TV Review – ‘Home Improvement’ (Harry Hill’s World of TV)

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I’ve seen the final episode of the current series of ‘Harry Hill’s World of TV’! I can’t say this new comedy series of Harry’s on BBC Two has been great, but it has provided my family and me a nice distraction during these difficult times we live in – please keep safe. I’m pleased I’ve seen this show.

So, how does Harry conclude his new show? By focusing on the history of home improvement shows. Now this is a toughie as I’ve no knowledge of home improvement shows at all. I tend to find them mostly boring. I did hope Harry would provide some funny and educational insights into them.

And I did get a few chuckles out of watching the episode, but with my lack of knowledge about how home improvement shows are supposed to work, it was difficult to connect with them. Sometimes some of the ‘funny’ bits Harry tried to point out in home improvements shows are on the repetitive.

For example, there were a lot of ‘state of the art’ repetitions about what people wanted in terms of achieving their goals in doing home maintenance and such. Sometimes that got too repetitive and on my nerves that I at one point went “Shut up!” to the TV screen. 😀 Thankfully it didn’t last very long.

One moment where I did laugh out loud was when punters were commenting on how much they hated the wall colour inside somebody’s house(s) in an edition of ‘Changing Rooms’ before we got to someone in tears before she said “It’s wonderful!” That was typical Harry Hill humour that I liked. 😀

It reminded me of when Harry was eating/drink something in ‘TV Burp’ and making out he liked it before saying “Don’t like it!” or “Hmm, hmm, horrible!” 😀 The moment when Mike Smith in ‘Toolbox’ cut through wood with a penknife and Harry made out he was his teeth were hurting was funny.

In terms of the home improvement shows themselves, as well as ‘Toolbox’ with Mike Smith, there’s also ‘Do It Yourself’ with Barry Bucknell. I commented on how I never heard of this ‘legendary’ person before Harry Hill stated that he’d never heard of him either. I found that funny watching this.

I have heard of a show called ‘Homes Under The Hammer’ even though I’ve never seen it and there was a latest show called ‘Grand Designs’ which I’ve never heard of or seen before. Interestingly, the 1980s show ‘On the House’ was presented by Pattie Coldwell who did ‘Open Air’ for BBC1 one time.

I know that because an edition of ‘Open Air’ is on ‘The Trial of a Time Lord’ DVD/Blu-ray for ‘Doctor Who’. 😀 It was funny when Harry pointed out Pattie Coldwell wasn’t always selling the show well when she said things like “You’re going to hate our programme today!” I couldn’t help laugh at that.

I did think at times that Harry Hill included some unnecessary sexual innuendos in the episode when it came to knocking a nail into word and when a door entered a padlock or something. Even Harry got complaints from ‘viewers’ at the end of the episode on the telephone. I might be one of them. 😀

It was funny when seeing presenters Martin Roberts and Lucy Alexander on ‘Homes Under The Hammer’ that Martin looks longingly at Lucy after he’s finished talking. He like does that the instant he’s finished talking. It’s also amusing when a theme tune for the ‘estate agents’ gets played in the show.

My Mum and I found it funny about the ‘open plan’ toilet on the landing in one of the editions of ‘Homes Under The Hammer’. 😀 Overall, the home improvement episode of ‘Harry Hill’s World of TV’ was decent enough. I don’t know much of the genre, but I get a few chuckles watching this episode.

I can’t say ‘Harry Hill’s World of TV’ has been a winner over ‘TV Burp’. I’d rather see repeats of old ‘TV Burp’ episodes. I wish Harry did an episode of ‘World of TV’ looking into the sci-fi genre or period drama genre. Maybe that’s saved for Series 2. Anyway, ‘World of TV’ was a nice distraction indeed for my parents and me to see via BBC Two. Will there be another series? We’ll have to wait and see.

I’ll be doing some quick DVD reviews on ‘Harry Hill’s TV Burp’ soon. Stay tuned! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂


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