Quick ‘Muppets Now’ Review – ‘Sleep Mode’

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

We’re back again with another review on a ‘Muppets Now’ episode and I saw this episode before watching ‘The Muppets’ 2011 film, both on Disney+. I can safely say that from watching this episode, it makes me want to cook more from ‘The Doctor Who Cookbook’. 😀 I’ll explain why that is later on.

In the episode itself, Scooter struggles to stay awake with uploading videos for the fourth episode of ‘Muppets Now’. He gets Animal to help him out. I’m surprised Scooter had an all-nighter beforehand. Mind you, Scooter is the only tech in this business. Isn’t there another Muppet tech? 😐

I find it funny that Scooter asks Animal for help in order to keep him awake. Animal makes as much noise as possible in order to keep Scooter going. I wonder why there wasn’t a blank screen at certain points in the episode when Scooter was asleep. Doing this ‘Muppets Now’ show must be really hard.

The segments included in this episode are ‘Mup Close and Personal’. Hey, we’re back with that! Except unlike the first episode where Kermit interviewed someone, Miss Piggy is the interviewer this time round and she is interviewing actress…Aubrey Plaza. (Pause) No, I’ve not heard of her either! 😀

Actually, I’m sure Aubrey Plaza is a very well-known actress, comedian and producer in America, having done things like…err…‘Monsters University’. 😀 Mind you, Aubrey didn’t seem to be that enthusiastic in her interview conducted by Miss Piggy. Miss Piggy also had Uncle Deadly helping her out. 😀

There’s also ‘an advisory from Kermit the Frog (and Joe from Legal)’ (not a ‘word’ this time. Hmm) right before ‘Muppet Labs Field Tests’ with Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Beaker and their old and lonely computer, the Beepalyzer. Yep, not heard of Beepalyzer either! I might have missed his episodes! 😀

The Beepalyzer complains about being left abandoned by Dr. Honeydew and Beaker after all these years when they experiment with sound vibrations before it eventually blows up. Honestly, I think the episode could’ve done with more pizzas. My parents and I had a Domino’s Pizza again watching this. 😀

Speaking of food, we have ‘Økėÿ Døkęÿ Køøkïñ’ again, featuring the Swedish Chef who competes against Guiseppe Losavio, who is a famous Italian chef/kitchen celebrity. Never heard of him either! 😀 Gosh, I need to get out more. Once the Covid-19 pandemic has finished, that is – please keep safe.

Anyway, I enjoyed this segment as the Swedish Chef and Guiseppe compete to make spaghetti carbonara. From doing my spaghetti bologneses and lasagnes from ‘The Doctor Who Cookbook’, it makes me want to do a three-course meal. Perhaps it’s something I can do before the end of 2020. 🙂

I have in mind to make vegetable soup with Dalek Krotons by Patrick Troughton, lasagne by Sarah Sutton and chocolate fudge cake by the late Caroline John. 😀 Anyway, the episode concludes with Miss Piggy discussing self care in her own show ‘Lifesty(le) with Miss Piggy’…should it be…’lifestyle’?

Whatever her show’s called, Miss Piggy has special guests like Uncle Deadly, Taye Diggs, Miss Poogy (are you sure you want her on your show, Piggy?), Elena (a penguin) and Linda Cardellini with Pepe. I do like Linda Cardellini, but I wonder why Miss Piggy can’t vary the guests a bit with her own show.

A shame ‘Pepe’s Unbelievable Game Show’ wasn’t included in the episode as well as ‘Muppet Masters’ (Walter hasn’t appeared much in ‘Muppets Now’, has he? Neither has Kermit. Or Fozzie. Or Gonzo for that matter). But otherwise, this episode of ‘Muppets Now’ has been pretty entertaining!

Of course, by the end, Scooter and Animal fall asleep. 😀

Stay tuned for my review on the next ‘Muppets Now’ episode ‘The I.T. Factor’ next week!

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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