Quick ‘Loki’ Review – ‘Lamentis’

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It’s time for the third episode of the ‘Loki’ series, starring Tom Hiddleston as the title character. I found this episode more enjoyable than the previous episode. It’s also an episode where it features a small cast including Tom Hiddleston’s Loki and Sophia Di Martino as the Variant (also called Sylvie).

In the episode, the Variant/Sylvie ends up in the Time Variance Agency (TVA) as she attempts to find the Time-Keepers. She’s followed by Loki who uses a TemPad to teleport them both away and escape from Ravonna Renslayer. Yeah, Gugu Mbatha-Raw has one scene featured in this episode. 😐

It’s a shame Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. Mobius character didn’t appear in this episode as I thought he and Loki were becoming a decent double act. Sasha Lane appears in this episode as Hunter C-20, who got kidnapped and enchanted by Sylvie to reveal the location of the Time-Keepers at the TVA. 😐

Meanwhile, Loki and Sylvie end up on a moon called Lamentis-1 in the year 2077. Lamentis-1 is about to be crushed by a planet and the TemPad that Loki used has run out of power. Loki hides the TemPad from Sylvie and she grudgingly agrees to work with him while they’re on the doomed moon.

It was interesting to see the relationship between Loki and his female counterpart in Sylvie. In some respects, they’re quite alike and that’s not just the English accent. 😀 There’s also tension between them as they struggle to get along with each other, which was very amusing to watch in the episode.

It’s fascinating that this episode devotes a lot of time on the interaction between Loki and Sylvie throughout. Most of the time, it’s them having talking scenes in the episode where they share their backstories. Or at least it’s Loki who shares his backstory to her whilst Sylvie is elusive about herself.

The two soon sneak aboard a train that is bound for the Ark. No, not Noah’s Ark, though I think it would have been good to have made a reference to that. The Ark is an evacuation spaceship which Loki and Sylvie believe can recharge the TemPad so they can escape the hellish moon they’re on. 😐

Unfortunately, Loki gets drunk and draws attention to himself; leading to a fight with some guards. The guards soon throw Loki and Sylvie off the train. 😀 Sylvie demands for the return of the TemPad but Loki reveals that it’s broken. Sylvie lets out a scream to unleash her anger, which must be loud. 🙂

The duo soon decide to finish off their journey by foot and commandeer the Ark themselves in order to use it to escape the moon. On their journey, Sylvie reveals to Loki that the TVA workers are all variants and aren’t created by the Time-Keepers as Mobius claimed, which does surprise Loki a bit. 😐

At the place where the Ark is about to be launched, we have Loki and Sylvie fighting their way through guards and a crowd of people who are attempting to board the Ark. But before they can get there though, meteors from the oncoming planet about to crush Lamentis-1 destroy the Ark ship. 😐

Whoops! Actually, going back to the Noah’s Ark thing, the name of the moon called Lamentis-1 put me in mind of the Biblical book called Lamentations. I’ve also read that some commentators pointed out similarities between this episode and ‘Doctor Who’, which is intriguing and fascinating to hear. 🙂

This ‘Loki’ episode has been enjoyably entertaining to watch on Disney+. I’m curious about the direction this ‘MCU’ series is going. It’s been fun to watch so far, but I’m not entirely sure how it’s going to end up. Could our two Lokis – male and female – end up happily together or something? 😀

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Tim. 🙂

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