Quick ‘WandaVision’ Review – ‘Now in Color’

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I’ve seen the third episode of the new ‘MCU’ web-series on Disney+ called ‘WandaVision’. The episode is called ‘Now in Color’. Apparently, the first two episodes of the series have titles. The first one is called ‘Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience’ and the second one is ‘Don’t Touch That Dial’. 😀

I’ve still no idea what’s going on but more hints are unravelled and are breaking through the sitcom atmosphere of this series. In the episode ‘Now in Color’, we enter a 1970s-styled TV sitcom atmosphere with the episode taking its cue from TV shows like ‘The Brady Bunch’ and ‘Good Times’.

I haven’t seen those TV sitcoms yet. 😀 The episode has Randy Oglesby (who’s been in some ‘Star Trek’ episodes) as Dr. Neilson checking on Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda, who’s just been made pregnant from the end of the previous episode. Wanda’s pregnancy is increasing really fast in this. 😐

Paul Bettany as Vision is concerned about Wanda’s well-being since she’s going fast through the pregnancy stages by the minute. It reminds me of Counsellor Deanna Trio going through that kind of pregnancy in the ‘TNG’ Season 2 episode ‘The Child’! Pretty soon, Wanda is about to give birth here.

Wanda has help from Teyonah Parris as ‘Geraldine’ who seems to be pretty good in being ‘a midwife’ in the episode. 😀 Wanda soon delivers twins Tommy and Billy. Vision missed the birth of Tommy but was in time to see Billy be delivered. I am still curious how Wanda can have babies at all.

Especially since Vision is an android, isn’t he? The episode concludes on an intriguing note. Wanda starts to recall her twin brother Pietro. Geraldine knows that he was killed by Ultron in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’. Wanda demands to know how she knew that right before Geraldine gets sent out. 😮

Sent out where, you may ask? Well in some place outside of Westview where a group of S.W.O.R.D. agents are waiting. I’m very curious about what’s going on. I am enjoying the sitcom atmosphere of the series and there are some funny moments, but what is all this about? I’m keen to learn more. 😀

Stay tuned for my review on the fourth episode of ‘WandaVision’ next week.

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