Quick ‘Monsters At Work’ Review – ‘The Vending Machine’

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I’ve seen the sixth episode of ‘Monsters at Work’! I’ve greatly enjoyed this Disney/Pixar series and I hope there’ll be more seasons of this show. It’s great how this show has gone down the sitcom route and it’s been great fun to check out the character journeys of Tylor, the MIFT team, Mike and Sulley.

In the episode, Tylor Tuskmon accidentally damages the MIFT vending machine called Vendy. Fritz is disheartened by this and Tylor is left dejected, especially as he’s been unsuccessful at repair work since joining the MIFT team at Monsters Inc. Mind you, his heart isn’t really in the job he does, right?

Whilst this is going on, profits and morale have been going down. Mike and Sulley have to find ways of raising profits and morale at Monsters Inc. with their new approach to make kids laugh instead of scaring them. It’s fascinating it takes a while to reach the end of the first ‘Monsters Inc.’ film in the series.

Fritz is asked to fire one of his MIFT members due to the budget cuts, adding to the stress he has of losing Vendy. Mike hears of the situation from Tylor and Val and he decides to improve company morale by making several outlandish and expensive upgrades to the facility. These do work out well.

Mind you, one of these upgrades is giving the MIFT team a brand-new vending machine. Although the new vending machine seems to work at first, Duncan continues to cause more trouble in his rivalry with Tylor. Duncan is becoming more a real jerk every time I watch him in ‘Monsters at Work’.

An argument between Duncan and Tylor causes the machine to be damaged. Duncan attempts to repair it, but he makes mistakes, causing the machine to severely malfunction. Once the machine attacks Duncan, Tylor finds a way to destroy the machine and save Duncan. Glad that worked well. 🙂

Fritz decides not to fire any of his staff as he decides to retire. But when a phone call comes through following Mike’s ideas to boost morale and profits having worked, Fritz doesn’t have to fire anyone and stays on. Tylor also repairs the original Vendy – rather poorly, I might add – but it pleases Fritz. 🙂

The episode concludes with a ‘Mike’s Comedy Class’ segment where Mike explains the concept of clowns. Tylor has good clown makeup whilst one of the monsters is scarier in his clown makeup. He could end up having a role in a future ‘Joker’ movie! 😀 Otherwise, this is a great episode to watch. 🙂

Stay tuned for my review on the next episode in the ‘Monsters at Work’ series called ‘Adorable Returns’.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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