TV Review – ‘History Documentaries’ (Harry Hill’s World of TV)

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I think I am getting into the spirit of this new TV show by Harry Hill on the world of TV. It’s not the same as ‘TV Burp’ (which I hope to do quick reviews on via its DVD releases soon), but I did get some chuckles out from it. And Harry Hill does very well with the research he puts into doing these shows.

I didn’t particularly enjoy the previous week’s episode on ‘Medical Dramas’. This week however, I found ‘History Documentaries’ very entertaining. I don’t really watch history documentaries on TV, but the jokes Harry came up with were very entertaining and more in line with his humour I know of.

Harry casts his eye on the history programmes that have been made over the years on UK TV. These include ‘Chronicle’ to ‘Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family’. Some of these history programmes I don’t know a lot about, but it was very entertaining how Harry picked up on the funnies featured in them.

For example, a lot of the experts featured in these history documentaries keep saying “We don’t know…” Not making them much as experts, are they? It’s so funny when that gets repeated during the episode on ‘Harry Hill’s World of TV’ and he goes “Oh no, not another one!” That’s funny!

I found it funny when two of the hosts for the history programmes weren’t looking at the camera and Harry told them to look to their right. There was even one host who kept going “Err…”, “Err…”, “Err…” all the time in his programme. Even my Mum was laughing at those funny bits in the episode.

It was funny when one presenter kept asking questions to the audience and Harry was trying to answer them nervously in a down-to-earth manner. It was equally amusing when the dramatised portions of some history programmes, like people re-enacting the Stone Age wasn’t all that pleasant.

For example, some of the people had to eat the food made at the time, which wasn’t all that appetising and caused them toilet problems. It was funny when Harry made light of it during the interviews between those people during them programmes. One wonders why they went through it.

It was amazing to discover that Magnus Magnusson, who hosted ‘Mastermind’, hosted the history programme ‘Chronicle’. He looks so different in black-and-white compared to how he looks in colour. It was also amazing to see the ‘Time Team’ episodes hosted by ‘Blackadder’s Tony Robinson.

I found it extraordinary that ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ featured John Hurt in it. And I thought he was just a well-established actor in movies as well as being the War Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’. I also found it funny when Harry joked on some of the hosts on history documentaries getting attention. 🙂

This included someone swinging from a tree and someone standing up high on a bandstand in a street or something. It was so surreal to see David Dimbleby presenting ‘How We Built Britain’ after seeing him on ‘Question Time’. I wonder if he likes doing historical programmes more than ‘Question Time’.

Going back to dramatisations in history programmes, it’s funny how Harry comments on how the dramatisations are made with low budgets, such as actors performing through facial expressions with people narrating over them; people penning letters and using bad drawings to illustrate history.

The ‘History Documentaries’ episode of ‘Harry Hill’s World of TV’ was fun to watch. It got me laughing more compared to ‘Medical Dramas’ and I certainly heard my Mum laughing whilst watching the episode. This show isn’t ‘TV Burp’, but I’m looking forward to Sunday evenings lately. 🙂

Stay tuned for my review on the fourth episode of ‘Harry Hill’s World of TV’ called ‘Police Dramas’, coming soon next week.

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Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂


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