Quick ‘Muppets’ Review – ‘The Ex-Factor’ (The Muppets) (2015-16)

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

I’ve seen another episode of ‘The Muppets’ 2015 series recently. I enjoyed ‘The Ex-Factor’ very much, especially since it made me laugh at certain comedic moments, e.g. Scooter saying painting with the colour orange makes Kermit look like he’s painting a…a…a…an orange. I just found it funny!

It’s a shame that Fozzie Bear wasn’t in the episode though. Anyway, in ‘The Ex-Factor’, Kermit the Frog asks for some advice from Miss Piggy on what to get for Denise’s birthday, who happens to be Kermit’s current girlfriend. And I’ve got to be honest; Denise is actually a nicer pig than Miss Piggy. 🙂

Yeah sure, Denise can embarrass herself a bit especially when she meets Kristin Chenoweth as one of Miss Piggy’s guest stars on ‘Up Late with Miss Piggy’, but at least she’s not bossy like Miss Piggy. I didn’t know Kermit was dating another pig called Denise before watching the 2015 ‘Muppets’ show.

I don’t think Miss Piggy approves. And I don’t think Kermit should’ve asked Miss Piggy on advice with what to get for Denise’s birthday. Like seriously, a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers wasn’t difficult to get for Denise’s birthday. I know it had to be an extra-special birthday present, but still. 😐

Meanwhile, after Kristen Chenoweth appears on ‘Up Late with Miss Piggy’, she agrees to perform a gig at the anniversary of Floyd Pepper’s parents. But it causes a rift between the Electric Mayhem members when they’re driving out to Floyd’s place. I don’t think Kristen is to blame for that rift here.

Also, how unfair it is for the Electric Mayhem band to leave Kristen stranded out in the middle of nowhere. I hope she got a taxi or hitched a ride with someone to get back home. Going back to Kermit getting Denise a present, I really think that painting of him and her on a plate was very good.

I don’t know why Scooter had to have it thrown away in the bin. 😐 I look forward to watching a ‘Muppets’ episode each week on Disney+ nowadays. I’m 6 of the 16 episodes in already. They’re just so nice and relaxing to sit down to. I’m sure I’ll be seeing ‘Muppet’ episodes when Christmas comes.

Incidentally, my review on the first episode of ‘The Mandalorian’, Season 2 will be coming soon.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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