Quick TV Episode Review – ‘Grantchester’, Series 3, Episode 5

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After the devastating effects of the previous episode in Series 3 of ‘Grantchester’, I was expecting things to get worse. Don’t get me wrong, there are still dilemmas to be resolved, especially by the end of the fifth episode, but I didn’t find Series 3, Episode 5 as depressing as I thought it would be. 🙂

In the episode, James Norton as Sidney is on a journey to spend time apart away from Grantchester, having discarded his dog collar. He soon winds up at a gypsy camp where Mrs. Maguire’s former husband Charlie Higson as Ronnie resides. Ronnie also has the money he stole from Mrs. Maguire. 😐

A wedding celebration takes place at the camp since gypsies Alexa Davies as Luella and Ewan Mitchell as Abraham are engaged. Sidney also finds that Ronnie is a bigamist as he has another wife, Lorraine Ashbourne as the motherly Cora. Cora’s unaware that Ronnie is still married by this point. 😐

Whilst this happens, Robson Green as Geordie gets thrown out of his house by Kacey Ainsworth as Cathy, who was cheated by him since he had an affair with Seline Hizli as Margaret. Geordie tries to find Sidney. Surprised that Sidney’s gone, Geordie has Al Weaver as Leonard telling him where he is.

Back at the gypsy camp, Sidney soon finds Ronnie murdered and robbed. He calls for the police, only for Geordie to turn up moments after he made the phone call. Geordie persuades Sidney to come back to Grantchester, telling him that the village need him, but Sidney doesn’t feel he can go back. 😐

I like how the episode resolves what happened to Ronnie as the thief gets quickly discovered. Sidney also unmasks the villain just in time before someone is about to shoot someone else. It’s intriguing how the robber and the murderer are two different people. I like ‘Grantchester’ playing that notion.

I also like it when Tessa Peake-Jones as Mrs. Maguire comes to learn the truth about Ronnie. At first, she and Cora Maguire are antagonistic towards each other before they reconcile their differences since Cora has cancer. At the episode’s end, Geordie becomes very determined to save his marriage.

Sidney returns to Grantchester and also tries to patch things up with Morven Christie as Amanda. But Amanda gives an ultimatum to Sidney, saying that it’s either her or the church. I think that’s rather unfair of Amanda. Granted, Sidney left without any word but he wasn’t in a good place then.

I enjoyed the penultimate episode of Series 3 of ‘Grantchester’. I wonder how the issue between Sidney and Amanda will be resolved and whether Geordie will be able to save his marriage with Cathy. It’s going to be intriguing to see how Series 3 finishes before we get into Series 4 afterwards.

Here’s hoping my review on Series 3, Episode 6 of ‘Grantchester’ will be up next week.

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