Quick ‘Mandalorian’ Review – ‘Chapter 12: The Siege’

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I revisited ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ recently and I’m currently on Chapter 22 of the ‘Star Wars’ book ‘Heir to the Empire’ by Timothy Zahn. I’ve also seen the latest episode of ‘The Mandalorian’ series on Disney+ called ‘Chapter 12: The Siege’. I greatly enjoyed the episode, finding it intense and dramatic.

The episode is penned by Jon Favreau once again and this time it’s directed by Carl Weathers, who plays Greef Karga in ‘The Mandalorian’. I had no idea Carl Weathers was a director as well as an actor. His directing talents certainly show in this episode since he’s able to deliver action and drama.

In the episode, the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda head for the planet Nevarro to have their ship, the Razor Crest, get proper repairs. On Nevarro, they reunite with their friends Carl Weathers as Greef Karga and Gina Carano as Cara Dune. It’s nice to see them again. I wondered when they’d return. 😀

They’ve turned the planet around since the last time the Mandalorian saw them. Cara is now the marshal of the planet whilst Greef is the magistrate. Whilst Mando’s ship gets repaired, he agrees to help Cara and Greef with destroying some old Imperial base which is on the other side of the planet.

Baby Yoda gets left behind in a new school built on Nevarro where it’s hoped he’ll be kept safe. I’m glad he was safe in the end since I wouldn’t like to think Mando left him to be kidnapped by enemy agents. It was amusing that Baba Yoda endeavoured to steal sweets from a pupil with Force powers.

He became sick in the end when Mando flew up high in the sky whilst rescuing his friends from TIE fighters. I knew Baby Yoda shouldn’t have taken too many sweets. 😀 This episode also features the return of Horatio Sanz as the unnamed Mythrol, the blue alien who was briefly in the first episode. 🙂

Yeah, do you remember him? He was the alien Mando captured from some planet in the first episode and froze him in carbon. I didn’t expect to see him come back in this season. I liked how we were given a recap before this episode to previous episodes to remind audiences what happened. 🙂

Mando, Cara, Greef and the Mythrol end up infiltrating the base which happens to have more than just a skeleton crew and it has Stormtroopers patrolling the corridors. Again, it seems very odd to see Empire members still about when the Empire should have gone by the time of ‘Return of the Jedi’. 😐

Then again, this could all be the origins for the First Order being formed in the sequels trilogy. I’m not sure. Anyway, our heroes deactivate the lava cooling system so that natural lava can flow up and destroy the base. This works out fine. Before they escape, they come across this shocking revelation.

They find a chamber filled with vats of what appears to be cloned bodies. What could this mean? This episode also features the return of Omid Abtahi as Dr. Pershing, who was in the previous season. Our heroes see a message recorded by him on what he’s being doing with the Child’s blood.

The rest of the episode features compelling action sequences where Mando escapes trying to get back to Baby Yoda whilst Cara, Greef and the Mythrol steal a Stormtrooper transport to get away from some Stormtroopers on speeder bikes chasing after them. I found the chase sequence thrilling.

I like how Cara drove the transport at full speed whilst Greef does his best to shoot Stormtroopers on speeder bikes down as well as TIE fighters who unfortunately disable the transport’s cannon. Thankfully, as I said earlier, Mando saves his friends by gunning down the TIE fighters with his ship. 🙂

Mando’s ship is fully repaired and he and Baby Yoda are off to track down Ahsoka Tano. But unbeknown to them, Mando’s ship has been bugged with a tracking beacon on behalf of the Empire. Giancarlo Esposito as Moff Gideon is made aware of this and he plans to track Mando’s ship down. 😐

‘Chapter 12: The Siege’ has been a very enjoyable instalment in ‘The Mandalorian’ series. I enjoyed the chase sequence and it was great to see Cara and Greef make an appearance. I wonder what will happen in the next episode, now that the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda have been recently bugged. 😐

Stay tuned for my review on ‘Chapter 13: The Jedi’ in ‘The Mandalorian’ next week.

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Chapter 5

On Earth, Timelord007 is waiting in Wolfie’s office. The Mandalorian is searching the place. They arrived to find no sign of Wolfie in his base of operations. Timelord notices that Wolfie’s computer is still on, with e-mails pinging every minute and being unanswered!

 Timelord007 looks up to see the Mandalorian entering the office.

Mandalorian: “It’s no good. I can’t find any trace of him. Are you sure you’re not getting anything from him on your…mobile communications device?”

Timelord007: “No. Either he’s being very difficult or just isn’t able to answer my calls.”

Mandalorian: “It’s most strange. The Razor Crest’s computer trackers indicated that his life-signs would be here. Unless of course, the recent repairs to my ship have worn out again!”

Timelord007: “Your ship’s a piece of junk, Mando.”

Mandalorian: (tells off) “Enough of that.” (Pause; slightly anxious) “This is most disturbing. If we cannot find this person called Wolfie who is our contact, then Tim Bradley will have to be sustained in that life-support chamber for a while longer. And we’re running out of time. We’re only halfway through my second season on Disney+.”

Timelord007: “Yeah! Episode Four was another filler episode, wasn’t it? You do have an overall story arc, don’t you?”

Mandalorian: “I hope the kid’s alright back on the planet where we left him with Tim.”

The Mandalorian looks at Timelord007 suspiciously.

Timelord007: “What?”

Mandalorian: “You didn’t leave the kid with any calorific treats before we left, did you?”

Timelord007: “Calorific treats? You mean chocolate?”

Just then, someone beams into Wolfe’s office. The Mandalorian and Timelord007 look to the person and stand on guard.

Mandalorian: “Who is this? Identify yourself!”

Timelord007: (shocked) “You!”

Whiskeybrewer: “Hey there, Chinlord! Miss me?”

Timelord007: “Whiskeybrewer, what are you doing here?”

Mandalorian: “Is this a friend of yours, Timelord? Or shall I kill him?”

Timelord007: “Kill him, yeah. He never stops insulting my groovy man chin.”

Whiskeybrewer: (amazed) “Oh my… Is this…? Are you the Mandalorian?!”

Mandalorian: “I am, yes.”

Timelord007:  “Oh no! Don’t encourage him, Mando. He’s going to freak out…”

Whiskeybrewer: (exclaims) “This is so amazing!!! I’m such a fan boy of yours, Mando! Your show on Disney+ is great!” (to Timelord007) “Timelord, how did you meet up with this guy?”

Timelord007:  “Yep, I was right. He’s freaking out. Can we get some Prozac for Whiskeybrewer please?

Whiskeybrewer: (puzzled) “Wait, hang on. Is this one of Tim Bradley’s things? He’s doing a review on a ‘Mandalorian’ episode and he’s got this weird storyline going on where you and I are involved, Timelord?”

Timelord007: “Yeah. Tim is going through his ‘Steven Moffat plot arcs that make no sense’ phase, so I’m just making up my dialogue as I go along.”

Mandalorian: “So you know our client and ally, Tim Bradley.”

Whiskeybrewer: “Yes.”

Mandalorian: “Very well. I shall not kill you today. Any friend of Tim Bradley’s will not be killed.”

Whiskeybrewer: “Phew! What a relief!” (Pause) “Hang on!” (to Timelord007) “Timelord, what’s all this about? What are you doing here in Wolfie’s office?”

Timelord007: “I don’t know what all this is about. Tim hasn’t written next week’s script yet. All I know is that Tim’s in trouble with someone called Francis. He’s after me too. Mando and I came here to find Wolfie in order to find out who this Francis person is.”

Whiskeybrewer: “I see. This is very weird.”

Timelord007: “How come you’re here anyway, Whiskey?”

Whiskeybrewer: “I came here to find out what happened to Wolfie. Why he wouldn’t answer my e-mails. I didn’t expect to find you and Mando here.”

Timelord007: “Hmm! I sense a conspiracy going on here. A puppet-master controlling a bizarre game and we’re his puppets. They must be fought.”

Just then, gunfire shoots out all over the place.

Whiskeybrewer: “What’s going on?! Are we under attack?!”

Mandalorian: (barks) “Everyone, get down! Take cover!”

The Mandalorian, Timelord007 and Whiskeybrewer take cover as they hide behind some boxes in Wolfie’s office.

They look up to see Stormtroopers entering the office, opening fire with their rifles. The Mandalorian fires back with his weapon against the Stormtroopers.

Whiskeybrewer: “Stormtroopers?!”

Timelord007: “Here’s where the fun begins!”

Whiskeybrewer: “How did they get here?! What are they doing here?!”

Mandalorian: “We must keep our heads down, no matter how bizarre the situation is. We have to find a way out. Whatever you do, don’t get shot.”

But a Stormtrooper opens fire and shoots Timelord007 out for the count. Timelord gasps for breath, before he ends up collapsing to the floor in Wolfie’s office. Whiskeybrewer goes over and looks down at Timelord, seeing him unconscious. The Mandalorian keeps up the fight, firing his weapon at the Stormtroopers firing upon them.

Whiskeybrewer: “Timelord! Timelord, wake up!”

No response.

Whiskeybrewer: “Come on, Chinlord! This is no time to be sleeping about! Get up, will you?”

Still no response!

Whiskeybrewer: (panics) “Timelord! Timelord, don’t do this to me! Wake up!”

Still no response!

Whiskeybrewer: “Timelord? Timelord, can you hear me? Can you hear me? Can you hear me, Timelord!” (Pause) “Simon, can you hear me?”

But still Timelord won’t respond. Whiskeybrewer is unsure whether Timelord is just knocked out unconscious…or whether he’s dead…



2 thoughts on “Quick ‘Mandalorian’ Review – ‘Chapter 12: The Siege’

  1. Timelord 007

    I channelled my inner Second Doctor with the puppet master quote lol, Weird goings on has Deadpool changed the timeline & were all time anomalies?

    I thought this episode good but don’t feel moving the plot arc forward we should be building up to were the season going but this doesn’t seem be progressing very far & Baby Yoda becoming a gimmick yes he’s cute but start sharing the plot arcs of here these characters are heading.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      Hmm. It could be Deadpool who’s behind all of this. You’ll have to wait and see. 😀 Ah so that’s what it was. You channelling your inner Second Doctor. I thought that was who you were intimidating. 😀

      Hopefully we’ll get somewhere with Mando meeting up with Ahsoka Tano. I hope that’ll happen in the next episode. I know it’s slow-building with these characters, but I can’t help enjoy the episodes as I watch them. Hopefully the plot arcs will progress by the time we reach the season finale.

      Tim. 🙂



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