TV Review – ‘We Love Dad’s Army’

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2020 has been a miserable year for us all – please keep safe! I really need some ‘Dad’s Army’ to cheer me up! Those famous characters of the show you remember like Captain Mainwaring, Wilson and Jones and the famous catchphrases like “Don’t Panic!”; “We’re Doomed!” and “You Stupid Boy!”

I’ve had a chance to watch the Christmas Specials of ‘Dad’s Army’ lately in December. My parents and I have also seen the new Channel 5 documentary called ‘We Love Dad’s Army’. This is a lovely documentary featuring anecdotes and comments from celebrities who love the comedy TV show. 😀

The documentary was about 90 minutes in total with commercial breaks in-between because it was on Channel 5. It was narrated by Stephen Mangan (I had no idea) who played Dirk Gently in the BBC4 ‘Dirk Gently’ series as well as voiced Postman Pat in ‘Postman Pat: The Movie’. He’s a good narrator!

The documentary also had celebrities like Christopher Biggins, Jonathan Ross, Eamonn Holmes, and Al Murray being interviewed on what they liked about the show ‘Dad’s Army’, sharing their favourite characters, catchphrases and episodes. It was lovely to hear them talk about the ‘Dad’s Army’ show!

Clearly the interviews were done in the celebrities’ homes since this documentary must’ve been made during the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s amazing how the documentary was put together with the interviewees being at home. It shows how dedicated people are making new documentaries in 2020.

It was amazing to see Caroline Dowdeswell being interviewed in the documentary. She played Janet King, the female worker at Mainwaring’s bank in Series 1 of ‘Dad’s Army’. I wondered why she didn’t appear in more episodes of the show and it was intriguing to hear the behind-the-scenes reasons. 😐

Ian Lavender, who played Private Pike in ‘Dad’s Army’, was also interviewed for the documentary, although we don’t get to see him as it’s audio only. I imagine Ian Lavender wasn’t able to use video cam technology for his interview. It’s a shame but I’m glad he got interviewed for this documentary.

It was also amazing to see Kevin McNally, who played Mainwaring in the 2019 remake of the ‘Dad’s Army: Lost Episodes’ from Series 2 as well as Tracy-Ann Oberman, who played Mrs. Pike in the 2019 remake, being interviewed. It’s very nice the 2019 remake episodes and the 2016 film got mentioned.

Don’t know why the 1971 film didn’t get mentioned, but at least we got to see footage of the ‘Dad’s Army’ stage from 1975. It was nice Stephen Lowe, son of Arthur Lowe, Robin Le Mesurier, son of John Le Mesurier and Jonathan Pertwee, son of Bill Pertwee, being interviewed in the documentary.

There were also archive interviews of director/producer/writer David Croft, writer Jimmy Perry, and actors John Laurie, Arthur Lowe, Bill Pertwee, Clive Dunn, John Le Mesurier and Arnold Ridley being interviewed. Some of the archive interviews I have not seen before anywhere else on a DVD release.

It was lovely to see how the ‘We Love Dad’s Army’ documentary celebrated the show in all its glory, including how it’s continued to have a long-lasting legacy even after it finished in 1977. I still love ‘Dad’s Army’ to this day and I’m so happy to keep on revisiting it whether on DVD or on BBC iPlayer.

In troubled times as we live in now; you can always rely upon ‘Dad’s Army’ to give you a smile whether you watch an episode or Christmas Special at this time of year. I’m very happy to have seen ‘We Love Dad’s Army’ on Channel 5. It’s nice to watch it before Christmas time to keep me cheerful.

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2 thoughts on “TV Review – ‘We Love Dad’s Army’

  1. Media Lover

    Great review Tim.

    I caught a few minutes of this on Channel 5 and though it was quite enjoyable.

    I have decided to view all three Dad’s Army Christmas specials on DVD as well the Christmas with the Stars sketches. I also intend on watching Christmas specials for the Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park and Blackadder.

    I wonder when Dad’s Army will get a Blu-Ray release like Fawlty Towers did.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi ML

      Glad you enjoyed my review.

      Hope you enjoy the ‘Dad’s Army’ Christmas Specials and the Christmas with the Stars sketches. I certainly did when I saw them again on DVD. I hope you’ll enjoy your other favourite Christmas Specials this year too.

      Hmm, it would be nice if ‘Dad’s Army’ got re-released on Blu-ray. Don’t know why that hasn’t been done yet. Had no idea ‘Fawlty Towers’ was on Blu-ray. Thanks for telling me that, ML.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the documentary. Glad you enjoyed what you saw of it. It’s currently available on My5 I believe.

      Tim. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person


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