Quick ‘Monsters At Work’ Review – ‘The Cover Up’

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Let’s talk about the fifth episode of ‘Monsters at Work’! This episode showcases Duncan’s character who has been an antagonist, believing Tylor Tuskmon is trying to get at being supervisor of MIFT once Fritz has gone. Duncan lets power go to his head once he’s put in charge of MIFT for a bit here.

Fritz takes an impromptu vacation to the human world. Before he goes, he spins a wheel to decide who will be temporary supervisor in his absence. The wheel lands on Val, but Duncan plays on everyone’s sympathies to guilt Val into letting him be supervisor. Duncan is a moron in this episode!

Honestly, Val should have been in charge. She shouldn’t have switched the arrow on the wheel to let Duncan be in charge. It would have been interesting to see Val be in charge of MIFT for a bit. As is, once Fritz is gone and Duncan is in charge, no time is wasted for Duncan to abuse his new position. 😦

It’s like Frazer from ‘Dad’s Army’ abusing his positions of power when he gets them in ‘A Stripe For Frazer’ and ‘If The Cap Fits…’ Duncan makes outrageous demands, particularly of Tylor. Tylor gets annoyed with Duncan’s abuse of power. He soon engages in a prank to get even with his new boss. 🙂

As a result though, Duncan retaliates and an accident is caused to blackout Monstropolis. MIFT try to cover up the incident when an inspector from the Monstropolis Energy Regulatory Commission arrives. The inspector happens to be a walking talking eye and he has a number of eyes to assist him.

Once the inspector discovers the truth, he confronts the MIFT team but is soon accidentally knocked out unconscious by a scream canister. The MIFT team throw the inspector through Fritz’s vacation door, agreeing to keep quiet. After two weeks, Fritz and the inspector return, having enjoyed their holiday.

Apparently, the inspector needed a vacation having had no time off beforehand. The inspector lets the MIFT team off with a warning, but Mike and Sulley confront the team over their fireable offences. Thankfully, Tylor and Duncan admit their responsibility in the incident and all is forgiven. 🙂

The episode concludes with another of ‘Mike’s Comedy Class’ where he tries to explain knock-knock jokes but the class fails to understand. I found it funny when Mike became visibly stressed and is carried out on a stretcher. Overall, this ‘Monsters at Work’ episode has been another enjoyable one.

Stay tuned for my review on the next episode in the ‘Monsters at Work’ series called ‘The Vending Machine’.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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