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Hello everyone! 🙂

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I’ve seen the film ‘Free Guy’ on the big screen! This was well worth checking out and it’s my fourth cinema experience this year! ‘Free Guy’ was originally meant to come out in 2020, but because of the Covid-19 pandemic – please keep safe – the film was delayed by a year, which is a real shame. 😦

Thankfully the film has become a success both critically and commercially and there are even talks about a sequel in the works. This is great news to hear and I look forward to where ‘Free Guy’ will go next in its sequel. The film’s a lot of fun and entertaining throughout in ideas, story and characters. 🙂

‘Free Guy’ stars Ryan Reynolds, who you may know for playing Deadpool. 😀 Ryan Reynolds is also one of the producers of the film. ‘Free Guy’ is about a bank teller called Guy who discovers that he’s actually a non-player character in an open-world video game as he becomes of the hero of the story.

This was a fun story to get behind whilst watching the film and it did put me in mind of films like ‘The LEGO Movie’ and ‘Ready Player One’. ‘The LEGO Movie’ aspect revolves around Guy who tries to be more than he’s programmed to be and the ‘Ready Player One’ aspect is the open-world video game.

I’ve not played an open-world video game in my life before. It was fascinating to see how this film tackled the approach and in a light-hearted manner. Guy has to save his friends from being deleted by the game’s creator. There are some good action scenes as well as good laugh-out-loud moments.

Ryan Reynolds is excellent throughout. I kept wondering whether Ryan Reynolds was going to play Deadpool at some point during the film. Even a cameo would have been nice. Instead, the closest we will get to a Deadpool cameo in the film is a poster on somebody’s wall, which is a bit disappointing.

As well as playing Guy in the film, Ryan also plays Dude who is like an Arnold Schwarzenegger version of Guy and he has his own ‘catchphrase’. 😀 I must admit, wouldn’t it have been funnier if Guy faced off an evil version of Deadpool in the film. That would have been thoroughly entertaining!

Jodie Comer stars as Millie Rusk a.k.a. Molotov Girl whom Guy falls in love with in the film. It was sweet to see the love story between Guy and Millie in the film and how that developed. Guy gets to learn more about the real world from Millie and he soon comes to realise that he’s in a video game.

The film also features Joe Keery as Walter ‘Keys’ McKeys, who works with Millie on developing the game called ‘Free City’. There’s also Lil Rel Howery as Buddy, who is Guy’s best buddy in the game world. And there’s Utkarsh Ambudkar (who I’ve seen in ‘The Muppets’ 2015-2016 series) as Mouser.

I enjoyed Mouser’s pink bunny outfit in the film. That was hilarious! 😀 Taika Waititi (who you may know for his Marvel Cinematic Universe work and for starring and directing ‘Jojo Rabbit’) stars as Antwan, the villain of the film. Sometimes I found Taika’s villainous performance a bit cartoonish for my liking. 😀

There’s also Britne Oldford as Barista; Camile Kostek as Bombshell; Matty Cardarople as Keith, the gamer behind Revenjamin Buttons (played by Channing Tatum); and Mike Devine as Officer Johnny. The cast in the film look like they are enjoying themselves while making the film, which is joyous to see. 😀

Tina Fey also makes a cameo voicing Keith’s vacuuming mother. 😀 ‘Free Guy’ has been a fun film to watch at the cinema lately. I’m glad I had a good time seeing this film and Ryan Reynolds sells the show being the film’s main star. I’m looking forward to when the sequel for ‘Free Guy’ gets released.

By the way, Hugh Jackman makes a cameo in this film playing a masked video game avatar in an alley. I wouldn’t have guessed had I not looked it up on the internet. Dwayne Johnson also cameos as a bank robber in the video game world. I’m pretty surprised I missed his cameo when watching the film.

Deadpool: They both needed the money as their careers are on the slide.”

(waves; unsurprised) “Hey, Deadpool. I’m surprised it took you this long to make an appearance in my ‘Free Guy’ review.”

Deadpool: “I’ve been hunting down my greatest enemy Francis who has yet again escaped my grasp, but I’m here now to improve your blah blah review.”

“Well, I was actually expecting you to show up. Honestly, apart from ‘Detective Pikachu’ which I reviewed a couple of years, any movie that features Ryan Reynolds in it, I expect you to appear in a review I do on it from here on.”

Deadpool: (puzzled) Ryan Reynolds? Who is this Ryan Reynolds you speak of?” (realises) “Ah, my doppelgänger from the MCU who thinks he’s Deadpool but is actually a poor Green Lantern.”

“In any case, this is me making up to you for not doing the ‘Deadpool’ movies in my X-Men Film Review Season’ this year by reviewing ‘Free Guy’. I will get around to updating my ‘Deadpool’ film reviews someday, I promise.”

Deadpool: “And you haven’t even seen the ‘Deadpool 2’ super duper cut on Blu-ray yet! You’ve hurt my innards, Tim.”

“Incidentally, you did a reaction video to the ‘Free Guy’ trailer with Korg from the MCU. Confirming perhaps you might have made your first appearance in the MCU via that reaction video you did?” (to audience) “Here’s a YouTube link to that reaction video for people to see.”

Deadpool: Well, with time travel and multiple realities, maybe another Deadpool reacted to the trailer.”

“That is a possibility.” (Pause) “Actually, I think you were restrained this time in terms of your foul language in ‘Free Guy’. Ryan Reynolds only uttered the F-bomb once. That’s an improvement. You must be getting better at how you handle your mouth.”

Deadpool: No, I’m fopping not! I’m Deadpool the merc with the fopping mouth!” (Pause; realises) “Hey who’s censoring my fopping swearing in this review?”

“Deadpool, you know how easily I can censor your foul language out of my review.”

Deadpool: “Fopp, poo, A-hole! Hey, cut that out, Tim!”

(cheekily) “I already did with you swearing away like that.”

Deadpool: (shouts) “FOPP!!!” (Pause) “Anyway, to answer your point, ‘Free Guy’ is PG-13! My ‘Deadpool’ movies are R-rated! There! Does that explanation make you understand the lack of F-words now.”

“I actually knew that already, Deadpool. Mind you, I was expecting Guy to use his Deadpool weapons at his disposal. Instead, he ended up using Captain America’s shield and one of his fists ended up becoming the Hulk’s…somehow.”

Deadpool: “It’s PG-13! They won’t use stabbing weapons in this kid-friendly fluff! When it comes to my movies, I want blood and guts! I want murder, carnage and death! But nope! It has to be kid-friendly with ‘Free Guy’!”

“There’s no use getting upset about this, Wade. Incidentally, Chris Evans a.k.a. Captain America made a cameo reacting to Guy using the Captain America shield in the film.”

Deadpool: Chris was short of a few bucks since retiring from being Captain America, so Ryan helped him out.”

“And would you believe Guy used a lightsaber from ‘Star Wars’ in the film?”

Deadpool: Fan service product placement! A bit of extra income! Keer-ching!”

“I’m surprised Guy didn’t end up as Deadpool fighting Darth Vader like in a YouTube video I saw. And I’m not making that up, everyone! There is a YouTube video featuring Deadpool fighting Darth Vader in the link here. The video’s by Project Nerf incidentally.”

Deadpool: Thank you for sharing, Tim! I will now report this to the appropriate authorities and have the video taken down!”

“By the way, Deadpool, does every movie featuring Ryan Reynolds nowadays have to have a Deadpool reference in it? Like a Deadpool poster on somebody’s wall as well as a poster for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’? As if the point’s not made clear enough that Ryan Reynold plays Deadpool in any Marvel superhero film he’s in.”

Deadpool: Ryan Reynolds! The man, the myth, the awesomely good-looking multi-talented genius to grace the world! I am the real-life Goldfinger, as everything I touch turns into gold!”

“Hmm. Makes me wonder if you’re going to make an appearance in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’. You are owned by 20th Century Studios which is owned by Disney. There could be leeway for Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool to sneak into ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’.”

Deadpool: Deadpool doesn’t do kid-friendly action movies, Tim! But if you make an R-rated ‘Spider-Man’ film and had him beheading Doc Ock, then I’m in.”

“I suppose that’s a fair argument.”

Deadpool: “The campaign for an R-rated ‘Spider-Man’ movie begins here! Besides which, Tim, what’s that you have on your desk?”

(puzzled) “Err, it’s a water bottle, Deadpool.”

Deadpool: To quench your thirst for an R-rated ‘Spider-Man’ film that ♪ does whatever a fopping spider can ♫, check out your water bottle to see how effective my image is!” 

“I don’t see what point you’re trying to make…”

Tim sees Deadpool’s face on his water bottle

(yelps) “Agh! Terrifying!”

Deadpool: (protests) Hey! I’m wearing my mask! Why are you dissing on how handsome my features are, Tim?!”

“You know I think your cameo in my ‘Free Guy’ review has overstayed its welcome.”

Deadpool: “Fopp off!” (realises) “Hey! Stop the fopping censoring of my swear words! Stop it! Hello?! HELLO!!! Tim, you fopp…”

Tim cuts Deadpool off.

There! That’s enough of that!

(to audience) “Thanks for reading, everyone!”

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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