‘BB@5 Anniversary Celebration Blog-a-Thon’ – 02:15:00

Let’s check out some Ninth Doctor stories in ‘Doctor Who’

…I’m looking forward to the new Big Finish audios of ‘Doctor Who’ with Christopher Eccleston coming soon in 2021. Some of the stories I’ve enjoyed with the Ninth Doctor include ‘The Oncoming Storm’ from ‘The Churchill Years – Volume 1’ box set, ‘Rose’ (both the TV version and the Target novelization/audiobook), ‘Aliens of London’/’World War Three’, ‘Dalek’, ‘The Other Side’ from ‘The Ninth Doctor Chronicles’, ‘The Empty Child’/’The Doctor Dances’, ‘Boom Town’, ‘Night of the Whisper’ from the ‘Destiny of the Doctor’ series and ‘Bad Wolf’/’The Parting of the Ways’.


Tim. 🙂

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