Quick DVD Review – ‘Tom and Jerry – Volumes 1-6 – Complete Collector’s Edition’

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During this unhappy time because of the coronavirus pandemic – please keep safe – my parents and I have been enjoying watching ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons at lunchtimes. Earlier this year, I did a quick review on Volumes 1-3 of the classic ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons. We’ve now seen Volumes 1-6 here! 🙂

I purchased the complete collector’s edition of ‘Tom and Jerry – Volumes 1-6’ after watching the first three volumes on individual DVDs this year. There were still more classic cartoons of ‘Tom and Jerry’ to check out and it was only fair that I get all of the classic ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons in a big DVD set.

It was fascinating to explore the complete collector’s edition of classic ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons. Not all of the ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons are from producer Fred Quimby and producers William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. They are mostly on the first 4½ volumes of ‘Tom and Jerry’ in the collector’s set.

The rest of the ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons are from producer Gene Deitch and producer Chuck Jones. Suffice it to say, I prefer the original 1940s/1950s cartoons of ‘Tom and Jerry’ from Hanna and Barbera more than the Gene Deitch and the Chuck Jones ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons from the 1960s. 😐

For one thing, the Gene Deitch cartoons are very ugly-looking and not easy to follow. The Chuck Jones cartoons are decent enough, but they don’t have the same stuff as the Hanna and Barbera cartoons. I would rate the Chuck Jones ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons higher than the Gene Deitch ones. 🙂

I did review the ‘Tom and Jerry Christmas’ DVD called ‘Paws For A Holiday’, which featured a compilation of various ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons by various animators. Having seen all of the Gene Deitch and Chuck Jones cartoons, I realise I was very naive when I saw ‘Paws For A Holiday’ first time.

I won’t repeat what I said in the Volumes 1-3 review as you can check out in the link above what I thought of the first three volumes of ‘Tom and Jerry’. For the rest of the Hanna and Barbera cartoons in Volumes 4 and 5, I did like them a lot. There are issues, but not enough to make them unlikeable.

There are certain remakes of well-known ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons. For example, ‘Feedin’ The Kiddie’ is a remake of ‘The Little Orphan’. ‘The Egg and Jerry’ is a remake of the woodpecker story ‘Hatch Up Your Troubles’. And ‘Tops With Pops’, which features Spike and Tyke, is a remake of ‘Love That Pup’.

In the collection, there are certain compilation episodes I liked, including ‘Jerry’s Diary’ and ‘A Life with Tom’. I also like the episodes where Jerry befriends a yellow duck. Hearing the duck chatter away puts me in mind of Donald Duck. A duck episode I like is ‘Happy Go Ducky’ and it’s on Easter. 🙂

There are also certain ‘Tom and Jerry’ episodes in the Hanna/Barbera era where Nibbles the mouse sometimes talks. This is when he’s being a French musketeer in ‘The Two Mouseketeers’ and ‘Touché, Pussy Cat!’ as well as a merry mouse in the Robin Hood parody called ‘Robin Hoodwinked’. 😀

Overall, the complete collector’s edition of ‘Tom and Jerry – Volumes 1-6’ is a worthy purchase to have during this critical time we’re in. It’s helped me to relax and forget my troubles by watching cartoons of a cat and a mouse with cartoon violence. It’s funny and entertaining throughout this set.

I wonder what ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoon or film I’m going to check out next is. Maybe I’ll watch the upcoming ‘Tom and Jerry’ movie in March 2021 next. Hmm! 😀

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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