Quick ‘Mandalorian’ Review – ‘Chapter 16: The Rescue’

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Wow! Time has flown by! I can’t believe Season 2 of ‘The Mandalorian’ is over! I wish we could go back in time and re-watch the series again as I’ve greatly enjoyed it. That could account for the season finale of Season 2 of ‘The Mandalorian’ being very satisfying, featuring some nice surprises. 🙂

As well as seeing ‘Chapter 16: The Rescue’ in ‘The Mandalorian’ series, I’ve also revisited ‘Return of the Jedi’ on DVD recently. I hope to watch the ‘Empire of Dreams’ making-of documentary sometime soon. I’m also currently in the middle of and enjoying ‘Dark Force Rising’ of the Thrawn book trilogy.

‘Chapter 16: The Rescue’ is by showrunner Jon Favreau and is directed by Peyton Reed. This happens to be Peyton Reed’s second association with ‘The Mandalorian’ as he directed the Season 2 episode ‘Chapter 10: The Passenger’. He’s also helmed ‘Ant-Man’ and ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ in the ‘MCU’.

In the episode, an Imperial shuttle carrying Omid Abtahi as Dr. Pershing gets disabled by Boba Fett’s ship Slave 1. Pedro Pascal as the Mandalorian and Gina Carano as Cara Dune board it. I loved it when Gina Carno shot that pilot in the face as he was so nasty. You really want to punch him in the face! 😀

Very soon, Mando and Temuera Morrison as Boba Fett visit Katee Sackhoff as Bo-Katan Kryze and Mercedes Varnado as Koska Reeves from ‘Chapter 11: The Heiress’ at a cantina. Mando asks for Bo-Katan and Koska’s help to rescue Baby Yoda/Grogu. After some quarrelling, Bo-Katan agrees to help.

Mind you, Bo-Katan wishes to get the darksaber weapon that Moff Gideon has in his possession. Dr. Pershing also helps by warning Mando’s group of rescuers that Gideon’s cruiser is defended by Dark Troopers. Mando’s team use Pershing’s shuttle to get to the cruiser as Fett pretends to attack them.

Mando and his team manage to get into the cruiser and they soon fight through a number of stormtroopers. Bo-Katan, Kosha, Cara Dune and Ming-Na Wen as Fennec Shand lead the fight against the stormtroopers. Mando goes off to find the Dark Troopers and seal them off in an airlock.

The fight Mando has with one Dark Trooper is very intense as these are like all pure-droids with no organic components inside. Almost like Cybermen in ‘Doctor Who’! 😀 Mando manages to use his beskar spear in order to impale one Dark Trooper before he ejects the others into a nearby airlock. 🙂

Eventually, he enters a cell where he confronts Giancarlo Espoisto as Moff Gideon who holds Baby Yoda/Grogu hostage with the darksaber. There’s soon a fight between Mando and Gideon when Gideon breaks his word for allowing Mando to take the child. Fortunately, Mando defeats Gideon. 🙂

Unfortunately, Bo-Katan can’t claim the darksaber freely from Mando as she has to fight him for it. The current holder of the darksaber would give him or her the claim to rule Mandalore. We don’t see Bo-Katan trying to fight Mando to claim the darksaber, so I do wonder how that will be resolved.

The Dark Troopers soon return (goodness they’re relentless, aren’t they?) as they try to break in through the blast doors of the bridge which have been sealed shut by Mando and his heroes. But very soon, help arrives as an X-wing containing a certain Jedi comes and destroys the Dark Troopers.

This Jedi happens to be…Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker! Ha! Called it! I guessed Luke would make an appearance in ‘The Mandalorian’ series in my ‘Chapter 13: The Jedi’ review. And yes, that is Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in the episode despite him being de-aged. I am glad he was in this episode!

R2-D2 also makes an appearance in the episode. Aww, nice to see him! The episode ends on a pretty emotional note where Mando gives his permission for Baby Yoda/Grogu to go with Luke. Mando even removes his helmet for Baby Yoda/Grogu to see him before he goes. Such a touching ending! 🙂

But wait! There’s more. There’s a post-credits scene where Boba Fett and Fennec kill several guards as well as Bib Fortuna, taking the throne of Jabba the Hut’s Palace on Tatooine. Hang on, wait a minute! I just realised something. How come Boba Fett survived that ‘death’ in ‘Return of the Jedi’?!

Anyway, that post-credits scene is to promote the new ‘Star Wars’ series coming up called ‘The Book of Boba Fett’, which is due to be released in December 2021. That sounds pretty exciting. I wonder though if there’ll be a third season of ‘The Mandalorian’ being made. I hope Mando’s tale isn’t over.

Overall, ‘The Mandalorian’ has been a great ‘Star Wars’ series to watch on Disney+! I’m glad I’ve seen Seasons 1 and 2 of the series this year and I hope to revisit it again sometime soon. The storytelling and the characters have been great to watch and Season 2 does end on a very high note.

Happy Christmas everyone! 🙂

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Chapter 9

At ‘Bradley’s Basement’ headquarters, Tim, Timelord007 and the Mandalorian continue to be lowered into the carbonite freezing chamber by Mirror Tim who laughs away maniacally whilst he’s at the controls. The Wolfie carbonite statue still stands nearby.

Mirror Tim: (laughs gleefully) “Oh this is delicious! My vengeance will be satisfied! The haters of ‘The Last Jedi’ will die! COWABUNGA!!!”

Mirror Tim laughs away crazily whilst Tim, Timelord and Mando are being lowered.

Mandalorian: “I’m getting sick of hearing the sound of that voice!”

Tim: “Hey! I take that very personally!”

Timelord007: “It’s his way! Get it? This is the way…his way…”

Tim and the Mandalorian give shrewd looks at Timelord.

Timelord007: “Okay, I’ll stop talking.”

But just as Tim, Timelord and Mando are about to be frozen up in carbonite, the power shuts down instantly. Silence ensues. Baffled by what just happened, Mirror Tim presses the controls to try and start the procedure again. But it’s no good. Mirror Tim thumps his fists angrily at the controls when they won’t respond.

Mirror Tim: (impatiently) “Work! Work, you stupid thing!”

Mandalorian: (relieved) “Thank goodness for that!”

Mirror Tim: (angrily) “What’s happening?! WHY WON’T THIS THING WORK?!!!”

Timelord007: (taunts) “Oh dear! Has someone thrown a spanner in the works?”

Mirror Tim: “Shut up, you three! Just shut up!”

Tim: “It’s over, ‘other me’! We have the high ground!”

The Mandalorian and Timelord007 give strange looks at Tim once he said that.

Tim: “It’s the only piece of dialogue I can come up with!”

Timelord007 shakes his head.

Timelord007: “Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.”

Mirror Tim: (through gritted teeth; angrily) “Why won’t this thing work?! Come on! Come on, you stupid contraption! Answer to me! ANSWER TO ME!!!”

But Mirror Tim’s banging on the controls doesn’t do much to help. Unaware of what’s behind him; Mirror Tim soon gets banged on the head by a metal canister falling on top of him. Mirror Tim is knocked out cold as he falls to floor unconscious. A moment of silence ensues.

Mandalorian: (relieved) “I’m glad he didn’t see that coming.”

Timelord007: “I believe that is what’s called karma.”

Tim: “But who knocked him out unconscious?”

Just then, baby gurgles echo nearby.

Tim, Timelord007 and Mando look to see Baby Yoda/Grogu a few metres away. He just used his Force powers to knock out Mirror Tim with a metal canister. Baby Yoda/Grogu relaxes once he’s knocked Mirror Tim out.

Tim: (amazed) “Baby Yoda! I mean…Grogu!”

Timelord007: “You saved ‘Star Wars’ and now you saved us!”

Mandalorian: (pleased) “Thanks kid. It’s good to see you.”

Baby Yoda/Grogu gurgles happily in response.

Tim: (puzzled) “But wait a minute. He was locked up in Whiskeybrewer’s TARDIS.”

Whiskeybrewer: (from a distance) “Yes. And I just unlocked my TARDIS so that he can come out.”

Tim, Timelord007 and the Mandalorian look to see Whiskeybrewer entering the room, coming after Baby Yoda/Grogu.

Timelord007: (bitterly) “You! You traitor!”

Tim: (eagerly) “Whiskeybrewer! Help us! Set us free!”

Mandalorian: (astonished) “You’re trusting our lives to this man?”

Timelord007: (disappointed) “You mean I can’t chin him?”

Tim: “We can debate about this later! Unless you two really want to be frozen in carbonite!” (to Whiskeybrewer) “Whiskey, you are on our side again, aren’t you?”

Whiskeybrewer: “Yes. Yes I am. That other you Tim was going to kill you three. I couldn’t let him do that. Not after all we’ve been through. What with the ‘Avengers’ double bill reviews we did and everything.”

Tim: “Then it’s settled. Quickly! Help us out of these cubicles!”

Whiskeybrewer: “Right you are!”

With that, Whiskeybrewer helps to unlock Tim, Timelord007 and the Mandalorian out of their cubicles.

 After being set free, the four attend to their situation.

Tim: “Right! Mando and Timelord! You get Wolfie out of the carbonite he’s in. He’ll suffer hibernation sickness once he’s out and be blind for a bit, but hopefully he should be alright.”

Mandalorian: “Understood.”

Tim picks up Baby Yoda/Grogu from the floor, cradling him in his arms.

Tim: “Grogu, Whiskey and I will keep an eye on the other me. He’ll regain consciousness soon and we want to make sure he doesn’t imprison or torture us and anyone else ever again.”

Timelord007: “You’re still not going to trust Whiskey here after all he’s done…”

Tim: (interjects) “Of course I am, Timelord. There’s been enough anger already. It’s time for forgiveness as far as I’m concerned. You should do the same.”

Timelord007: “God forgives; Timelord doesn’t. No second chances, I’m that sort of a man.”

Tim: “Timelord! Go and help Mando get Wolfie out of that carbonite now!”

Timelord007: (grudgingly) “Very well.”

Tim: “Oh and Timelord! Have your mobile phone on! I’ll need you to make a call to someone!”

Timelord007:  “Well, make sure it’s a local call.”

Tim: “All in good time. I’ll explain later. Get Wolfie out of that carbonite quickly!”

Timelord007: (grumbles) “What am I, the hired help today? Do you want your shoes cleaned while I’m at it? Or better yet, shove a broom up me bum and I’ll sweep the floor while I do all these other tasks?”

With that, Timelord goes off to help Mando to get Wolfie out of his carbonite. Tim holds Baby Yoda/Grogu in his arms whilst he and Whiskeybrewer keep watch on Mirror Tim lying unconscious on the floor.

Tim: “What about that offer the ‘other me’ gave you, Whiskey? About being in a parallel universe away from Covid-19 and being able to move about freely working in a pub. Wasn’t that offer tempting enough?”

Whiskeybrewer: “Oh trust me, Tim, it was very tempting.” (Pause) “But I would rather have you, Timelord, Mando, Wolfie and everyone else joining me in a parallel universe away from Covid-19 rather than have it be just me. I would want my friends to join me in a parallel universe to avoid Covid-19. I don’t want to be alone. That would just plain hurt and be dull indeed.”

Tim: (gradually; satisfied) “Good. I’m glad to hear you say that, Whiskey.”

Whiskeybrewer: “Besides, if it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have been able to solve the mystery of your ‘Francis’ interloper on your blog. As well as me setting Grogu free to stop Mirror Tim from carbonating you, Timelord and Mando.”

Tim: “Yeah. I suppose there’s some truth to that.”

As Tim and Whiskeybrewer become slightly amused, the noise of a thud echoes nearby. Tim and Whiskeybrewer turn to look.

Mandalorian: “It’s alright! We’ve done it! We’ve set Wolfie free! He’s been de-carbonated.”

Whiskeybrewer: (surprised) “That was quick work!”

Timelord007: “We’re professionals. We do this for a living.”

Tim: “Let’s have a look.”

But before Tim goes over to join Mando and Timelord, he passes Boby Yoda/Grogu over to Whiskeybrewer for him to hold.

Tim: “Whiskey, you stay here and keep watch over ‘other me’. Don’t let him out of your sight. And look after Grogu for me, will you?”

Whiskeybrewer: “Will do!”

With that, Tim goes over to join Mando and Timelord. They help the now de-carbonted Wolfie up to his feet as he’s disorientated and dishevelled from his carbonite hibernation.

Tim: “Wolfie? Can you hear me? Wolfie, are you alright?”

Wolfie: (disorientated; puzzled) “I’m hearing voices. That’s new…”

Timelord007: “Hello, old friend.”

Wolfie: (disorientated; puzzled) “One, two… I know that voice! Voices… Timelord…”

Wolfie suddenly realises and panics, as he puts Timelord007 between him and Tim.

Wolfie: “Timelord, step away from Tim! I think he’s gone rather mad! Tried to freeze me in carbonite! In fact, I’m almost positive I’ve been frozen in carbonite! I’ve been… well, carbonated! Like a soda. Which sounds mad and it is, and I desperately don’t want it to happen again! Everything’s going to taste like copper and welding sparks for weeks!”

Timelord007: (reassuringly) “It’s okay, Wolfie! Trust me! Let the real Tim explain. After all, he did write the script.”

Tim: “It’s true, Wolfie! That person you thought was me is from a parallel universe. He’s been running my blog, masquerading and fooling you all this time since you’ve been in contact with him. He recently tried to kill me, Timelord and the Mandalorian by freezing us in carbonite instead of keeping us alive.”

Wolfie: “…The Mandalorian?”

Mandalorian: “That’s right. Hello, Wolfie. Nice to finally meet you at last.”

Wolfie rubs the bruise on his head.

Wolfie: (baffled) “Nice to meet you… Have I gone mad? Is that the problem here?”

Whilst Mando tries to explain to Wolfie what’s been happening, Tim turns to Timelord.

Tim: “Timelord? Have you got your phone on?”

Timelord007: “What is it about my phone? Never Mando’s phone or the traitor’s phone! Nah we’ll use up Timelord’s minutes instead.”

Tim: “It’s because you got the contact’s number I want you to call. I want you to make a call to him. For him to hear our conversation with Mirror Me when he wakes up! Tell our contact he must keep his phone on at all times and not switch it off.”

Timelord007: “Tim, do I look like a personal secretary to you?”

Tim: (ignores Timelord007) “Then tell him…tell him that what he has to hear…may prove beneficial indeed.”


A short while later, Mirror Tim wakes up to see Tim, the Mandalorian, Timelord007, Whiskeybrewer holding Baby Yoda/Grogu and Wolfie looking down at him. Mirror Tim slowly gets up from the floor, trying to recover his wits.

Mirror Tim: “You cannot stop me! The five of you cannot!”

Mandalorian: “Six actually. Remember the kid’s here!”

Mirror Tim: (scoffs) “He doesn’t count!”

Mandalorian: “He counts to me! To all of us!”

Baby Yoda/Grogu gurgles away. Mirror Tim meanwhile gets up to his feet.

Mirror Tim: (gradually) “So, what it’s going to be? Kill me or spare me? If you spare me, I can give you anything that you want. What is it you want anyway?” (hammier) “Power?! I can get that for you!!!”

Timelord007: (groans) “Oh no! He’s going to badly ham up Palpatine’s amazing quote from ‘Revenge of the Sith’.”

Mirror Tim: (yells; hammy) “POWER!!! UNLIMITED POWER!!!!”

Mirror Tim laughs away crazily whilst everyone else looks at him blankly.

Timelord007: “Please just kill me now. That was Soldeed cringy!”

Tim: “Enough’s enough, ‘other me’! Leave this universe and never return! Go back to where you came from!”

Mirror Tim: “You think you can get rid of me that easily! I still have to change your minds about ‘The Last Jedi’!”

Timelord007: “Good luck with that. You can polish a turd, but at the end of the day, it’s still a turd.”

Mirror Tim: (angrily) “No, you’re wrong! YOU’RE ULTIMATELY WRONG!!! Everything you’ve said has been incorrect! ‘The Last Jedi’ is glorious! Freaking glorious! I will make you see it that way with every ounce of my being! YOU MUST SEE THAT ‘LAST JEDI’ IS TREMENDOUS!!!”

Whiskeybrewer: “Our Tim is right, ‘other Tim’! This has gone on long enough! You made me betray my friends, but I won’t let you hurt us anymore! Not like you hurt Wolfie! Thank goodness he’s still alive!”

Tim: “How are you coping, Wolfie? Feel any better?”

Wolfie: (aside) “He’s so loud…”

Wolfie tweaks his ear.

Wolfie: (calls back) “I’m spiffing! Eyesight’s a bit better. I’m seeing in telesnaps at the moment. I’ll let you know when we hit the Pertwee era.”

Timelord007: “Good to hear. You’ll be okay.”

Mirror Tim: “It’s no good you lot trying to oppose me any further! NONE OF YOU CAN STOP ME!!! NONE OF YOU CAN EVER STOP ME!!!”

Moment of silence ensues.

Tim: “You’re right. We can’t stop you.”

Mirror Tim: (puzzled) “Huh?”

Whiskeybrewer: “What was that, Tim?”

Wolfie: “You’ll have to speak up, I’m blind. What did you say?”

Mandalorian: “Excuse me, Tim?”

Baby Yoda/Grogu gives a confused gurgle.

Timelord007: “Please, can we just hit him?”

Tim: (continues; to Mirror Tim) “You see ‘other me’; it doesn’t matter if we disagree with you about your opinion on ‘The Last Jedi’. Because at the end of the day, that’s your opinion! We’re not going to try and change it. No matter how much we would like to.”

Mirror Tim: (suspicious) “What are you saying?”

Tim: (sighs; to Timelord007) “Timelord, you know of my opinion about ‘Batman Forever’. I love that movie, even with Jim Carrey in it.”

Timelord007: “Argh! The most cringe-worthy face-pulling actor on the planet!”

Tim: “But does that stop you from being my friend? Do you hate me for liking ‘Batman Forever’?”

Timelord007: “No, you have and always shall be my friend.”

Tim: “That’s because you respect my opinion. Just as much as I respect your opinion about movies like ‘The Last Jedi’, ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and ‘Doctor Who’ episodes like ‘Love & Monsters’. You hate them, but I don’t hate you for it, do I?”

Timelord007: (to Wolfie; Whiskeybrewer; Mandalorian) “He’s right.” (to Tim) “This is well-written character drama by the way, Tim.”

Tim: “Exactly, because I respect your opinion. And I respect the opinions of Wolfie and Whiskeybrewer when it comes to say…their favourite ‘Doctor Who’ characters.” (to Wolfie; Whiskeybrewer) “Wolfie, you’re more a fan of the Sixth Doctor/Peri/Frobisher stuff whilst you Whiskeybrewer are more of a Eighth Doctor fan. Have I ever hated you for that?”

Wolfie: “Never.”

Whiskeybrewer: “Not to my knowledge.”

Tim: “That’s because we’re ‘Doctor Who’ fans and we can respect each other’s opinions without getting toxic about it. Because we come from a ‘Divergent Universe’ forum where we respect each other’s opinions.” (Pause) “Look, we can all agree ‘The Mandalorian’ is a great show, can’t we?”

Wolfie: “Yes, absolutely. A jolly nice surprise like ‘The Clone Wars’ and ‘Rebels’!”

Whiskeybrewer: “Most definitely.”

Timelord007: ‘The Mandalorian’ made me fall in love with ‘Star Wars’ again!”

Mandalorian: “Thank you all very much for your kind words.”

Baby Yoda/Grogu gurgles happily.

Tim: “And here’s the thing. We all know that there are ‘Star Wars’ fans out there who love the sequels trilogy. Does that mean we’re going to stop them liking it whether we like the sequels films or not?”

Wolfie: “People are allowed to like what they like. It’s like any of the old debates of yore. Zahn vs. Veitch; Luke vs. Han. There’s more room for these things than one typically expects.”

Whiskeybrewer: “Well said, Wolfie. Well said.”

Timelord007: “If people want to love the sequels trilogy, that’s fine. Just don’t except me to like them. Especially ‘Last Jedi’! That is such an abomination!”

Tim: (to Mirror Tim) “You see, ‘other me’! We’re all entitled to our opinions! I’m not what you would call a big ‘Star Wars’ fan like say…Timelord007 is here, but I’m still happy that I’ve seen the ‘Star Wars’ movies that have been made so far as well as ‘The Mandalorian’. I always feel glad about watching the ‘Star Wars’ movies and shows whether they’re good or bad. And because we’re not going to change people’s minds about what we think is good or bad ‘Star Wars’, we expect you to do the same and not change our minds. You get the picture?”

A moment of silence as Mirror Tim considers.

Mirror Tim: (rants) “NO!!! I will make you love ‘The Last Jedi’! Everyone will love ‘The Last Jedi’! Everyone will drool over porgs, half-naked Kylo Ren and Rose saving Finn’s life in the stupidest way possible whether they like it or not! Everyone will fall under my influence! Everyone will think like me! Everyone will have my opinion! Everyone…”

Mirror Tim rants away whilst Tim shakes his head, annoyed and dismayed.

Tim: (sadly) “I was hoping this would be easy! That persuading him to agree to disagree with us would turn out alright.”

Wolfie: “Unfortunately, he has to want to agree to differ, Tim. That’s always the problem. Remember, he’s from a universe where all is infinite darkness. A blind, unfathomable void where nuance goes to die.”

Wolfie swipes his hand back and forth in front of his face, snapping his fingers.

Wolfie: “I’d love some nuance about now…”

Whiskeybrewer: “Wolfie’s right, Tim. It’s not going to be easy persuading an evil version of you to accept other opinions about a movie he loves not matching to his own. He’s one of the toxic lot!”

Timelord007: “Look, please let’s just hit him.”

Tim: “No, Timelord. We won’t resort to that.” (Pause; sighs) “There’s nothing else for it. I tried to be nice to him. Now it’s time for Plan B.”

Mandalorian: “And what exactly is Plan B?”

Tim: “You’ll see, Mando.” (to Timelord) “Timelord, is our contact still listening in?”

Timelord checks his phone.

Timelord007: “Yup.”

Tim: “Good. Then I hope he’ll do exactly as I predicted.”

Whilst Mirror Tim rants away, Tim steps forward.

Tim: “Say, ‘other me’!”

Mirror Tim: (bitterly) “Yes, what is it?”

Tim: “It’s such a shame you had to be called FRANCIS, isn’t it?!”

Mirror Tim: “Not at all! It’s an ingenious codename on my part.”

Tim: “Well you see, I say it’s such a shame you’re called FRANCIS because FRANCIS happens to be a trigger-word for someone.”

Mirror Tim: (confused) “Trigger-word? What are you talking about?”

Tim: “And that person happens to be listening in to hear your name FRANCIS! Isn’t that right, FRANCIS?!!”

Mirror Tim: “Stop saying it like that! You sound so stupid when you say it!”

Tim: (taunts) “Oh! I’m sorry! It’s only because I want the person to hear FRANCIS when he’s on his way! You want people to hear your name, FRANCIS. Your own name, right?! FRANCIS, FRANCIS, FRANCIS, FRANCIS!!!”

Mirror Tim: “You make no sense! I guess that’s why you’re not as clever as me! Stop blabbering about or I’ll…”

Just then, somebody smashes in. In enters, Deadpool, locked and loaded, aiming his pistols at Mirror Tim.

Deadpool: “FRANCIS MUST DIE!!!”

Mirror Tim: “Oh no! Not you! I thought I’d seen the last of you when…”

Deadpool shoots Mirror Tim. Mirror Tim cries out in pain, stumbling to the floor as he does so.

Deadpool: “DIE FRANCIS, DIE!!!”

Mirror Tim: (annoyed) “You idiot! I’m not the guy you’re looking for! Stop shooting me!”

Deadpool fires again and Mirror Tim cries out in even more pain. Deadpool keeps shooting at Mirror Tim as he talks away.


Mirror Tim: (angrily) “That’s it, you moron! I’m going to crush you with my bare hands!”

Mirror Tim tries lashing out at Deadpool in a fist-to-fist fight. He even tries to strangle Deadpool at one point. But Deadpool fights back, giving Mirror Tim a bloody nose in the process.

Deadpool: “Your time’s up, Francis! When I first met you, I was but the learner. Now I am the master!”

Deadpool gives Mirror Tim a powerful punch, throwing him across the other end of the room. Mirror Tim ends up sprawled across the floor. Disorientated, he takes out his communicator from his pocket.

Mirror Tim: (through communicator) “Emergency! Emergency! I need an emergency trans-dimensional teleport out of here immediately!!!”

Deadpool: “NO!!! TODAY’S THE DAY YOU DIE!!!”

Mirror Tim: (through communicator; impatiently) “Hurry up! Hurry up I say! Get me out of here! GET ME OUT!!!”

Deadpool: “NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DON’T ESCAPE A SECOND TIME!!!”

Mirror Tim manages to escape as an emergency trans-dimensional teleport does takes place. But Deadpool grabs him, ending up in the teleport as well. Both Mirror Tim and Deadpool scream their heads off as they end up teleported out of this dimension. Silence ensues once Mirror Tim and Deadpool have vanished. Tim, Timelord007, Whiskeybrewer, Wolfie and the Mandalorian are speechless with what just happened.

Baby Yoda/Grogu gives a little gurgle and a cheeky laugh after what just happened.

Mandalorian: “I assume you covered Grogu’s eyes, Whiskeybrewer. A child shouldn’t see such violence like that.”

Whiskeybrewer: “Sorry, Mando. I forgot to cover his eyes.”

The Mandalorian soon takes Baby Yoda/Grogu out of Whiskeybrewer’s arms, holding him himself.

Mandalorian: “You four are irresponsible. You should be more considerate for children.”

Timelord007: “But, isn’t Grogu over 50?”

Another moment of silence ensues before something happens to Wolfie.

Wolfie: (realises; overjoyed) “I can see! Oh, I can see!” (Pause) “Hey, where’s the little one? I’ve heard so much about him.”

Timelord007: “Daddy’s just taken him away, Wolfie.”

Wolfie: (excited) “Oh!” (realises)Oh. So he has. Bother.”

Wolfie looks around.

Wolfie: “That darker half from unknowable chaos of yours Tim seems to have well and truly scarpered. Reckon that’s the last we’ve heard of him?”

Tim: (gradually) “I don’t know. Probably not. Hopefully we won’t hear from him again anytime soon. Deadpool will probably have sorted him out.”

Whiskeybrewer: “Do you think Deadpool is still alive then?”

Tim: (gradually) “I’m not sure. Who knows what goes on in the eternal void? The emptiness…of nothingness…”

Another moment of silence ensues. Eventually, Tim moves on.

Tim: (happily; to Mandalorian) “Thank you Mando for helping us out with solving our mystery. We figured out who Francis was in the end.”

Mandalorian: “No problem. Glad to be of service. Thank you all for supporting me these past eight weeks.”

Timelord007: “You did what I thought was impossible. You made me believe ‘Star Wars’ can be heart-warmingly awesome once again.”

The Mandalorian bowed before he and Baby Yoda/Grogu are about to set off.

Tim: “Wait, are you leaving?”

Mandalorian: “Yes. I must get Grogu back to his Jedi Master who is waiting.”

Tim: “Oh yeah, of course. Grogu should be with Luke Skywalker, shouldn’t he? As well as R2-D2.”

Timelord007: “Luke, Glorious Luke…taking out those Dark Troopers…” ♫ (normal voice) “And so magnificently with his green lightsaber! I bow down to our lords Favreau and Filoni.” (Pause) “Oh by the way, Tim. Did I tell the story about…?”

Tim: (interrupts) “Yes Timelord, we have heard you tell the story about your parents meeting Kenny Baker, the actor who played R2-D2. It’s in our ‘Return of the Jedi’ review, remember?”

Timelord007: (realises) “Oh yes, so it is. Sorry, I forgot about that.”

Tim: “People can read about it if they want to when they read our ‘Return of the Jedi’ review. And we know how much you want to give R2-D2 a cuddle in bed…”

Timelord007: (hushes) “Ssh! Too much information there, Billy Walker!”

Whiskeybrewer: (whispers; to Wolfie) “I take this story we lot are doing takes place after ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 rather than at the same time, right? It’s all very confusing.”

Wolfie: (whispers: to Whiskeybrewer) “Don’t worry, Whiskey. We’re cross-tracing on the space-time axis. I’ll explain the mechanics, err…” (clears throat) “…at a subsequent juncture. When my eyes don’t sting as much…”

Tim: (to Mandalorian) “Are you sure you won’t stick around for a bit, Mando. We just got together and well…we can chat; catch up and things…”

Mandalorian: “It’s very kind of you. But I must be going. Time is pressing for me and the kid. I also need to find a ship since the Razor Crest got blown up.”

Whiskeybrewer: “I can take you and Grogu back in my TARDIS if you like, Mando. There’s enough room in my ship…”

Mandalorian: “Thank you, but I’ve endangered you four enough already. Grogu and I will find our own method of journeying back home. This is the way.”

Tim: “Of course. You have spoken.” (Pause) “Take care of yourself, Mando.”

Bowing, the Mandalorian set off, taking Baby Yoda/Grogu with him.

Tim: “Oh and Mando…”

Stopping, Mando turns back.

Mandalorian: “Yes?”

Tim: (gradually) “Happy Life Day!”

Mandalorian: (gradually) “Thank you. Thank you very much. Much appreciated.” (to everyone) “Happy Life Day to you all.”

Timelord007 eventually takes some chocolate out from his pocket and gives it to Mando.

Timelord007: “Hey, Mando! Give that to Grogu. He can have it. As a Life Day present.”

Mando looks at the chocolate given to him by Timelord007 curiously for a bit.

Mandalorian: (gradually) “Thank you. I’m sure Grogu will enjoy it on the journey back.”

Timelord007: “Splendid chaps, both of you.”

Mandalorian: “I’m glad I’ve been able to make you happy with my show these past eight weeks.” (Pause) “If I ever need a comrade in arms, I will always look to you.”

Timelord007: (tearfully) “I’m going to cry. This is the way.”

As Timelord007 pulls himself together, the Mandalorian looks at Wolfie and Whiskeybrewer.

Mandalorian: (to Wolfie; Whiskeybrewer) “Same to you too, Wolfie and Whiskeybrewer. I will look to you as comrades in arms also.”

Wolfie: “Thanks, Mando. May your way challenge, but not overwhelm you.”

Whiskeybrewer: “Yeah thanks, Mando.”

Mandalorian: (to Tim) “And thank you for letting me be a part of your blog recently, Tim Bradley.”

Tim: “No problem. It’s been great having you.”

After a moment, the Mandalorian soon leaves, taking Baby Yoda/Grogu with him.

Baby Yoda/Grogu waves at Tim, Timelord, Whiskeybrewer and Wolfie as he and Mando leave.

 Tim, Timelord, Whiskeybrewer and Wolfie wave back. Another moment of silence ensues before Mando and Baby Yoda/Grogu are gone.

Timelord007: “Goodbye, old friends. I shall miss you, but I’ll never forget you.”

Whiskeybrewer: (gradually) “Well, I suppose I’d better get you all back home. It’s Christmas Eve and we all need to be in our homes safe and sound.”

Tim: “I’m home already, Whiskeybrewer. You take Timelord and Wolfie back home of course. Make sure you take them back home safely in your TARDIS.”

Wolfie: (clears throat) “Point of order before we start. Please make sure you take us back home in the right place and time this time, Whiskey.”

Whiskeybrewer: “As if I would make a mistake in my TARDIS piloting.”

Wolfie: “It’s known to happen is all I’m saying. I’m nearly on first name terms with the baristas at the Eye of Orion.”

Timelord007: “Yeah, so it wouldn’t be the first time.”

Whiskeybrewer: “I hope we’re still friends, Timelord. I really am very sorry for betraying you all to mad Mirror Tim. You have my word that I won’t backstab any of you guys again. I like you all so much to reassure you of that.”

Timelord007 considers for a moment.

Timelord007: (gradually) “You did do the right thing in the end, I suppose.” (Pause) “Okay, I’ll forgive you just this once. Just don’t make me regret it. And no more jokes about my chin.”

Whiskeybrewer: (cheekily) “Thank you, Chinlord. It means a lot to hear you say that.”

Timelord007: (sighs) “Oh how I’ve missed the jokes about my chin. Not!!!”

Timelord and Whiskeybrewer soon laugh together before Tim interrupts.

Tim: “By the way, you three.” (Pause) “Thank you for helping me out this year. With reviewing ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Avengers: Endgame’ as well as taking part in this ‘Timelord Mandalorian Story’ we’ve been doing for my ‘Mandalorian’ reviews. It means a lot to me for you to say ‘yes’ to making appearances on my blog like this.”

Timelord007: “Always a pleasure to help out a good friend.”

Whiskeybrewer: “No problem, Tim.”

Wolfie: “Happy to help out.”

Tim: “This year hasn’t been easy. There’s no denying that. But I’d like to think we’ve kept everyone entertained during these difficult times. Let’s hope the New Year will be better compared to the year we’ve been through.”

Wolfie: “Let’s hope so definitely. I’d like to get some downtime, if I can. We’ll see how the universe goes.”

Whiskeybrewer: “Absolutely.”

Timelord007: “It’s always darkest before dawn, but the dawn eventually rises.”

Another moment of silence ensues.

Tim: (happily) “Happy Christmas, you three! And Happy New Year!”

Whiskeybrewer: “Merry Christmas, Tim.”

Wolfie: “Merry Christmas, Tim.”

Timelord007: “Merry Christmas indeed, Tim.”

Tim: “And take care of yourselves, everyone. Keep safe during these difficult times.” (to audience) “Especially you lot out there reading this stuff we’re doing.”

Whiskeybrewer: (to audience) “Ditto.”

Wolfie: (to audience) “100 per cent.”

Timelord007: (to audience) “Be kind and considerate, everyone.”

With that, all four friends part ways. Timelord and Wolfie follow Whiskeybrewer as they enter his TARDIS to return to their homes. Once inside, Whiskeybrewer’s TARDIS whooshes and groans loudly, echoing as it departs. Once Tim realises that his friends have gone, he heads off, returning to whatever he was doing since he left ‘Bradley’s Basement’ headquarters.

Tim: (cheerfully) “Christmas, here we come at last! Bring on the celebrations!”

……..OR IS IT?

A while later, still in ‘Bradley’s Basement’ headquarters, a portal opens and out steps Deadpool. The portal closes as soon as Deadpool is in our universe again.

Deadpool: “This is a post-credits scene. So either something awesome is about to happen like in ‘The Mandolorian’ Season 2 finale post-credits teaser, or it’ll be a completely pointless one like in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’.”

Deadpool looks to see everyone has gone.

Deadpool: “Oh bummer! And I was real hoping to meet up with the Mandalorian. Ask him what Angel Dust was doing in his show.”

A moment of silence ensues.

Deadpool: “Ah well, I suppose I should get back to torturing Fred Savage. Tell him the story of ‘Once Upon A Deadpool’ again!”

With that, Deadpool leaves.

2 thoughts on “Quick ‘Mandalorian’ Review – ‘Chapter 16: The Rescue’

  1. Timelord 007

    This episode gave me goosebumps, that scene where Luke appears is what i wanted Luke to be in Last Jedi, showcase how powerful he is.

    The battle between Mando & Gideon was well choreographed & the ending were Mando lifts his helmet for Grogu to see his face had me in tears.

    Oh & the post credit teaser OMG, Bring on season 3.

    Excellent review Tim & as always brilliantly summed up, i like how our Timelord/Mandolorian story resolved i had a lot of fun writing my bits & it helped distract me during my own personal battles.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      Yeah even I have to agree. Luke’s appearance in ‘The Mandalorian’ is more dignified than in ‘The Last Jedi’.

      The action sequences are pretty good in the episode and it was so sad to see Mando saying farewell to Baby Yoda/Grogu at the end.

      I’m looking forward to ‘The Book of Boba’ and hopefully ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3 soon. There seems to be a lot of good shows coming soon to Disney+ – both ‘MCU’ and ‘Star Wars’.

      Glad you enjoyed the review and glad you enjoyed doing the Timelord Mandalorian story. Thanks to you, Whiskeybrewer and Wolfie for joining in.

      Tim. 🙂



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