Radio Times Winners and Fifth Doctor Favourites with Big Finish

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People voted for their favourite Fifth Doctor main range audio stories by Big Finish in a Radio Times poll recently. I’ve reviewed these stories already, including ‘The Mutant Phase’, ‘Alien Heart’/‘Dalek Soul’, ‘The Lady of Mercia’, ‘The Peterloo Massacre’ and ‘Spare Parts’. Check out my reviews on them today.

Back in 2017, I did an interview with Sarah Sutton about her top five favourite Nyssa audio stories by Big Finish. Check out the YouTube video to hear the interview!


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2 thoughts on “Radio Times Winners and Fifth Doctor Favourites with Big Finish

  1. Williams Fan 92

    Good morning Tim.

    Thanks for providing this list so that I can comment and tell you my thoughts. I of course said on the page for the Mutant Phase that I had listened to it. In fact, I upvoted it on the RadioTimes poll for this. I am planning on purchasing and listening to the Peterloo Massacre since I grew up holidaying in Manchester as I have relatives up there. I also plan on having Michael be from Preston when I write my scripts that feature him, so that I can reference this story and have the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan mention their time in Manchester. The story is half-price on the BF site so that’s convenient.

    P.s. I am going to try and start reading the Stockbridge Terror today. I am still writing Four Time-Travellers and a Baby and I am close to finishing a short trip called the Con of Death, in which the Doctor and his companions attempt to order a takeaway but are visited by Adelphi who tells them to be careful of their choice. The story also has a reference to Nyssa’s Trakenite biology. I based it off a recent advert, I won’t say which one though.

    Take care and best wishes.

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    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi WF92,

      Glad you like me sharing this blog post about the recent Radio Times winners and favourite Fifth Doctor audios by fans with Big Finish. I didn’t get a chance to do the Radio Times poll, but I’m glad the five stories above are some of many people’s favourites (including mine) and that they all feature Nyssa in them. 😀 I hope you’ll enjoy ‘The Peterloo Massacre’ when you get a chance to hear it. It’s certainly a favourite of Sarah Sutton’s and it’s an emotionally-charged story. I also hope you’ll enjoy ‘The Stockbridge Terror’ when you get to read it. Good luck with your stories.

      Many thanks,

      Tim 🙂

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