Quick ‘Monsters At Work’ Review – ‘The Damaged Room’

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

I’ve seen the third episode of ‘Monsters At Work’ on Disney+! I like how this episode has a balance of Tylor Tuskmon’s story with Val Little as well as a story featuring Mike and Sulley who look after a baby girl whilst her bedroom’s being repaired by monsters. I’m glad Mike and Sulley get more focus!

In the episode, Phlegm who was in the ‘Monsters Inc.’ film (I thought his name was spelt ‘Flem’ 😀 ), damages a wall in a baby girl’s bedroom by sneezing his own ‘venom’ onto it. 😀 The MIFT team get called in to enter quickly and fix the girl’s bedroom. The girl has to be removed during the repairs. 😀

Mike takes it upon himself to look after the baby girl and soon nicknames her Snore, due to her cute snoring. Sulley gets baseball game tickets and Mike decides to take Snore with them to the game. It’s amusing how Mike covers Snore up in a monster’s outfit like what they did to Boo in ‘Monsters Inc’!

During the repair of the girl’s bedroom, Val Little tries to remind Tylor of their time together at Monsters University. But Tylor doesn’t recall spending time with her and gets annoyed by it. They manage to fix the wall, under Duncan’s supervision, but they accidentally get trapped in the room. 😮

That was mostly Tylor’s fault when he kicked a football out of the bedroom and it hit the door controls on the laugh floor of Monsters Inc. When Tylor gets annoyed with Val, she admits to him that her time at Monsters University was special to her since he was the only one who spoke to her.

Thankfully Tylor, Val and Duncan are rescued by ‘Cutter’ and Mike brings Snore back into her bedroom. Tylor also gains greater appreciation for Val and reveals that he does recall speaking to her at Monsters University. Hopefully this will be the start of a brand new friendship between the two. 🙂

Mike does sing a lullaby to send Snore back to sleep, which does echo the ‘Put That Thing Back Where It Came From’ sketch during the credits of ‘Monsters Inc’. 😀 There’s also a ‘Mike’s Comedy Class’ segment where Mike teaches his class how to use a Whoopee cushion which was funny to see.

I enjoyed the third episode of ‘Monsters at Work’ very much. I like how the show is going in a half-hour sitcom direction despite the ongoing story Tylor has in wanting to be on the laugh floor and interacting with his MIFT teammates. I’m looking forward to seeing the fourth episode of this series.

Stay tuned for my review on the next episode in the ‘Monsters at Work’ series called The Big Wazowskis’.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂


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