Quick TV Review – ‘Jodie Whittaker’ (Who Do You Think You Are?)

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My parents alerted me to this episode of the history documentary series ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ I don’t watch history documentaries shows ordinarily, but this was an exceptional case as it featured Jodie Whittaker, who I know very well for playing the Thirteenth Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’. 🙂

In this episode, Jodie investigates her family history. This was good timing for me to watch. At the time of this review, I’m revisiting Jodie Whittaker’s era of ‘Doctor Who’ on Blu-ray with Series 11 and Series 12. This is for my upcoming ‘March of the Thirteenth Doctor’ marathon review season in 2021. 🙂

I’m also currently writing a Thirteenth Doctor adventure for my ‘Zorbius’ series, which is currently scheduled for December 2020. Jodie Whittaker’s era of ‘Doctor Who’ means a lot to me and it was nice of my parents to let me know of this ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ episode that features her in it.

I’d like to share some quick thoughts on what I made of Jodie Whittaker’s episode in ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ First off, this episode as well as Series 17 of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ must’ve been recorded before the Covid-19 pandemic happened – please keep safe. I jolly well hope so here.

It was also nice to see Jodie’s parents in this episode. This is when she reunites with her parents at her original home in West Yorkshire. I’m sure her parents must be very proud of her work in shows like ‘Broadchurch’ and ‘Doctor Who’. We do see Jodie reunite with her mum twice in this episode. 🙂

It was fascinating to learn more about the actress who plays one of my favourite Doctors in ‘Doctor Who’. Jodie uncovers her family history and what she never knew of her great-grandparents and sometimes great-great grandparents from long ago. It’s a lot to take in, but it was pretty fascinating.

First, Jodie investigates her dad’s side. She looks into the romantic story which she had been told about regarding her beloved grandmother Greta and how she came to be given the middle name Verdun. Verdun was also the name of a First World War battle fought shortly before Greta was born.

Jodie discovers the truth that Greta’s eldest brother sacrificed himself in the war and it happens to be far more poignant than the family myth she was led to believe. It was interesting to see Jodie’s reaction about her Uncle Walter’s journey as a soldier and how the end for him was heart-breaking. 😦

In the second part of the episode, Jodie investigates her mum’s side of the family. She gets to the bottom of the matter of how her great-great-grandfather worked his way up from a child labourer in a Yorkshire coal mine to a mine owner. Some of the historical details for that are pretty disturbing. 😦

Jodie also learns how her great-great-grandfather’s sons kept the family’s mines open during the biggest miners’ strikes of the 1920s. In the episode, Jodie visits quite a number of universities and such to get the help she needs from history experts to provide the information on her family history.

I enjoyed it when Jodie actually went to visit a coal mine to be given more information about her great-great grandfather on her mum’s side and what happened to him in the mines. She even had to wear a miner’s helmet with a beacon on it. Her journey comes to an end once she’s at a miner’s hall.

Some of this might not to be everybody’s taste if you’re just a ‘Doctor Who’ fan, but this was very interesting for me to see and learn more about Jodie Whittaker as a person and how she investigates her family in ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ I’m grateful for the experience of seeing it. 🙂

Jodie Whittaker’s episode of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ was enjoyable to watch. Sometimes some of it is heart-breaking and moving. Sometimes some of it is fun. I enjoyed watching Jodie uncover her family history. It permits me to appreciate the actress playing the Thirteenth Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’.

I’m currently looking forward to ‘Revolution of the Daleks’ in December this year. 😀

If you want to check out the Jodie Whittaker episode of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ on BBC iPlayer, click on the current link here.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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