Quick ‘Muppets’ Review – ‘Swine Song’ (The Muppets) (2015-16)

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I’ve seen the eleventh episode of ‘The Muppets’ 2015 series called ‘Swine Song’. Although, shouldn’t this be the 2015-2016 series as this episode was shown in February 2016 after the previous episode ‘Single All The Way’ got shown in December 2016. It feels like the start of the show’s second season.

This is especially with the show’s new title sequence. Anyway, the Muppet crew return from their vacation and continue working on ‘Up Late with Miss Piggy’. Miss Piggy claims to have gone through a spiritual change after she’s returned from Argentia and has adopted this Magellanic penguin chick.

It looks like one of those penguins from the movie ‘Happy Feet’. 😀 Miss Piggy names the penguin chick ‘Gloria Estefan’, much to the dismay of Uncle Deadly. Uncle Deadly has to look after Gloria. He gets annoyed when she drinks his martinis. This is especially after he ‘locked’ her up and she got out.

The president of the network for Miss Piggy’s show, June Diana Raphael as Lucy Royce, visits the Muppets and forces them to work with a consultant, Utkarsh Ambudkar as Pizza (No! It’s pronounced differently in the episode 😀 ) Pizza is meant to help the Muppets in updating the show.

But Pizza rather puts the Muppets down when he suggests implementing changes to their show and even prevents Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele from their show ‘Key & Peele’ to help them out. Keegan and Jordan warn Kermit and Miss Piggy over the consequences of working with Pizza. 😐

Soon, the Muppets tweak the show themselves, adding in more skits involving them, including a Pepe driving sketch. Kermit and Miss Piggy also perform a duet of their old song ‘In Spite of Ourselves’. It makes Kermit’s current girlfriend Denise feel awkward about her relationship with him.

‘Swing Song’ was very enjoyable to watch. I’m wondering how the series will develop in its remaining episodes when Denise tells Kermit at Rowlf’s Tavern that they should re-evaluate their relationship. I wonder if this means Kermit and Miss Piggy will get back together by the time this series has ended.

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