2 Quick ‘Muppets’ Reviews – ‘Bear Left Then Bear Write’ + ‘Pig Out’ (The Muppets) (2015-16)

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

I’ve seen two episodes of ‘The Muppets’ 2015 series recently – the third and fourth ones. I’m really enjoying the series, finding the storylines more entertaining compared to how ‘Muppets Now’ turned out to be. I’d like to share what I thought about the latest ‘Muppets’ 2015 episodes I’ve seen.


The third episode of the 2015 ‘Muppets’ series has Kermit the Frog trying to spare Fozzie Bear’s feelings about a terrible sketch he’s written for the show. He does this by inadvertently convincing him to quit the show and pursue a career as a screenwriter. This wasn’t what Kermit had in mind. 😀

I like how Kermit tries to make it up to Fozzie by the end of the episode when he looks out for him in the forest, trying to persuade him to come back and work on Miss Piggy’s show. I found it very amusing when Fozzie was being interviewed at one point and he accidentally swallowed a bug then.

Miss Piggy also gets humiliated when special guest star Christina Applegate plays a prank on her on-air. This involves getting a cake in her face. Miss Piggy plans to prank Christina back with Scooter’s help. It doesn’t quite work out as planned since she gets arrested by Chris Jai Alex as a police officer.

Gonzo also tries to have a date with his online girlfriend Debbie, who doesn’t turn out to be a chicken here. I was quite surprised by that. Usually Gonzo goes for chickens. He uses Liam Hemsworth’s picture as well as himself to pursue the date with Debbie. And yes! Liam Hemsworth!!!

He’s one of Chris Hemsworth’s brother. As Thor would say “He’s adopted!” 😀 It doesn’t go to plan for Gonzo when Debbie ends up going out with Liam instead. 😀 This episode also features Chip, the I.T. guy. I’ve seen him in an episode of ‘Muppets Now’. Interesting to find him in this TV show! 🙂 Nick Offerman was in this episode too!


The fourth episode of 2015’s ‘The Muppets’ was equally fun to watch. In the episode, Miss Piggy finds out the crew of her TV show unwind at Rowlf’s Tavern at the end of the recording day. Yeah, Rowlf owns a tavern in this show. I preferred it when Rowlf’s playing the piano or when he’s Dr. Bob.

Miss Piggy gets herself invited to the night-out with the other Muppets, even though she promised Kermit she would refuse an invitation. During the night-out, Miss Piggy and the Muppets perform karaoke with Ed Helms joining them. Apparently Ed Helms and Miss Piggy know each other very well. 😐

Kermit gets annoyed the next day when everyone shows up late for next morning’s meeting. I was surprised to see Scooter without any glasses on the following day. That’s the first time I’ve seen Scooter without glasses. Kermit negotiates and Miss Piggy won’t do a night-out with Muppets again.

I laughed when Fozzie shot Statler in the audience with a T-shirt gun. It does cause Statler to be hospitalized mind. Despite Fozzie going to great lengths to make right, Statler still heckles the bear. He even puts a note in his bed to say “Sucker!” once Fozzie finds him gone. Fozzie does get annoyed.

Meanwhile, Sam the Eagle mistakenly thinks that Janice is attracted to him. That was rather funny to watch, especially when Sam notices Janice ignoring him when he’s doing karaoke and she’s interested in Ed Helms. I’m saddened it didn’t get resolved though. Sam must be an unlucky bird in love here. 😐

I had a great time watching the third and fourth episodes of the 2015 ‘Muppets’ series. These episodes are nice to sit down to, especially during tough times – please keep safe. I’m looking forward to seeing more episodes of the 2015 ‘Muppets’ show and the guest stars we have in store. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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