Basement News – August 2021

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

Well, I’ve been fully vaccinated with two jabs to protect me against Covid-19. 🙂 It’s still important to keep ourselves safe during these times of uncertainty, but I’m happy to have had the two vaccine jabs. I’m currently looking forward to having a little holiday in Bath sometime soon and I’m looking forward to the ‘Bedford Who Charity Con’ in October 2021 where I hope to be reunited with Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton, my two favourite ‘Doctor Who’ stars.

Let me share with you what I’ve added to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ lately in July and the first week of August as well as what I hope to share with you in the months of August and beyond. I’ve got a number of ‘Doctor Who’ and film reviews scheduled to be posted on my blog this month and for the rest of 2021. I hope you’ll find them exciting to look forward to. 🙂

On the first Monday of July, I shared my review on the first audio story of ‘The War Master’ series by Big Finish starring Sir Derek Jacobi called ‘Only the Good’. This month, on the first Monday of August, I’ve shared my review on the second ‘War Master’ audio story called ‘The Master of Callous’. Soon, my reviews on the next three ‘War Master’ audio stories will be shared on my blog later in the year.

I’m looking forward to receiving my CD box set of the anticipated sixth ‘War Master’ audio story called ‘Killing Time’, featuring Derek Jacobi, Sarah Sutton and Katy Manning. My review on ‘Killing Time’ will be included in my upcoming ‘Nyssa Challenge’ mini-review season from December 2021 to January 2022! I’m hoping to make a start on preparing for my next ‘Nyssa Challenge’ mini-review season sometime soon in September 2021. I’m also looking forward to checking out ‘The Lost Resort and Other Stories’ CD box set by Big Finish featuring the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan and Marc when it comes out in September this year.

Next week, I’ll be sharing my updated reviews on the stories featured in Season 24 of the classic ‘Doctor Who’ TV series starring Sylvester McCoy, based on the latest Blu-ray box set of Season 24. My reviews will look into the stories ‘Time and the Rani’, ‘Paradise Towers’, ‘Delta and the Bannermen’ and ‘Dragonfire’. I will also be sharing a review on the Target novelization/audiobook of ‘Dragonfire’ by Ian Briggs, read by Bonnie Langford. Stay tuned for announcements next week! 🙂

For those wanting to check out more updated reviews by me on classic ‘Doctor Who’ stories in Blu-ray box sets like Seasons 10, 12, 18 and 19, please check out the link. I’ve also recently reviewed the Target novelization/audiobook of ‘Doctor Who and the Leisure Hive’ by David Fisher, read by Lalla Ward. I’ve also shared my latest ‘convention memories’ blog post on the ‘Project Motor Mouth 2’ event from Slough in August 2013.

In August, my review season on the ‘Time Lord Victorious’ series of ‘Doctor Who’ will begin. This will look into a number of ‘Doctor Who’ stories in book, comic and audio form, including ‘Defender of the Daleks’, ‘The Guide to the Dark Times’, ‘Monstrous Beauty’, ‘The Knight, the Fool and the Dead’, ‘Master Thief’, ‘Lesser Evils’, ‘He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not’, ‘The Enemy of My Enemy’ and more.

I’m saddened by the latest news that Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall are leaving ‘Doctor Who’. I’m currently looking forward to seeing Series 13 of ‘Doctor Who’ when it comes out in late 2021 as well as the three specials featuring the Thirteenth Doctor’s swansong. I hope Jodie’s Doctor will have a good exit out of the series.

I’m currently uploading the fourth chapter of the fourth episode in ‘The Coins of Deno’ anthology in ‘The Fifth Doctor by Tim Bradley’ series. Uploading ‘The Coins of Deno’ has been slow-going as I’ve been busy with other projects, but I’m hoping to get ‘The Coins of Deno’ completed and on time for the Fifth Doctor’s 40th anniversary in 2022.

I’ve also been preparing for the sixth anniversary of ‘Bradley’s Basement’ which will take place at the end of September. For this year’s anniversary, I’ll be sharing the first of a new segment on my blog called ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Strange Love’ where I’ll be discussing some of my favourite ‘Doctor Who’ stories, films and TV productions with friends on the Divergent Universe forum like Timelord007, Wolfie and WilliamsFan92. The first discussion will be on ‘The Keeper of Traken’. Stay tuned! 🙂

I’ve shared more ‘X-Men’ film reviews lately. These include reviews on films like ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’, ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’, ‘X-Men: First Class’, ‘The Wolverine’ and ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’. I’m looking forward to sharing my reviews on ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’, ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ and ‘The New Mutants’ very soon. I’ll be revisiting the two ‘Deadpool’ movies and checking out the ‘Logan’ film at a later date, so stay tuned! 🙂

I’ve seen the entire ‘Loki’ series starring Tom Hiddleston on Disney+. I saw the last three episodes of the series in July and it turns out a second season is on its way. I’m looking forward to checking out the ‘Hawkeye’ series when it comes out on Disney+. I’ve made a start on checking out the ‘Monsters at Work’ series on Disney+, based on the Disney/Pixar film ‘Monsters Inc.’. I’ve reviewed the first episode on my blog. I hope to share more reviews on the rest of the 10-episode series pretty soon.

In July, I completed my Series 8 reviews of ‘Call the Midwife’. My parents and I are currently checking out Series 9 of ‘Call the Midwife’. Hopefully by September/October, we’ll be getting onto checking out Series 10 of ‘Call the Midwife’ on DVD, which we have received in the post already from I also hope to share a quick review on Series 2 of ‘Downton Abbey’ very soon.

I’ve seen two movies on Disney+ with premier access, including ‘Black Widow’ starring Scarlett Johannson and ‘Jungle Cruise’ starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. Also on Disney+, I’ve seen movies like 2020’s ‘Black Beauty’ and the 1994 film ‘Baby’s Day Out’. I’ve also seen the first ‘Space Jam’ film at home via Google Play and I recently saw ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ at the cinema. I’m planning on seeing the new film ‘The Suicide Squad’ by director James Gunn at the cinema, though I might probably see 2016’s ‘Suicide Squad’ and the ‘Birds of Prey’ film first. 🙂 I also might see ‘Free Guy’ starring Ryan Reynolds at the cinema too.

I’ve recently updated my reviews on the classic ‘Thunderbirds’ TV series from 1965 to 1966. I’ve also shared my latest review on the 1966 film ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’. I’ll be sharing my review on the 1968 film ‘Thunderbird 6’ soon. I hope to share more ‘Thunderbirds’ reviews soon, including the three 50th anniversary episodes, the ‘Terror From The Stars’ audiobook and perhaps the 2004 film.

At present, things seem to be okay with the easing of restrictions and people getting vaccinated, despite the level of Covid-19 cases and infections currently happening. I hope things will stabilise and improve in the coming months, especially as I’m looking forward to a little holiday in Bath with my parents and I’m about to get ready for my first convention in a long while at the ‘Bedford Who Charity Con’ with Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton. In the meantime, please continue to be safe and I hope you will enjoy more of what I share on ‘Bradley’s Basement’.

Thanks again to everyone who keeps supporting my blog!

Many thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Basement News – August 2021

  1. Williams Fan 92

    Morning Tim.

    Thanks for sharing the news for August. I look forward to what you have coming up this month as well as in September. I’m happy to be part of ‘The Keeper of Traken Strange Love’ and I’m looking forward to my cameo in your review of ‘Paradise Towers’.

    ‘The Coins of Deno’ should be a good read. I’m halfway through ‘The Stockbridge Terror’ which has been wonderful to experience. I’m not currently subscribed to Britbox or Disney+ as I am currently using F1TV and Netflix. When I have Disney+ again I will need to check out ‘Monsters at Work’ as well as ‘Wandavision’ ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’, ‘Loki’ and ‘Hawkeye’. I should also finish ‘Iron Man 2’ and ‘X-Men’.

    Take care, WF92.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi WF92,

      Glad you enjoyed my ‘Basement News’ post for this month. The ‘Strange Love’ discussion for ‘The Keeper of Traken’ might be shared on the anniversary day itself for BB’s 6th on the 30th of September. I’m undecided at the moment, but that’s my present plan. Glad you’re currently enjoying ‘The Stockbridge Terror’. I look forward to your thoughts on it. I hope to finish uploading the fourth episode of ‘The Coins of Deno’ before I go on my holiday in Bath this month. It’ll be nice to celebrate 40 years of the Fifth Doctor with ‘The Coins of Deno’ in January 2022. So far, I’m currently subscribed to Disney+ and Britbox. I don’t want to subscribe to any more streaming services beyond that and I’m currently happy to watch stuff online via Disney+, Britbox and Google Play.

      Many thanks,

      Tim. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person


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