Quick ‘Monsters At Work’ Review – ‘Welcome to Monsters, Incorporated’

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I’d like to share some thoughts on the first episode of ‘Monsters At Work’, the new Disney/Pixar series on Disney+ which is a follow-up to ‘Monsters Inc.’. I loved that film when I saw it in 2002 and it’s great to check out this new Disney/Pixar series whilst I’m still a Disney+ subscriber these days. 😀

Just to give you a summary of what ‘Monsters Inc.’ was about, a world of monsters tried to get its power by acquiring kids’ screams when monsters went into the closets of their bedrooms. That’s changed by the time we get to ‘Monsters At Work’ as the monsters try to acquire the kids’ laughter.

The episodes themselves run for about 22 to 24 minutes. It’s like watching a half-an-hour comedy series on Disney+. I’m enjoying ‘Monsters At Work’ so far and it serves as an intriguing sequel to ‘Monsters Inc.’ The series itself focuses upon one character who want to work at Monsters Inc. itself.

Tylor Tuskmon came to Monsters Inc. to be an official scarer. But Henry J. Waternoose III was arrested after what happened with Boo and conspiring with Randall in ‘Monsters Inc.’. Our two heroes Sulley and Mike from ‘Monsters Inc.’ are put in charge to make the old scarers into jokesters.

Understandably put out by this change of management, Tylor gets transferred to MIFT (which stands for Monsters Inc. Facilities Team). Tylor dislikes being a maintenance worker and has to put up with his new and quite eccentric co-workers including Val Little, Fritz, Duncan, Cutter and ‘Banana Bread’.

Tylor tries to bluff his way onto the former Scare Floor now called Laugh Floor and attempts to make a child laugh. His plan backfires horribly when the child he visits is scared by him. Nevertheless, Sulley believes in Tylor and gives him another chance to work his way up to work on the Laugh Floor.

In the meantime, Tylor will have to accept his new position in the MIFT facilities crew. Hopefully Tylor will get better when Mike decides to teach his comedy classes to potential jokesters. I must say, it is brilliant John Goodman and Billy Crystal came back to voice Sulley and Mike for this series. 🙂

I enjoyed the first episode of ‘Monsters At Work’ very much. I’m looking forward to checking out some more ‘Monsters At Work’ episodes on Disney+ and be entertained by the series as it progresses further. It’s also brilliant that there are 10 episodes to check out from this Disney+ series.

Stay tuned for my review on the next episode in the ‘Monsters At Work’ series called ‘Meet MIFT’.

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Tim. 🙂


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