Quick ‘WandaVision’ Review – ‘Previously On’


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It’s time for the penultimate episode of the ‘WandaVision’ series! I’ve greatly enjoyed watching ‘WandaVision’ on Disney+ these past several weeks. I’ve still no idea how things are going to conclude, but it looks like things are setting up for a dramatic climax and I hope it’ll be really exciting.

In the eighth episode called ‘Previously On’, we catch up on what happened at the end of ‘Breaking the Fourth Wall’ where Kathryn Hahn as Agnes revealed herself to be Agatha Harkness before Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda. We even get a flashback to Agnes’ origins in a witch scene in Salem 1693.

This episode is of course more focused on Wanda’s story as Agatha demands to know how she is controlling Westview. We get to go on a journey with Wanda where she is forced to re-live key moments of her life, including when she was a child and living with her parents and brother Pietro. 🙂

It’s here where we get to see Wanda watching ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’, which she clearly loved watching as a kid as well as other sitcoms when she was growing up. We get to see clips of the episode ‘It May Look Like a Walnut’ from ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’. I’ve seen that episode myself. 🙂 

Incidentally, this is an episode where Monica Rambeau, Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis don’t appear in the ‘WandaVision’ series. Paul Bettany does appear as Vision in the episode, but only in flashback scenes. One specific scene is set between ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and ‘Captain America: Civil War’.

It gets revealed that Wanda had her ‘magical abilities’ amplified when she encountered the Mind Stone. After the Blip set after ‘Avengers: Endgame’, Wanda visited S.W.O.R.D. in order to recover Vision’s body. Josh Stamberg as Tyler Hayward refused to let her bury him as they dismantled him. 😦

So it turns out that Wanda didn’t steal Vision’s body from S.W.O.R.D. as I was led to believe from watching the series. It’s also revealed that the Evan Peters’ Pietro we’ve seen isn’t the real Pietro. Wanda is seen to be overcome with grief as she drove to a lot in Westview bought for her by Vision.

Yeah apparently Vision had bought a place for him and Wanda to live in before his untimely death in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. In a fit of grief, Wanda soon manifested a house on the Westview lot and she created a new version of Vision, extending an ‘hexagonal static field’ across the entire town. 😐

And she based everything inside the static field on her favourite sitcoms. I’m wondering why Wanda didn’t stick just to ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’ as it would’ve been funny to see every ‘WandaVision’ episode as a ‘Dick Van Dyke Show’ episode. Perhaps her mind can sometimes get erratic in the field.

Agatha sees what Wanda has done and concludes she possesses a legendary form of magic called chaos magic. She dubs her the ‘Scarlet Witch’. I thought that’s what she was always called. 😐 Agatha also threatens the lives of her two boys Billy and Tommy. Will this be the end of Wanda’s two boys?

There’s also a mid-credits scene where Hayward has a now all-white reassembled corpse of Vision. What could all this mean?! 😮 I enjoyed ‘Previously On’, the eighth episode of ‘WandaVision’. I’m intrigued about how the show will conclude and whether everybody will live happily ever after here.

Stay tuned for my review on the ninth episode of ‘WandaVision’ next week.

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