TV Review – ‘Grantchester’, Series 6, Episode 2

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I’ve seen Series 6, Episode 2 of ‘Grantchester’! I enjoyed the episode very much and found it compelling. I especially liked the Wisdom of Solomon story given at the end by Tom Brittney as Will Davenport since it’s very fitting for what goes on in the episode. I am worried about Leonard though.

In the episode, a baptism service gets disrupted by a man who claims he’s the rightful father of the child. Both Will and Robson Green as Geordie get drawn into a complicated family dispute, which involves the death of a woman, Christina Cole as Joan Beaumont, who arranged adoptions of babies.

There are echoes of ‘Call the Midwife’ in the episode, especially when Will and Geordie witness the true parents of their Baby Billy meeting up with the adoptive parents. It’s also intriguing to see Will’s church viewpoint about adoption contrasting against Joan Beaumont’s, which he doesn’t approve of.

The episode also features the return of Jemma Redgrave (Nice to see her again) as Amelia, Will’s mother, who’s now married to Dominic Mafham as St. John Gurney-Clifford. We didn’t see their wedding, so I assume it happened between Series 5 and 6. We also meet Gurney-Clifford’s daughter.

This episode introduces Emily Patrick as Tamara Gurney-Clifford, who is now Will’s stepsister. Looking up Emily Patrick’s IMDb page, I see she’s back for a few more episodes in Series 6. I don’t know where Tamara and Will’s relationship is going to go, but at present she seems full of herself. 😀

Tessa Peake-Jones as Mrs. C appears in this episode and she seems cheerful these days, following the recent holiday that our ‘Grantchester’ cast had in the previous episode. 😀 Oliver Dimsdale as Daniel Marlowe also appears in this episode and Bradley Hall is back as Larry Peters to help Geordie.

Kacey Ainsworth is credited for appearing in the episode. Hmm! I don’t recall seeing Cathy though. Miles Jupp guest stars as Marcus Asper and Polly Frame guest stars as his wife, Penny. There’s also Eddie-Joe Robinson as Davy Conner and Madison Clare as Molly Lowden, Baby Billy’s real parents. 🙂

Sadly, it doesn’t look good for Al Weaver as Leonard who’s about to be exposed for being what he is by Michael Abubakar as Bryan from the previous episode. I don’t get Bryan’s motivations so far, since he made that first move to kiss Leonard, although he did say it was to test Leonard somewhat.

Bryan tries to blackmail Leonard into giving him £50; otherwise he’ll reveal his evidence of him being with Daniel. Will helps Leonard out by giving the £50 to Bryan. But even then, Bryan goes through with giving his evidence. He and Gary Beadle as Archdeacon Atubo are in Geordie’s office by the end.

I don’t know what to expect next time as it could mean the end of Leonard’s career if he’s exposed for being gay as that was considered illegal during the 1950s. Will’s career could also be in jeopardy since he helped Leonard. I wonder if the writers of the series will find a way around this predicament.

With hope, my review on Series 6, Episode 3 of ‘Grantchester’ will be up on my blog next week.

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