Quick ‘Muppets’ Review – ‘Generally Inhospitable’ (The Muppets) (2015-16)

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It’s time for the penultimate episode of ‘The Muppets’ 2015-16 series. I’ve greatly enjoyed watching this series on Disney+ recently. I wonder what’s going to happen after there aren’t any more ‘Muppets’ episodes to watch. Maybe I might do the ‘Fantastic Four’ 1990s animated series next on Disney+.

In the episode called ‘Generally Inhospitable’, Miss Piggy dislocates her leg during a rehearsal. She’s rushed into surgery whilst Utkarsh Ambudkar as Pizza attempts to have a DJ guest host take her place. Kermit asks Rizzo, Pepe and Yolanda to prevent Pizza interfering with Miss Piggy’s show here.

When Kermit sees Miss Piggy in hospital and finds her rather downhearted, he arranges for her to host the next ‘Up Late with Miss Piggy’ show from her hospital bed. It becomes a clever idea and Kermit even brings Rowlf along to work with Janice on a ‘Veterinarian’s Hospital’ sketch in the show.

I thought that was a clever idea, especially since I enjoyed ‘Veterinarian’s Hospital’ in the original ‘Muppets’ show from the 1970s-80s itself. I only wish Miss Piggy participated in the sketch with Rowlf and Yolanda however. Mind you, Miss Piggy was rather high when taking her morphine in this. 😀

Whilst all this happens, Rizzo, Pepe and Yolanda have Big Mean Carl and Sweetums help them out to deal with Pizza. They do this by calling his father with whom he had a troubled relationship. Pizza soon leaves the show for good when he’s being offered to return home and run the family business.

After the taping of the latest ‘Up Late with Miss Piggy’ show becomes successful, Miss Piggy gets taken into surgery. Whilst this happens, she and Kermit exchange “I love you”s to each other. Unbeknownst to them, the cameras are still rolling and most of the Muppets watch this occurrence.

The episode also features Willie Nelson playing the guitar and singing some songs as well as Phil LaMarr as Miss Piggy’s doctor. ‘Generally Inhospitable’ is a very nice ‘Muppets’ episode to sit through! I’m looking forward to what happens next and how this certain ‘Muppets’ series will conclude.

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