Quick DVD Box Set Review – ‘The Captain America Triple Bill’

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Is anyone missing the ‘Captain America’ films from the ‘MCU’ or ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ series that was shown on Disney+ lately? Over my birthday celebrations recently, I checked out a trilogy of vintage of ‘Captain America’ films given to me by my parents in May. I enjoyed these films.

‘The Captain America Triple Bill’ DVD box set contains two TV films from the 1970s starring Reb Brown and a 1990 film starring Matt Salinger meant for cinema it got but released on VHS instead. These are very different versions of Captain America compared to what I’ve witnessed in the ‘MCU’.

Chris Evans will always be Captain America for me, but it was intriguing to see how actors like Matt Salinger and Reb Brown played the character. It was also fascinating how their origin stories got handled and how their action-packed adventures were portrayed whether in the 1970s or the 1990s.

I first checked out the 1990s ‘Captain America’ film (sometimes called ‘Captain America: The Original Avenger’) starring Matt Salinger. I heard many things said about this movie in that’s pretty terrible. I can see where that’s coming from, since the film is not as grand as the ‘MCU Captain America’ films.

The first half of the film follows more or less what went on in the first ‘Captain America’ film from the ‘MCU’, except there are aspects that don’t make a lot of sense. For example, Steve Rogers isn’t given enough training to be Captain America, making me wonder why no-one gave him the training.

The second half of the film has Captain America frozen in time before he wakes up to find himself in the 1990s. It’s like the first two ‘MCU Captain America’ films scrunched together and rather clumsily, I might add. Also, the Red Skull who appears in the film doesn’t appear enough in his ‘red skull’ form.

Very often, the Red Skull seems to have a fleshy face and he’s also Italian, not German as you would expect. I have an impression Matt Salinger’s Captain America tends to be a jerk in the film. This is especially once he pretends to be car-sick; gets out; and soon steals cars from certain people here. 😐

The film is directed by Albert Pyun. Matt Salinger as Steve Rogers/Captain America is joined by Ronny Cox as President ‘Tom’ Kimball, Scott Paulin as Tadizo de Santis/Red Skull, Ned Beatty (Yes, he was Otis in the ‘Superman’ films) as Sam Kolawetz, Darren McGavin as General Fleming, Michael Nouri as Lt. Col. Louis, Melinda Dillon as Mrs. Rogers, and Kim Gillingham as Bernice Stewart and Sharon. And who can forget that Nazi spy that did the most over-the-top way to kill somebody in the film here? 🙂

I know that’s parody video I used, but it is a ridiculously funny moment. 😀

I then checked out the next two ‘Captain America’ films from the 1970s, starring Reb Brown. I enjoyed these more than the 1990 film. They’re certainly very different from the ‘MCU’ films and they both take place in 1979. But they were very entertaining, filled with good drama and suspense.

It was also surreal to see Captain America riding a turbo-powered motorcycle, which isn’t something I see Chris Evans’ Captain America doing very often. 😀 Reb Brown is good as Captain America. He’s sincere in his performances for both films and I found the plotlines in both TV films quite compelling.

They may not be the most action-packed of films compared to what we’ve seen nowadays, but they are quaint films. It’s also amusing to see Reb Brown’s Captain America have his own van where he charges out from on his turbo-powered motorcycle. The shield is placed atop of the motorcycle too.

The two 1970s ‘Captain America’ films are ‘Captain America’ (sometimes called ‘Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty’) and ‘Captain America II: Death Too Soon’. Both films were made in 1979. The first film was shown earlier in January 1979 and the second film was shown later in November 1979.

The first ‘Captain America’ film directed by Rod Holcomb has Reb Brown as Steve Rogers/Captain America joined by Len Birman as Dr. Simon Mills, Heather Menzies as Dr. Wendy Day, Robin Mattson as Tina Hayden and Joseph Ruskin as Rudy Sandrini. It was fascinating how Steve Rogers got his super soldier serum in the time of 1979 as opposed to the time of the 1940s in WWII.

The second ‘Captain America’ film directed by Ivan Nagy has Reb Brown as Steve Rogers/Captain America joined again by Len Birman as Dr. Simon Mills, but Dr. Wendy Day is played by Connie Sellecca this time. There’s also Katherine Justice as Helen Moore. Christopher Lee (who was in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ films) guest stars as the villainous General Miguel. That’s amazing! 😀

I’m glad I’ve seen ‘The Captain America Triple Bill’ of movies recently. The 1990 ‘Captain America’ film is certainly a fascinatingly bad adaptation of the Marvel comic book superhero. The 1970s TV films may not be faithful comic book adaptations, but they’re certainly very enjoyable films to watch.

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2 thoughts on “Quick DVD Box Set Review – ‘The Captain America Triple Bill’

  1. Timelord 007

    Ha i remember watching Reb Brown as Captain Amerca when i was around 6 it was shown on a Sunday afternoon but my arents were visting dad’s sister so what happened next s hilarious.

    We went t dad’s sister’s early so i could watch the movie and they let me watch it on there tv because had they not I’d probably kicked off ruining the day lol.

    I enjoy both Reb Brown Cap movies however the 1990s is a bit of a cheese fest with a very hammy Red Skull who is actually not Red Skull that long.

    Bit of trivia the 1990 movie while PG features scenes of violence some may find upsetting this was on the vhs cover lol.

    And Reb Brown did a movie with Christopher Lee in 1985 called Howling 2 a bad guilty pleasure werewolf movie & also Reb Brown did a decent B movie action film called The Cage with The Hulks Lou Ferringo which i linked down below.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      Thanks for sharing your memories of the ‘Captain America’ movies with Reb Brown. I’m sure you enjoyed them when you were six years old. Interesting that the VHS cover of the 1990s ‘Captain America’ said that the film featured scenes of violence. I don’t remember it being too violent. 😀

      Thanks for providing the ‘Cage’ film YouTube link with Reb Brown and Lou Ferringo. I hope to check that out soon.

      Many thanks,

      Tim 🙂



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