Quick TV Episode Review – ‘Grantchester’, Series 2, Episode 4

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The latest ‘Grantchester’ episode I’ve seen has the friendship between James Norton as Sidney and Robson Green as Geordie tested. It connects back to events that happened in Series 2, Episode 1 with a recurrent storyline happening. There’s also more delved into the love life of Sidney Chambers.

In the episode, Sidney visits Sam Frenchum as Gary Bell in prison, who was charged with Abigail Redmond’s murder in Series 2’s first episode. Many locals are disapproving of Sidney defending Gary at court during his trial, including Abigail’s parents and Geordie himself. He’s convinced Gary’s guilty.

This puts Sidney and Geordie at loggerheads with each other, especially when they solve a murder case together. Geordie expresses his viewpoint about Gary aiding Abigail to her death whilst Sidney defends Gary’s actions. The episode ends with Sidney and Geordie falling out with each other badly.

Talking about the murder being solved in this, it starts when Paul Nicholls as widowed stable owner Reggie Lawson asks Sidney to exorcise the spirit of his wife Anna who killed herself. The next day however, Reggie is found hanged. Sidney doubts that it was suicide while Geordie is very certain it is.

It’s interesting how Sidney works out who did the murder in the episode and how Anna’s brother, Elliot Levey as Laszlo Herzl was involved. Yet Sidney doesn’t tell Geordie who committed the murder as he keeps it to himself. This is the one of the factors that leads to Sidney and Geordie falling out. 😦

Another factor is when Gary is condemned as being guilty by the court’s jury. I don’t know how Gary will be redeemed or whether it’ll be proven that he is guilty or not. There’s no news yet about the former vicar friend James had in Series 2’s first episode as well. But I guess this plotline’s not yet over.

Sidney meanwhile has a good relationship with Seline Hizli as Margaret, his new girlfriend, before it goes pear-shaped when attending a party of his sister Fiona Button as Jennifer, since Morven Christie as Amanda and Tom Hopkins as her husband Guy are there. Amanda has her problems also.

It transpires she’s not happily married as her husband Guy bullies her. This doesn’t get explored much, but I can imagine its physical abuse. Sidney seeks advice from Amanda and even learns about the previous shoplifting incident she had in Series 2, Episode 3 which Geordie did not tell him about.

It also gets revealed that Amanda’s about to have a baby soon. Overall, Series 2, Episode 4 of‘Grantchester’ has been gripping to watch. I wonder how Sidney and Geordie’s friendship will be reconciled and how the plotlines for Gary’s trial case and Amanda’s marriage issues will get resolved.

Here’s hoping my review on Series 2, Episode 5 of ‘Grantchester’ will be up next week.

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