Movie Review – ‘Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog’

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My parents and I recently saw the film ‘Far From Home’ on Disney+. No, no! Not ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’! 😀 This is ‘Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog’. This was a film I used to see as a kid on VHS. It’s a good film about this young boy who befriends a dog who helps him to survive.

Jesse Bradford stars as Angus McCormick who adopts a stray dog and names him Yellow. When they and Angus’ father John travel along the coast of British Columbia, turbulent waters capsize their boat. John gets rescued, but Angus and Yellow become stranded and have to survive the wilderness.

John and his wife Katherine relentlessly badger rescue teams to try and find Angus and his dog Yellow. Thankfully, during their journey to survive, Angus and Yellow manage to attract rescuers. When Angus is saved but Yellow gets left behind, Angus is very determined not to give up on his dog.

It was engaging to see how Angus and Yellow survived the wilderness. This includes having to survive on what food they could find including catching fish and killing mice, bugs and rabbits to eat. And yes, I realise how shocking it is they had to kill mice and rabbits, but it’s all about survival for them. 😐

And yes, I did sing ‘Hakuna Matata’ when they had to eat bugs. 😀 I like the friendship formed between Angus and Yellow as they’re very loyal to each other throughout the film. I hoped Angus would be reunited with Yellow by the end of the film and thankfully that turned out to be the case. 🙂

Sadly, the film received mixed reviews at the time of its release and I’m not sure how high the box office earnings were at the time. This film was also the last to be directed by Philip Borsos (who also directed ‘One Magic Christmas’) who sadly died in February 1995. I still think this film is pretty good when my parents and I saw it again on Disney+. 🙂

As well as Jesse Bradford, the film also features Bruce Davison as John McCormick, Angus’ father. This was the first time I’d seen Bruce Davison in anything as he would later go on to play Senator Kelly in ‘X-Men’ and ‘X-Men 2’ (though that wasn’t Senator Kelly – it was Mystique disguised as him).

There’s also Mimi Rogers as Katherine McCormick, Angus’ mother, who isn’t sure about adopting a dog but grows to like Yellow in the film. I’ve also seen Mimi Rogers in the film ‘Monkey Trouble’. I really liked how determined she was to not give up on losing her and John’s son throughout this film.

Tom Bower stars as John Gale, who’s in charge of the rescue teams looking out for Angus in the wild wilderness. There’s also Joel Palmer as Silas McCormick, Angus’ little brother. For a moment, I thought it was Jake Lloyd playing the character. He almost looked and sounded like him in this film. 😀

There’s Margot Finley as Sara, a young girl who fancies Angus in the film. I liked the semi-romantic aspect of the film between Angus and Sara. Sara is a bit forward to Angus, especially when she gives him cookies that are burnt ( 😀 ) and when she gives him a little kiss towards the film’s conclusion. 😀

Gosh, I wish all girls were like that to boys. 😀 And of course let’s not forget Dakota the dog who plays Yellow in the film. Again, I like the friendship formed between Yellow and Angus. The dog must have been really well-trained when acting in the film and sometimes doing quite dangerous stunts. 🙂

This includes falling off a log that bridged between two hills which Angus and Yellow tried to get over before they were rescued but Yellow ended up falling into the river below. I’m glad Yellow was able to survive that fall and it was a big relief once Yellow answered Angus’ dog whistle calls at the end. 🙂

‘Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog’ is a very charming, decent film about a young boy and a dog’s friendship and how they survive the dangers of the wilderness in the British Columbia. It was lovely to revisit the film on Disney+ lately since I have fond memories watching the film as a kid.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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