Quick Disney Review – ‘Pluto’s Christmas Tree’

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After sharing my DVD reviews on Disney‘s ‘Countdown to Christmas’ and after revisiting ‘Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas’ on Disney+, my parents and I revisited another classic Disney cartoon called ‘Pluto’s Christmas Tree’! This was before we saw the Christmas film ‘Noelle’ on Disney+ last Friday. 🙂

I love ‘Pluto’s Christmas Tree’! I used to watch this cartoon on VHS as part of a Christmas collection of Disney cartoons many years ago. The cartoon has Pluto the dog of course with his owner Mickey Mouse as well as Chip ‘n Dale the chipmunks. There are also cameos of Donald, Goofy and…Mickey?

Or is it Minnie? I think it is Minnie otherwise if there are two Mickeys; that would be confusing. The cartoon has Mickey and Pluto collecting a Christmas tree. But Chip ‘n Dale get caught up in their Christmas tree hunting. Mickey and Pluto bring their Christmas tree home and they soon decorate it.

Once they’ve decorated the tree, trouble ensues with Pluto discovering the chipmunks. It’s funny to see the antics of Pluto discovering the chipmunks and trying to get at them without Mickey realising. It’s not on the same level of cartoon slapstick as Tom and Jerry, but it’s still pretty amusing to watch.

I always remember this cartoon for Pluto ruining the Christmas tree when he tries to get at the chipmunks inside and Mickey tries to stop him but failing miserably. The cartoon ends with Mickey, Pluto and the chipmunks seeing Donald, Goofy and Minnie outside while they sing ‘Deck the Halls’. 🙂

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Tim. 🙂

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