Quick ‘Muppets Now’ Review – ‘Socialized’

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

I’ve finished watching ‘Muppets Now’ on Disney+! I’ve greatly enjoyed this series! It’s been a nice distraction these past six weeks during these unprecedented times – please keep safe. I wouldn’t say it was as good as the original ‘Muppets’ TV show but there are some entertaining items of value.

So, how do we end this season of episodes on ‘Muppets Now’? Well, Scooter gets contacted by Robin, Kermit’s nephew – Oh he’s still around, is he? He hasn’t aged a bit! 😀 Robin makes Scooter co-moderator on the Muppets social media accounts, forcing him to deal with multiple notifications.

This is whilst he’s uploading the videos for the sixth ‘Muppets Now’ episode. I know just how Scooter feels. If I had to put up with so many notifications on Facebook, Twitter, What’s App and such, I probably have a headache from having too much to cope with. I just use Facebook with social media.

After ‘a reminder from Kermit the Frog (and Joe From Legal)’, we have our segment ‘Muppet Labs Field Test’ with Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker. This might sound obvious, but the ‘notes’ by Kermit the Frog and Joe From Legal appear before any of the ‘Muppet Labs Field Test’ sketches start.

In this segment, Honeydew and Beaker experiment with chemical reactions. This is while Joe From Legal makes sure they meet legal standards. Often at times, the experiments performed by Beaker are boring. By the end of the segment, there’s an explosive result, much to Joe From Legal’s dismay.

We then move onto ‘Økėÿ Døkęÿ Køøkïñ’ where the Swedish Chef and Marina Michelson present their unique takes on meatballs. I believe Marina Michelson happens to be a Mediterranean chef (or ‘Maven’ according to the episode). Not that I’ve heard of her, but her cooking should be interesting.

I hope Marina washed her hands before mixing up the ingredients in the meatball preparations. 😀 The Swedish Chef ended up making a giant-sized meatball that’s too big for him to carry. 😀 Seeing the Swedish Chef and Marina cooking meatballs makes me want to cook more in the kitchen now. 😀

After all, I’ve cooked spaghetti bologeneses and lasagnes from ‘The Doctor Who Cookbook’, haven’t I? 😀 Incidentally, Kermit the Frog keeps interrupting the ‘Økėÿ Døkęÿ Køøkïñ’ segment to get his lunch. I was startled by that. I wondered what Kermit was doing in that segment in the first place. 😀

We move onto ‘Mup Close and Personal’ where Fozzie Bear (Hey, Fozzie’s back) is interviewing Seth Rogen. I’ve come across Seth Rogen once before when he voiced Pumbaa in 2019’s ‘The Lion King’ film. I enjoyed Seth Rogen’s appearance with Fozzie Bear in ‘Mup Close and Personal’ very much. 😀

However, Fozzie has a problem when he has to babysit some mischievous babies at the same time. Fozzie is not very good with babysitting skills and Seth knows it. Mum and Dad told me that they liked the Fozzie interview with Seth Rogen very much. I’m very happy that they enjoyed it. 😀

Finally, we get to ‘Lifestyle with Miss Piggy’ (they call it properly this time round 😀 ) where Miss Piggy discusses ‘treating yourself’ with Uncle Deadly, Taye Diggs, Walter (Yep! He’s in this too), Esther, Mary the cow and Linda Cardellini. I hope Miss Piggy gets more of a variety of human guests in her show for Season 2.

It was funny when Miss Piggy kept having a Leaky Bucket sponsoring this episode’s ‘Lifestyle with Miss Piggy’ segment. I don’t know why Miss Piggy had a Leaky Bucket sponsor her show. I don’t think she knew either. 😀 It was funny that Esther, an elderly Muppet, couldn’t hear on Miss Piggy’s ‘Le Chat’. 😀

So there you have it! I’ve seen all of ‘Muppets Now’ and I greatly enjoyed it on Disney+. It’s not as good as previous ‘Muppet’ shows, but then again, it’s harmless entertainment enough as it is. If a Season 2 of ‘Muppets Now’ gets made for Disney+, I would definitely welcome it and hope to see it!

By the way, Mum got her wished fulfilled. Fozzie Bear did appear in this ‘Muppets Now’ episode compared to the previous one! 😀

Now, I must check out that 2015 ‘Muppets’ show on Disney+ next! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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