‘BB@5 Anniversary Celebration Blog-a-Thon’ – 17:15:00

Want to know what my favourite stories from the Tom Baker era of ‘Doctor Who’ are? …

…Well, as well as ‘The Keeper of Traken’, there’s ‘Genesis of the Daleks’, ‘The Talons of Weng-Chiang’, ‘The Key to Time’ season and ‘City of Death’. ‘Genesis’ was my first fond memories of Tom Baker’s Doctor, ‘Weng-Chiang’ is considered the best of the Tom Baker/Philip Hinchcliffe era, I love all six stories of ‘The Key to Time’ season featuring Tom Baker and Mary Tamm; and I love the comedy-drama atmosphere of ‘City of Death’ provided by Douglas Adams. I’ve reviewed the TV versions and novelization/audiobook versions of these stories.


Tim. 🙂

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