TV Review – ‘All’s Fair’ (All Creatures Great and Small) (2020)

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I’ve seen the fifth episode of the new ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ series being shown on Channel 5 called ‘All’s Fair’. My parents and I really are getting into this series. I feel the new series has surpassed my expectations greatly. I’ve even pre-ordered the DVD release of Series 1 on Amazon. 😀

Anyway, this episode, which is the penultimate episode by the way, has Nicholas Ralph as James acting as the attending vet for the Darrowby Show. Now this is interesting because that kind of story has been done in the original TV series, except it was done in Series 2, not Series 1 as it’s done here.

The episode in question from the 1978-1990 series was called ‘Judgement Day’. Now there were certain familiar elements I recognised from the original series episode being put in the new series episode. Except there are arguably noticeable differences in how they adapted from the book to TV!

For one thing, James and Helen aren’t married by this point as in the original episode. Another is that James seemed to fail in his duties as an attending vet for the Darrowby Show whereas here he…sort of doesn’t. The fair also takes place around Skeldale House instead of being in some field. 😐

The reason why I say that James doesn’t sort of fail in this episode as opposed to the original episode is that he stands up to the people who are trying to cheat their way into winning certain events in the Darrowby Show. This includes pony riders that believe their ponies fit the right measurements. 🙂

I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not but I like how James’ honesty comes into play by the end and he’s commended for it when he’s given a pint by someone. Even Samuel West as Siegfried and Callum Woodhouse as Tristan approve of James’ actions, despite placing bets on him earlier on.

Another difference was that Mrs. Pumphrey and Tricki-Woo weren’t in the new series version of the episode as in the original episode. I would’ve thought Mrs. Pumphrey would’ve brought Tricki-Woo to the pet competition. It would’ve meant another Diana Rigg appearance which I would’ve liked. 😀

By the way, the man who wanted the dog to be in the pet show but James wouldn’t let him in from ‘Judgement Day’ in the original series is in ‘All’s Fair’ for the new series too. Also, the boy with the goldfish who won in the original series episode also won in the new series episode.  Amazing, that! 🙂

An interesting new aspect to Siegfried’s character gets introduced in the series. It turns out, according to Anna Madeley as Mrs. Hall, that Siegfried is a widower. So, Siegfried was married one time. I don’t recall that being the case in the original series. Also Siegfried admires someone in this. 🙂

It turns out there’s a thing going on between Siegfried and Mrs. Hall’s best friend in the series. I liked the scenes between Tristan and Siegfried where the little brother encourages his big brother to pursue a relationship with Mrs. Hall’s friend, even though Siegfried is rather bitter about it in the episode.

There’s not much comedy as there was in the fourth episode in this episode here, but there are some moments that I found genuinely amusing. As well as the placing bets on James stuff, Siegfried and Tristan tend to make funny noises when giving demonstrations during tours for Skeldale House.

There’s an interesting development in the James/Helen romance plot in the series. Apparently, James discovers something wrong with Clive the cow from the previous episode and it seems that Matthew Lewis as Hugh Hulton may have lied to Rachel Shenton as Helen Alderson and her family. 😐

I don’t know if this changes anything regarding Helen and James’ relationship or whether Helen will break up with Hugh Hulton by the time we reach the end of Series 1. Come to think of it, there hasn’t been much of a romance between James and Helen in this series so far as was in the original.

‘All’s Fair’ has been a very enjoyable episode in the new ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ series! I’m very pleased my parents and I have been able to see this series on Channel 5 and I’m happy to report that the series has been renewed for a second season already. What will occur in the final episode?!

Stay tuned for my review on the sixth episode of the ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ 2020 remake called ‘A Cure For All Ills’ for my blog next week.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

2 thoughts on “TV Review – ‘All’s Fair’ (All Creatures Great and Small) (2020)

  1. Media Lover

    Great review Tim.

    I have to say that I prefer this interpretation of the competition compared to the original. The original felt rather mean-spirited in that those who gave James a hard time don’t get repercussions for their actions whereas in this one, he snaps and tells them that he was in the right. Siegfried definitely stood up to James much more as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi ML

      Glad you enjoyed my review.

      Yeah, this new series version of the Darrowby Fair episode is better than the original series version, as it’s not so mean-spirited. I suppose it depends on whether you wish to see James suffer or to stand up for himself. It works well for James here in this new series as he’s gaining the respect he needs to have in order to be a fellow resident of the Darrowby community. Yeah, I liked it when Siegfried stood up for James more in this version of the story.

      I’m looking forward to when the Christmas Special arrives. It’ll be nice to see that whenever that comes on Channel 5. 🙂

      Incidentally, I re-watched Series 4, Episode 1 of ‘Grantchester’ last night which featured Samuel West as a guest star. It was so surreal to see him in that after watching him recently in ‘All Creatures Great and Small’.

      Many thanks for your comments.

      Tim. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person


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