Quick DVD Review – ‘Harry Hill’s TV Burp – The Best Bits’

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It’s time for another ‘Harry Hill’s TV Burp’ DVD to check out! This time it’s ‘Harry Hill’s TV Burp – The Best Bits’. Or shouldn’t that be ‘Harry Hill’s TV Burp Gold 4’? I purchased the DVD on the 27th of February 2012 after it came out in 2011. I was still attending ‘Doctor Who’ conventions in that year!

Let me share with you what I enjoyed most from watching ‘The Best Bits’ of ‘Harry Hill’s TV Burp’ on this DVD. For starters, I found that scene where the sheep from ‘The World Wild Vet’ on Sky1 stole Harry’s sleeve. It was funny when Harry tried to get his sleeve back before it went too far in the end.

I enjoyed the ‘Undercover Princess’ segment from BBC Three where three real-life princesses tried to date some ordinary blokes. Harry being baffled by their names was funny and it was so hilarious when it was revealed that the ‘too pink’ man on Table 1 for one of the princesses was Mr. Blobby! 😀

The ‘Mushroom Lover’ song by Harry was amusing too. 😀 I did find it funny when Harry made a meal of “You don’t have to say that wasn’t, just don’t say that she was” or whatever they said in ‘Coronation Street’. Even Harry playing that monkey on one of the characters’ backs was amusing. 😀

It was also very funny when David Dimbleby presented to us a museum piece of a tiger attacking a soldier in ‘Seven Ages of Britain’ on BBC One. The tiger and the human soldier making funny weird noises were played to great effect once Harry reacted to tiger footage with the same weird noises. 🙂

Harry Hill did make fun of Anthea Turner on her BBC Three show ‘Anthea Turner: Perfect Housewife’ which involved taking pictures with a Polaroid camera. Harry Hill even dressed up as Anthea Turner to mock her. It was gratifying when Anthea Turner ‘got her own back’ on Harry Hill in ‘TV Burp’ itself.

I wasn’t sure about artistic director Louis Spencer from ‘Pineapple Dance Studios’ on Sky1 doing his take on ‘Cats’. Not that I’ve seen ‘Cats’ mind you, but Louis’ take has got to better than the 2019 movie. 😀 It was funny when Louis danced to lively music, whether it was played in his show or ‘TV Burp’. 😀

It was funny when Gennie of ‘Emmerdale’ wondered what blind date she was going to have – whether it’d be Daniel Craig or Harry Hill. I found that funny as it built up to the ‘FIGHT!!!’ halfway through the future. Could Daniel Craig and Harry Hill’s fight compete to the upcoming ‘No Time To Time’? 😀

The sketch where Harry gets a chicken to type up an e-mail on a laptop following Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s Channel 4 show ‘Chickens, Hugh and Tesco Too’ was amusing. It was funny when Harry read out that e-mail the chicken typed up as it was all ‘chicken language’ with clucks and such.

That sketch that Harry does of a fictional Channel 4 show called ‘Sausages, Hugh and Freedom Too’ was funny and off-putting at the same time. Harry dresses up as Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and provides his ‘humane’ way of cooking sausages since ‘sausages have feelings too’. Not sure here. 😐

The Queen Vic bust scenes and sketches from ‘EastEnders’ were funny too. This is especially when Harry wanted the Queen Vic bust himself since it was clearly not wanted. It’s also funny when the Queen Vic bust grew a pair of legs herself and it can dance pretty well. You can see that on YouTube.

The feature ends with Harry Hill getting involved with a interrogation of a nasty girl who spat in a police officer’s face during an episode of ‘The Bill’. Usually a ‘TV Burp’ episode ends with a song and dance number, but one must’ve ended with Harry Hill interacting with the characters on ‘The Bill’. 😀

The DVD extras featured on ‘Harry Hill’s TV Burp – The Best Bits’ include ‘classic sketches’ and ‘outtakes’. I enjoyed the ‘outtakes’ more than I enjoyed the ‘classic sketches’ which some of them are unfamiliar to me. Though the ‘Burger Barry’ sketch and the ‘Titanic Iceberg’ sketch was amusing!

I am coming to the end of my ‘Harry Hill’s TV Burp’ DVD reviews, but I have enjoyed revisiting them lately. ‘Harry Hill’s TV Burp – The Best Bits’ was very entertaining to watch. I wish they called it ‘Harry Hill’s TV Burp Gold 4’ instead though and I wish ‘Harry Hill’s TV Burp’ was still being shown on TV today. 😀

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂


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