Jackie Lane – 1941-2021

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I want to share how saddened I am to hear the news that Jackie Lane, the actress who played Dodo Chaplet in ‘Doctor Who’, has passed away recently. I didn’t get to meet her at conventions, which is a shame since I would have liked to have shared with Jackie how much I’ve enjoyed her as Dodo. 😦

Jackie played Dodo in stories like ‘The Massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Eve’, ‘The Ark’, ‘The Celestial Toymaker’, ‘The Gunfighters’, ‘The Savages’ and ‘The War Machines’. Sadly, she didn’t get to reprise her role as Dodo in the Big Finish audios of ‘Doctor Who’, which again is a shame as I would have liked to have heard her reprise her role as Dodo on audio and reunite with Peter Purves as Steven. 😦

Tim Bradley’s photo of Dodo with a Monoid from ‘The Ark’ signed by Jackie Lane

The closest I’ve been able to receive something from Jackie at a convention was a signed photo of her as Dodo with a Monoid from the ‘Doctor Who’ story called ‘The Ark’. I’m pleased to have that. I also enjoyed seeing Jackie Lane in her ‘Myth Makers’ interview in ‘The Doctors: The William Hartnell Years’ DVD last year. I hope I will review her ‘Myth Makers’ interview in full detail sometime soon. 🙂

Despite not reprising her role as Dodo in ‘Doctor Who’ for Big Finish, I’m happy Jackie wished the TV show a “Happy 50th Birthday!” during the show’s 50th anniversary celebrations in the ‘Doctor Who Live: The Afterparty’ programme. I was pleasantly surprised to see Jackie on that anniversary night. 🙂

It’s sad the family of ‘Doctor Who’ has lost another family member in Jackie Lane lately. I can’t say Dodo made a huge impact on me as a ‘Doctor Who’ companion, but for what it’s worth, I enjoyed Jackie Lane’s performances as Dodo and acting alongside William Hartnell’s Doctor and Peter Purves’ Steven. My prayers and thoughts go out to all of those who are the friends and family of Jackie Lane.

Here’s a ‘Doctor Who News’ post dedicated to Jackie Lane – https://www.doctorwhonews.net/2021/06/jackie_lane_1941_2021.html

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2 thoughts on “Jackie Lane – 1941-2021

  1. Williams Fan 92

    Good morning Tim.

    It’s a shame that Jackie Lane has passed away. I haven’t seen any of her stories but last night after her death that morning, I watched her Myth Makers interview. It wasn’t the best but it still revealed some insight into her life and career. I’m am thinking of watching ‘The Ark’ on Britbox later to get an introduction to Dodo. Ironically, Big Finish recast Dodo a few weeks ago for a new First Doctor audio.

    Yesterday, I found out that Damaris Hayman (Olive Hawthorne) passed away earlier this month and this morning a poster on the DW wiki said that Tony Selby (Sabalom Glitz) has also died. Mark Eden passed away in January of this year.

    There have been many high-profile deaths this year. The one that saddened me the most was the death of Formula One commentator Murray Walker. Other high-profile deaths that have occurred this year include Trevor Peacock, Christopher Plummer and especially Captain Sir Tom Moore.

    Have a great day. WF92.

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    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi WF92,

      It is sad about Jackie Lane having recently passed away. I hope to revisit her ‘Myth Makers’ interview soon and provide an in-depth review on it as well as the other interviews in ‘The Doctors: The William Hartnell Years’ DVD. 🙂 I hope you’ll get to enjoy ‘The Ark’ on Britbox. I’m not really in a hurry to check out the Big Finish audio featuring the recast Dodo played by Lauren Cornelius, though I hope it’ll turn out to be good.

      Yes it is sad about Damaris Hayman passing away recently. Lately, I amended my updated Blu-ray review for ‘The Dæmons’ to honour Damaris Hayman’s memory at the time of her passing. Yes, it’s sad about Mark Eden’s passing too.

      Actually, the Sabalom Glitz actor Tony Selby hasn’t died. It was a producer who had the same name Tony Selby. Here’s confirmation for it here according to a Twitter post by Gary Jordan – https://twitter.com/TobyHadoke/status/1408335931317395460 . Nicola Bryant clarified that error on her Twitter account too – https://twitter.com/thenicolabryant?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor .

      I’m saddened Trevor Peacock (from ‘The Vicar of Dibley) has gone. I was lucky to see Christopher Plummer in ‘Knives Out’ on Amazon Prime Video before the news of his passing. Yes, I was saddened and shocked to hear Sir Tom Moore had passed away this year. I provided a donation for his walk last year via JustGiving.

      Thanks for your comments,

      Tim. 🙂

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