The Batman Superman Movie’) and…‘The Last Jedi’! Hey, for all I know, Mark Hamill could’ve ended up being a villain in that movie. 😀 Sometimes, he’s quite hardly recognisable as villain from Luke Skywalker.

The Skull sets challenges and traps for Tom and Jerry when they’re trying to find the treasure on some dangerous island. The Skull started off being a symbol on a map before getting Red Ron’s pirate ship cursed…with skull-like warriors. They could be related to them Skeletrons in ‘Zorbius’! 😀

The film also features Spike the dog in the movie, but he doesn’t have Tyke with him. I imagine this is the earlier Spike since he has the big teeth and is pretty ferocious when chasing after Tom. Spike belongs to Blue Bob aboard his pirate ship. Spike soon ends up with Tom and Jerry at the film’s end.

There’s also a giant octopus/squid-like purple creature that Tom manages to scare in the final challenge of getting the treasure. This happened when Tom managed to get pirates and boats on top of it whilst escaping a pirate ship. Even the Skull’s surprised by how the octopus/squid got defeated.

‘Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers’ has been a fun cartoon movie to watch on DVD. I’m glad I’ve seen it as it was fun to see Tom and Jerry do all the puzzle-solving with the treasure map and eventually finding the treasure. It was also fun that Wallace Shawn and Mark Hamill were in the film.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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